Top 10 Street Market India

10 Best Street Shopping Places in India

Millions of tourists visit India each year. With various tourist attractions, welcoming people and offering them quality accommodation, their visit to India becomes a lifetime experience. Apart from the ordinary attractions and cuisine, India is considered a top shopping destination for small items such as Bangles, silver jewellery, stoles etc.

Here are the 10 Best Street Shopping Places in India you Should Try


Mumbai is famous for fashion items. The best street places to shop are located along Lining Road and Colaba Causeway. Visitors buy stitched Indian dresses, books, Homeware, fruits and instruments. If you want to buy affordable items, bargain with the sellers. The stalls in Mumbai stock local crafts too.


Colaba Causeway


Delhi has diverse cultures showcased on different streets. With hundreds of visitors from different continents, sellers stock a variety of artifacts for sale. The common items sold in Delhi include shoes, handicraft, funky jewellery, colorful stoles etc. The shopping streets in Delhi include Purani Dilli, Chandni Chowk, Janpath market and Sarojini Nagar.


Chennai is famous for Kanjivaram silk sarees and Pattamara mats. Visitors arriving here can buy products like leaf handicrafts, brass and bronze castings and the Indian traditional jewellery. Many vendors compete to sell. Therefore, buyers get affordable prices after bargaining.

Johari bazar

Johari bazar


Jaipur is a famous street shopping destination for food and cultural items. Jaipur is famous for textiles, handicrafts, antiques, puppets and jewellery. The Johari Bazaar is a famous street where people shop for jewellery. Jaipur is also famous for its quilts.


Pune is an ideal shopping destination for stocking fashion items. In Pune, Fashion Street Cantonment market has over 500 stalls stocking various items. Here, one can shop for shoes, accessories, decoration artifacts and clothes. Make sure to visit and check out Fabindia store, City Mall and Aditya Shagun Mall.


Anjuna Flea market


Goa is an ideal shopping destination for buying several items. For visitors arriving here, Goa is a great place to buy modern and vintage clothes. In Goa, buyers buy lot of junk jewellery, artifacts and antiques. For those who love fashion, the Arpora Saturday bazaar is the perfect place for fashion, fabric shopping and leather sandals in plenty. Anjuna Flea market stocks beaded necklaces, earrings, embellished clothes and accessories.


Kerala is famous for international visitors. Visitors shop for tables designed with antique wall clocks along Jew and Fort Coching streets. Tourists visiting Kerala buy paintings and vases imported from Holland and Portugal. For those who want to sample food, several roadside stalls stock a variety of sea food.

Commercial and Brigade Road

Commercial and Brigade Road


Visitors shopping for technology products must visit Bangalore. The famous streets in Bangalore where visitors can shop are Commercial and Brigade Road. Here, visitors can shop for sandals, jewellery and clothes. There are several restaurants here that sell different cuisines.


If you visit this Himalayan region, shop for woolen fabric, shawls and hoodies sold along Mall Road. Buy sweaters that will keep you warm in Nainital. For those who love furniture, there are plenty of shops selling wooden decorative items. Visitors in Nainital can also buy candles.

New Market Kolkatta

New Market Kolkatta


If you visit Kolkata, you experience the best street shopping destination. There are large numbers of shops that sell the traditional Bengali saree. In fact, one place you should never miss is the New Market area stocking jewellery and sarees. Another place famous for shopping is the Dakshinapan shopping center that sells artifacts made in India. Kolkata streets are famous for selling books.

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