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2018 International Kite Festival, Gujarat

 “Throw your dreams into space like a kite, and you do not know what it will bring back, a new life, a new friend, a new love, a new country.”- Anais Nin

When the misty sky gets coagulated with colourful kites in winter, it is no less than a picturesque panorama to behold. And to experience this spectacular blend, one should visit the International Kite Festival 2018 in Gujarat, which is evenly eminent as Uttarayan. The key purpose of the event is to spread the message of happiness and joy at the time when transition of winter begins to shape up into summer by welcoming the new season of harvest.

The colourful festival of Kite is organised every winter by the Gujarat Tourism, and thousands of tourists flock here from all across the sphere to witness this amazing moment of joy. Gujarat is known as one of the celebratory states in India that hosts 200 plus festivals across the calendar, and International Kite Festival is one of the iconic events of the state.

In Gujarat, you get the opportunity to see gigantic group commending this most noteworthy celebration of kites. Notwithstanding, the best place to feel the extreme of International Kite Festival is Sabarmati Riverfront, which has the ability to oblige around 5,00,000 group amid celebration days. Furthermore, you can likewise observe a decent number of kite devotees at Ahmadabad Police Stadium.

The Celebration

The International Kite Festival is usually performed on the second week of January i.e. on the eve of Makar Sankranti. Kites of various plans and shapes are flown from the housetops and different open zones of the city. This celebration additionally goes about as an interfacing stage for family, companions and neighbour. Upon the arrival of kite celebration, individuals welcome each other by offering nearby nourishments like Undhyu, Jalebi and laddoos.

On the eve of Makar Sankranti, individuals begin flying kites in the early morning and this sky travel proceeds for the duration of the day. The genuine fun starts when individuals include into flying fight pursuing each other’s kites by withdrawing their kites appended to the strings.

The air in Gujarat totally turns happy amid International Kite Festival. The kite-creators at last find the opportunity to display an assortment of kites available to be purchased in the city of Patang Bazaar. Individuals begin social occasion to the kite stores seven days before the celebration. A portion of the kites are very one of a kind fit as a fiddle and look that draws in the consideration numerous guests to a huge degree.

On the second day of the kite celebration, many lit up kites are flown in the sky. This results to an astonishing scene after sunset. The enlightened kites are loaded with tukals, which implies lights and candles.

Making the kite

Uttarayan is a delighted minute for all the kite sweethearts in Gujarat. The sky of Gujarat gets roofed by different skimming hues amid this one week fair. The kites are made in different shapes with various outlines and materials like leaves, papers, plastic, metal and nylon. In any case, a large portion of the kites that you will discover very basic amid this celebration are made of light-weight paper and bamboo. The states of such kites are rhombus, and splendid shading paper is utilized to make the look of the kites more dynamic.

Kite making

A basic supporting of kite is spool, which is of tube shaped formed question on which the strings connected to the kite are rolled. Spool is normally known as ‘firkin’ or ‘firkees’. The strings used to fly the kites are not standard strings. Individuals spend extend periods of time to get it arranged for the occasion. The string is covered with a mix of paste and tidy of glass. Once the layers of these blends get dried, the string is moved to the spool and opposite side of the string is joined to posterior of the kite. This procedure is called ‘manja’ and because of this ‘manja’ the string gets very well sharpened sharp to cut the string of other’s kites.

Why to be there?

For kite fans, IKF is a snapshot of enjoyment. You can spend all your day gazing at the sky even without flying one. In any case, in the wake of getting a vivid vista around, it turns out to be very troublesome for somebody to keep away from being a piece of this particular kite celebration. One of the key motivations to be a piece of this kite celebration is its global unmistakable quality. In this kite party, you will get an eye-getting chance to see some astounding aesthetic exhibit from numerous International specialists who likewise lands here to feel the frenzy of this wondrous fair.

The best IKF has invited numerous inventive kite producers in point of reference years. A portion of the astonishing kites that have picked up the consideration of worldwide group of onlookers are sculptural plans from Italy, Drgaon kites from China and Rokkaku kites from Japan. Not just this, a portion of the nearby kite creators uncovered their authority by flying five hundreds or more kites on a solitary string.

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