5 Amazing things to do in Jaisalmer

Jaisalmer is an eminent tourist hub in the imperial city of Rajasthan with no dearth of majestic and historical attractions. The city was named after Maharawal Jaisal Singh, who was the founder of this place. Today a blend of blond shades and sallow appearance of the structures offers you an impressive vista around the city. Jaisalmer is also known as “The Golden City”. This is because of the yellow sandstones that are being used in the structures here giving the city a golden look.

Jaisalmer forts

Date back to decade, Jaisalmer used to be an important doorway for merchandise. Due to its convenient camel trade route, Jaisalmer was the most preferred stopover for many merchants. Apart from its golden shaded constructions, the city is equally enticing with its rich variety of fortress, lively lakes and invigorating gardens. So when in Jaisalmer, there are certain amazing things that you should enjoy as a tourist. Let’s catch you a glimpse of the cultural heritage of Rajasthan in the Golden City:

1. Haveli-hopping

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One of the exciting things that you should do in Jaisalmer is haveli-hopping. The city is an abode to plenty of havelis offering you some eye-catching architecture. Amongst many, some of the leading havelis that you may consider hopping when in Jaisalmer are Salim Singh ki Haveli, Patwon ki Haveli and Nathmal ki Haveli. The architectural brilliance of these havelis leaves you completely spellbound.

Jaisalmer haveli

2. Exploring the Sonar Qila

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Nothing could be more remorseful than leaving the Golden City without exploring Jaisalmer Fort. Popular as Sonar Qila (the Golden Fort), one of the enticing aspects of this fort is that as the sun turns dim; the fort blends into the sandy desert leaving you an awe-inspiring blazing vista. This fort is reckoned as one of the largest forts across the globe.  You get to witness many breath-taking hotels, eateries and shops inside this fort. The existence of Jaisalmer Fort carries many rivalry tales since ancient times. More historical eminence of the fort can best be revealed once you enter the Maharajas Palace situated inside the premises. When inside the fort, make sure to scale the terrace for witnessing a picturesque vista of the Golden City.

Jaisalmer Sonar Qila

3. Boating around the lake

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There is no denying of the fact that Jaisalmer is best known for its majestic forts and golden deserts. But how about spending a leisure morning amidst the lake or strolling around the lake with your buddies. Doesn’t it feel you something blissful? To give your mind’s eye a realistic touch, you may visit the Gadisar Lake. This is one of the few artificial heritage lakes of Rajasthan offering a soothing environs blending with heritage buildings and temples. During winter, you get to observe many migratory birds around the lake making this location an absolute delight for visitors. When in Jaisalmer, experiencing a joyful boat ride is must.

Gadisar Lake in Jaisalmer

4. Bag full of goodies

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The local markets of Jaisalmer lure you in emerging your shopping persona to a great extent. So if there a shopaholic trait lies in you, get ready to empty your pocket. The presence of various shopping stalls around the city makes you visit this place time and again. While roving around the market areas, you will get to observe ample of vendors showcasing an array of Rajasthani artefacts including clocks, colourful bed spreads, puppets, clocks, bags, footwear, turbans, traditional outfits and much more. So make sure you carry an extra bag to take home some wonderful artefacts from the lively markets of Jaisalmer. One more thing, don’t forget to be a good bargainer while picking your goodies.  

Shopping in Jaisalmer

5. Food taste

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Desert stay is always delightful with a blend of cultural night, camel safari and wonderful vista of sunrise and sunset. But what allures most of the footfalls here is the Rajasthani dishes. If you are a food lover, Jaisalmer is bound to emerge the foodie out of you. Some of the most authentic and luscious platters that should be tasted here are Bajri ki Roti, Gatte ki Sabzi, Dal Baati Churma, Ghotua etc. With so much of lip-smacking stuffs, the food taste of Jaisalmer is certainly going to make your stay here spicier.

Food in Jaisalmer

Apart from doing the aforesaid things in Jaisalmer, you may also enjoy watching any cultural live shows here or you can go out for witnessing an amazing sunset over the dunes. So, “The Golden City” is laid out ample of attractions to offer.

Getting there:

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Nestled in the heart of the Thar Desert, Jaisalmer is a wonderful place to trip around. The city is frequented by plenty of local and global tourists all around the calendar. So if you are still not aware of how to make it to Jaisalmer, here’s what you need to know:

By Air:

Jaisalmer has no individual airport within the city. Hence, the nearest airport to reach there by air is Jodhpur Airport. Located nearly 300Kms from the destination, Jodhpur Airport has a good air connectivity with all major cities in India. From airport, tourist can easily hire a cab or any other private vehicles to travel till Jaisalmer.

By Train:

The nearest rail-head is Jaisalmer railway station, which is located nearly 2Kms away from the main city. Tourists who are planning to reach Jaisalmer by train may book trains from various major cities of the country. Places like Delhi, Mumbai, Agra, Jaipur and Jodhpur are well connected with Jaisalmer by train. Some of the major trains that you may book while travelling to Jaisalmer are Palace on Wheels, Jodhpur Jaisalmer Express, Delhi Jaisalmer Express and Howrah Jaisalmer Express. From Jaisalmer railway station, you can easily hire a cab/taxi or get into an auto-rickshaw at very affordable fare.

By Road:

Road connectivity to Jaisalmer is very convenient. By road, the city is well-connected to various neighbouring destinations like Mount Abu, Ahemdabad, Jodhpur, Bikaner and Jaipur. There are plenty of state transports available from Jaipur to reach Jaisalmer. In addition, one can also hire a cab or taxi from any of the mentioned cities.

Places to stay in Jaisalmer:

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On enquiring about the availability of comfy accommodations in Jaisalmer, the city is laid out with various luxurious and budget hotels where you can enjoy a pleasant stay. Depending on the type of hotel you pick and amenities you avail, the charges may vary. However, by spending an amount of INR 800 to INR 3500, you can still avail a decent accommodation to stay in Jaisalmer.

hotel in jaisalmer

Keeping in mind your delightful stay in Jaisalmer, here’s the list of few decent hotels for you:

#Hotel Jaisalkot

Kuldhara Turn, Off Sam Road,

Jaisalmer, India 345001

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#Kalyan Beacon Hotel

Near Bank of Baroda, Gandhi Chowk,

Jaisalmer, India 345001

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#Desert Springs Resort

Kanoi Village, 04 Kms from Sam Sand Dunes,

Jaisalmer, India 345001

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#Hotel Moonlight

Opp. Head Post Office, Near Hanuman Circle,

Jaisalmer, India 345001

Have a joyful stay in Jaisalmer!


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