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5 Popular Monsoon Destinations near Delhi

“Let the rain kiss you. Let the rain beat upon your head with silver liquid drops. Let the rain sing you a lullaby” - Langston Hughes

As the sky pours down little drops of rains with the arrival of monsoon, Delhiites don’t want to hold themselves back from an enchanting monsoon vacation. In a metro city like Delhi, rain is almost a nightmare. So whenever monsoon knocks the door of the capital city, Delhiites often like to off for a soothing holiday in any nearby monsoon destinations; while some of them love to stay at home curling up in their bed  holding a cup of tea and steaming snacks next to them.

Every year monsoon enters the city from July to August making the environs quite drenched and enticing. If this monsoon you are looking for a short time-off, there is no dearth of numerous tranquil monsoon destinations that you can visit near Delhi.

To make your monsoon mood more happening, let’s take you for a virtual ride in the midst of five fascinating monsoon destinations near Delhi:

1. Destination: Nangal Wetlands, Punjab

Distance from Delhi: Approximately 345Kms (by road)


Nestled in the Indian state of Punjab, Nangal Wetlands or Nangal Lake is a popular monsoon destination that you can visit near Delhi. The place is quite eminent for housing more than 40,000 migratory birds on the bank of Sutlej River, where Bhakra Dam is built. As monsoon visits the terrain of Punjab, the water flow of the lake turns more animated making the surrounding lush bush area quite enticing to behold. Nangal Wetlands receives decent numbers of visitor’s footfalls during monsoon. Apart from plunging into the monsoon mood, visitors can also explore some of the leading attractions like Gurudwara Singh Sabha, Kirpal Sagar and Naina Devi Temple near Nangal Wetlands. Hence, making it to Nangal Lake this monsoon could be an excellent idea to execute for Delhiites.

Nangal Wetlands in Punjab

Getting there: For air travellers, the nearest airports to Nangal Wetlands are Ludhiana and Chandigarh airport, which are located nearly 73Kms and 100Kms respectively. From airport, you can hire a cab and taxi or get into a bus to reach Nangal. If you wish to visit there by train, plenty of trains are there from the nearby destinations like Amritsar, Chandigarh and Ludhiana. From railway station, one can hire a private vehicle or take a bus to travel further. Besides, road transports are also available from the places like Chandigarh and Delhi to reach Nangal Wetlands by road.

Places to stay: Keeping in mind the number of footfalls, plenty of guest houses, hotels and lodges are set up near Nangal Wetlands. Some of the frequented staying options here are Hotel City Inn, Hotel La Silver Leaf, Clarks International Hotel and The Kikar Lodge.

2. Destination: Fagu, Himachal Pradesh

Distance from Delhi: Approximately 360Kms


The natural splendour of North India requires no specific introduction. Dotted by the majestic Himalayan range and dense woods, the scenic exquisiteness of Shimla has always enticed the visitors with its diverse range of tourist locations. Despite being one of lesser known getaways in Shimla, Fagu is an amazing monsoon destination that you can visit near Delhi. Located nearly 22Kms away from Shimla, Fagu is quite popular amongst trekkers, mountaineers and rain lovers. Monsoon drenches the location from July to September making the forests area livelier for visitors. A part from rain, Fagu is also a worth visiting destination for many other offerings, which include Banthia Devta Temple, Katir, Theog Town and the local food.

Fagu Himachal Pradesh

Getting there:  Reaching Fagu from Delhi is not a big fuss for travellers. The nearest airport to Fagu is Jubbar-Hatti Airport, which is situated nearly 35Kms away. From airport, taxi and cab are available to reach Fagu. Alternatively, air travellers can also fly to Chandigarh Airport and then take a cab or taxi to reach Fagu. Akin to convenient air connectivity, Fagu can easily be reached by train as well. The nearest railhead to Fagu is Shimla Railway Station from where it will take 25-30 minutes to reach the destination. In addition, several state run buses are also there for Shimla from Delhi and Chandigarh. From Shimla, you can further reach Fagu by taxi or cab in less than one hour time.

Places to stay: On enquiring about the staying options in and around Fagu, the hill town is laid out with some decent accommodations for visitors. Depending upon the amenities you avail, the charges may vary from INR 1800 to INR 5000 or more. Some of the popular accommodations/homestays around the location include The Apple Blossom, Snow Line View Homestay and Hill View Homestay. If you reside in Delhi, look no further than making your next monsoon escape to Fagu.

To read more about Fagu, click here.

3. Destination: Munsiyari, Uttarakhand

Distance from Delhi: Approximately 563Kms


Uttarakhand is known for its picturesque knolls and natural abundance; and making it to Uttarakhand during monsoon is something quite delightful for visitors. Perched in the midst of the Himalayan Kumaon ranges, Munsiyari is a mesmerising monsoon destination near Delhi. With monsoon visits the terrain of Munsiyari, the temperature and surrounding vista here turns quite soothing for a pleasant vacation. Besides, many adventure junkies also flock here to scale atop the peaks of Nandakot and Shiplakot. If visiting Uttarakhand is on your next voyage plan in the month of August, don’t this amazing monsoon destination amidst the hills.

Munsiyari in Uttarakhand

Getting there: You can reach Munsiyari by air, train and by road. For air commuters, the nearest airport is Pantnagar, which is located nearly 250Kms away from the destination. From Pantnagar airport, one can hire a cab and taxi to travel further. For railway travellers on the other hand, there are two railheads namely; Tanakpur and Kathgodam, which are located within 285Kms reach from the destination. From these railway stations, cabs and buses can be hired to reach Munsiyari. Similar to air and train connectivity, Munsiyari can also be reached by road from Delhi. There are several state transports from Delhi and nearby locations that will reach you till Munsiyari. However, the road journey from Delhi to Munsiyari is quite long; hence it is advisable to stopover at certain nearby locations on the go. Travellers can also change the bus from Almora or Pithoragarh.

Places to stay: There are plenty of budget hotels that one can prefer staying when in Munsiyari. With the price range from INR 700 to INR 1500, some of the decent accommodations in Munsiyari include Milam Inn, Vijay Mount View Resort, Hotel Royal Palace, Vijay Mount View Resort etc.

4. Destination: Bhimtal, Uttarakhand

Distance from Delhi: Approximately 315Kms


One more monsoon destination in the state of Uttarakhand is Bhimtal, which is popular for its lake island and a restaurant perched atop the island. Though, the place receives lesser amount of rain fall as compared to the above cited destinations, but the overall climate here is always alluring for a pleasant stay. The surrounding panorama of Bhimtal Lake makes this location an absolute paradise for photographer and love birds. Apart from the arresting vista of Bhimtal Lake, the destination also offers you few other attractions like Kumaon Lok Sangrahalaya (museum) and hiking opportunity around the bush. If you are in the quest of an offbeat monsoon destination to spend with your family near Delhi, Bhimtal is certainly going to make your plan more fruitful.

Bhimtal in Uttarakhand

Getting there: Being one of the popular monsoon destinations near Delhi, Bhimtal is visited by many travellers. Hence, it becomes an obvious concern for visitors to find the convenient options for commuting there. If you want to be there by air, the nearest airport is Pant Nagar Airport, which is situated nearly 58Kms from the destination. From airport, you can hire a taxi to reach Bhimtal. For railway commuters, Kathgodam is the nearby railhead (30Kms) from where taxis and buses are easily available for Bhimtal. On the other hand, for road connectivity, regular buses are there from ISBT Anand Vihar, New Delhi.

Places to stay: There are many luxury and budget hotels in Bhimtal, Uttarakhand. By spending an amount of INR 1200 to INR 2500, you can avail several comfy accommodations in Bhimtal. Some of the hotels in this list include Country Inn, Hotel Lake Inn, Hotel Green Wood and The Tal Paradise.

5. Destination: Phalodi, Rajasthan

Distance from Delhi: Approximately 607Kms


Sand dunes and salt lakes are the tow key tourist pullers to the Phalodi district of Rajasthan, making this place more striking for visitors. During monsoon, little greenery around the lake and sand dunes turn Phalodi an absolute stun to travel by. Apart from its scenic exquisiteness during rain, Phalodi is also popular for inhabiting migratory Crane (bird). In addition, majestic havelis, ancient shrines and imperial fortification are few other attractions that you can enjoy exploring in Phalodi.

Getting there: The small village of Phalodi can be reached by different modes of transports. For air travellers, the nearest airport is Jodhpur airport, which is located nearly 140Kms away from the destination. From airport, you can hire a taxi or take a bus to travel further. If you plan to get there by train, Phalodi and Jodhpur railway stations are two nearby railheads for you. For road connectivity, NH15 links Phalodi with its nearby destinations by private and state transports from Delhi.

Places to stay: Despite being one of the small villages in Rajasthan, Phalodi is laid out with many comfy hotels for visitors. Some of the pleasant staying options here can be availed within the price range from INR 1200 to INR 3500. If you make it happen to Phalodi, do count on Hotel new Golden Palace, Hotel Fort View, Kurja Resort, Hotel Lal Niwas Phalodi and Hotel Royal Park.

Apart from the above cited monsoon destinations, there are many other locations like Jaisalmer, Almora, Kasauli, Peora, Neemrana, Tosh and Dhanachuli that can equally be rejoiced near Delhi during monsoon. In coming days, Exciting India will keep posting on many other exciting destinations near Delhi to make your monsoon holiday more relaxing. Till then keep exploring these amazing destinations and don’t forget to share your experience with us.

Happy travelling!!


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