A Must Visit Hill Station in India – Sakleshpur in Karnataka

Located on the border of Bayaluseemae and Manlad, Sakleshpur is a great place for vacation. When you visit this amazing hill station, you should expect a relaxing yet truly engaging experience. There are a number of activities to engage in and amazing sites to visit here.

Manjarabad-FortManjarabad Fort

The fort was built as a strategic defensive location in 1785. It is located on National Highway which is just outside Sakleshpur. Here, you will view different weapons that were used during the war. You can hire a guide who will explain to you about the captivating historical background of the place. The fort adopted Islamic architecture, giving it an alluring appeal. You will be captivated by the arched entrance of the fort. From the fort, you will get to enjoy the beautiful view of the Western Ghats.

Jenukal Gudda

If you are looking for a destination where you will get to indulge in outdoor activities such as trekking, this should be your destination. Jenukal Gudda, also known as Hodachalli offers you a vantage point of view to the coast of the Arabian Sea in Mangalore. The area is covered with coffee estates and thick jungles which makes it perfect for trekking.

Bisle Ghat

Bisle Ghat is home to Bisle reserve rainforest. During your stay at the reserve, you will encounter different species of birds. The forest is also home to king cobras, deers and tigers. Organize a picnic with your friends at the sunny mountain, also known as the Bisle Gudda. You can move up to the Bisle Beta and enjoy a view of the surrounding mountain ranges.

There are a number of restaurants and resorts around the area where you can replenish after a long day. Experience excellent customer service while you interact with the locals. You will also get to taste Indian cuisine as well as some really nice continental dishes.

agni-gudda-salkeshpurAgni Gudda

Known for its wonderful climate conditions, the area is perfect for trekking and outdoor camping. Agni Gudda is one of the most interesting destinations in Sakleshpur. From the mountain, you will get to view the breathtaking rice fields below. You and your loved ones can hold a picnic at one of the points on the mountains and enjoy the scenic beauty. At times, the mountain experiences volcanic activities and locals have come to refer to it as the fiery mountains. There are hotels around Agni Gudda where you can stay and enjoy local delicacies.

The hill station is definitely one of the most interesting tourist destinations in India. The place is rich with many mountains and hills which make it an ideal destination for trekking and outside camping. You will also find Manjarabad fort where you can learn about the rich history of Sakleshpur.

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