Adventurous Trip to Malana

Malana is a beautiful village in the state of Himachal Pradesh in India. It was isolated for many years and thus had a chance to develop its own social and political systems in order to survive. The people of Malana claim to have the oldest democracy in the world. Their near-perfect political system has caused them to be dubbed the ‘Athens of the Himalayas’.

Apart from political system, there is a lot to interest any tourist who decides to ventures into Malana. There are only three major routes to the village, and none of them are particularly suitable for vehicles. This ensures that fans of hiking and trekking will be contented, since just going to the village will need a difficult trek.

Malana Trek

Malana Trek

Since it is in the Himalayan region, weather in Malana can be extreme. For that reason summer months are the best time to visit the village. Malana is also most accessible during this time since the relatively high temperatures ensure that the tracks leading up to the village can be traversed. Its location in the Himalayas also means that the routes to and from Malana offer spectacular views of the countryside.

Going to Malana can also be an adventurous trip, without parents. The area is famous for the marijuana that is grown, and some people claim that this is where the best ‘hashish’ in the world is grown. Many hippies travel here to satisfy their curiosity for marijuana.

Malana is almost an autonomous state, and any tourist entering the village is informed clearly about the rules of Malani culture and the penalties associated with breaking them. The Malani regard certain places as holy and even touching the walls of such areas immediately attracts a fine.

Malana is a wonderful place, especially for those who need to unwind and take pleasure in nature. It offers a peek at an ancient culture, one almost unaffected by modernization. This is the perfect place to go for a relaxing trip.

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