Baramura Eco Park cottage

Baramura Echo Park Tripura India.

Baramura Echo Park is a beautiful tourist and picnic place, situated in Tripura India. It’s a perfect place for children enclosure, jungle tracking, and picnic arrangement. Tripura is famous for its natural beauty and often referred as “The hills and greenery attraction”. Baramura is a most important and famous hill range; it is extensively covered by forests. There are different types of flowers, trees, orchid’s that reflects distinct beauty.

baramura eco park tripura


Baramura Eco Park is the main attraction of this park wooden bridges that are connected with different spots like, Small Cottages, Hawa Ghar, and other different small huts. The Hawa Ghar is designed by bamboos, which makes a perfect source of ventilation. That’s the reason it is commonly referred as Hawa Ghar “Air House”.

Baramura Eco Park cottage

Baramura Eco Park cottage

Baramura place can be visited anytime throughout the year. The view of this place gets even more beautiful in winters due to addition of seasonal flowers.

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