Bastar - Jagdalpur

Bastar – Your Beautiful Tourism Destination

India has the largest tribal population, making it a suitable tourist destination. Bastar is one of the most famous tribal regions in India that is bestowed with wildlife, exquisite scenery, expansive forests, waterfalls, exotic dances and music. Bastar is neatly tucked away in the green city of Jadgalpur and more than 75% of it is covered with natural forests.

Things you can do in BastarBastar Waterfall View

Bastar is perfect for nature lovers and adventure seekers, as it has a pleasant and  non-polluted atmosphere.

The myriad activities that you can indulge yourself in start from visiting the National Parks, Natural caves, Museums, Waterfalls to places of religious importance, not forgetting the colorful festivals like the festival of  Dussera, Kajari and Bastar Lokotsav.

The place is open throughout the year making it a unique tourist destination but the most ideal time is between November and June when one can experience the best weather conditions Bastar has to offer.

Famous Places in Bastar

The famous places that are a must visit in Bastar include but not limited to:

Bastar Palace Jagdalpur

• Bastar Palace located at the heart of Jagdalpur
• Kanger Valley National Park located near the Kholaba River
• Bairamgarh Wildlife Sanctuary
• Bhoromdeo Temple
• Danteshwari Temple
• The Indravati National Park
• Kutumsar Caves
• Dandak Cave

Food Outlets

Your adventure in Bastar cannot be complete without sampling and savoring the hot delicacies served by the people of Bastar. Indian cuisine is influenced by religious and cultural choices and features a wide range of spices and herbs. Bastar is one of the regions in India that has maximum number of spices and herbs to choose from.

Resort Naman BastarHere are some of the food outlets you can visit and enjoy Indian cuisine Bastar way:-

• Resort Naman Bastar- Chitrakoot Road in Village Palli
• Rainbow Hotel
• Bastar Royal
• Epicure Food Court- set in a modern architectural design

Your visit to the beautiful city of Bastar will definitely leave you relaxed and rejuvenated.

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