Bhangarh fort

Bhangarh A Place In India Famous For Its Historical Ruins & Spooky Areas.

Bhangarh is located in Alwar District of Rajasthan (India), which is 220Kms from Delhi is famous for it’s historical ruins and Bhangarh Fort (one of the most haunted places in India). Bhangarh is also a pre-historic site. Entering through the Main gate of the completely ruined fort city – now called the “Bhoot Bangla” or the “House of Ghosts” – gives an eerie feeling. Within the fort, at the main entry, one can find temples, palaces and havelis.

It is also one of the most interesting destinations for tourists due to its many and varied attractions. The gates of the ancient city of Bhangarh were opened to modern tourists after it was discovered by the Archaelogical Survey of India (ASI).

Bhangarh general View

Bhangarh general View

Places to Visit:

In addition, there are four more gates of entry to the fort – the Lahori Gate, the Ajmeri Gate, the Phulbari Gate and the Delhi Gate. At the entrance of the main gate, are many Hindu temples such as Hanuman Temple, Gopinath Temple, Someshwar Temple, Keshav Rai Temple, Mangla Devi Temple, Ganesh Temple and Navin Temple. The Gopinath Temple is built above a 14 ft raised plinth and yellow stones are used for the exquisite carvings of the temple. The residence of the priest called the Purohitji Ki Haveli is located in the precincts of the temple complex. Next in order is the Nachan Ki Haveli (dancer’s palace) and Jauhari Bazaar (market place) followed by the Gopinath Temple. The Royal Palace is located at the extreme end of the fort’s limits.

The temples dedicated to Hanumana and Mahadeva are very elegant but need to be preserved. However, they are built in the style of cenotaphs rather than temples. Jhirri marble has been used in their construction but presently covered by white wash. The Muslim tomb found outside the gate of the fort is reported to be that of one of the sons of King Hari Singh who converted to Islam.

Information About Bhangarh

Information About Bhangarh

History of Bhangarh:

The town was established in 1573 (VS 1631) during the rule of Bhagwant Das as the residence of his second son Madho Singh (not Sawai Madho Singh, who ruled at Jaipur.), the younger brother of Emperor Akbar’s general, Man Singh I. Madho Singh participated in many campaigns with his father and brother. The next ruler of Bhangarh was his son Chhatra Singh after whose death in 1630, Bhangarh slowly declined. When the Mughal Empire became weaker after the death of Aurangzeb, Jai Singh II attached Bhangarh to his state by force in 1720. After this Bhangarh diminished in population, and since the famine of 1783 (VS 1840) the town has remained uninhabited.. Many kings came here and ruled this place. It was, as a matter of fact, an entire town behind those grand walls which now stand shattered. A main market area, lined with ruins of shops from old times, houses and residences of other common and important people and at the far corner the king’s palace built at some height and overlooking the entire town. There is a very little information about this place in history books and almost next to no information about the kings who ruled here.

The place is legally prohibited between sunset and sunrise. Archaeological Survey of India, which is a Govt. Organization, has posted a signboard which specifies the instruction that entering the borders of Bhangarh before sunrise and sunset is strictly prohibited and those who does not follow this instruction, will came under contempt of court, often referred as offense of being disobedient to or disrespectful toward a court of law and legal action will be taken against anybody who does not follow these instructions.

Bhangarh Fort (Most Haunted Place)

Bhangarh Fort (Most Haunted Place)

Bhangarh Fort (Most Haunted Place) In India:

Bhangarh Fort is one of the top tourist attractions in world, known for its ruins and haunted places, where tourists can experience a magical journey of a lifetime. The fort was built in Rajasthan, India in 17th century located on the border of the Sariska Reserve in the Aravali range of hills in Alwar district of Rajasthan. It is believed that paranormal activities take place here during the nights. Some deaths have been reported due to these paranormal activities too. There are saying that some of the people’s spirit surrounds the boundary of the fort as no one can enter the premises.


There are two legends narrated to the history of the fort city which is reported to be haunted and no one is allowed to remain in the precincts of the fort at night as per a notice board put up by the Archaeological Survey of India at the entrance.

One version of the legend is that a sadhu named Baba Balanath lived within the fort area. It was his injunction that any houses built in the precincts of the fort should not be taller than his house and in case the shadow of any such house falling on his house would result in destruction of the fort town.

In another version, Singhiya, the wizard who was adept in black magic fell in love with Ratnavati, the princess of Bhangarh who was very beautiful and had suitors to marry her from many royal families of the country. One day while the princess, 18 years of age, went shopping with her friends and was buying Ittar (scent). The wizard saw this and replaced the scent with some potion in order to ensnare the princess. He offered the potion to her so that she took a liking for him and marry him. However, the princess saw through the wizard’s trickery and when he offered her the bowl of potion, she threw it on a big boulder nearby and as a result the boulder started rolling down towards the wizard and crushed him. Before he died he cursed that Bhangarh would be destroyed soon and no one will be able to live within its precincts. Subsequent to the curse Bhangarh Fort was invaded by the Mughals from the north and the city was surrounded and sacked; 10,000 people lived in the fort city at that time. All the people in the fort including the princess were killed. The present state of the fort is attributed to the curse of the wizard and people believe the ghosts in the fort are that of the princess and the wizard. Since that day, it is believed that paranormal activities take place here during the nights. Some deaths have been reported due to these paranormal activities too. There are sayings that some of the people’s spirit surrounds the boundary of the fort as no one can enter the premises. The princess’s spirit has been forcefully abducted by the wizard.

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