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Chikkaballapur: A Short Weekend Getaway near Bangalore

Tired of spending your life running in circle? Looking for an energizing destination near Bangalore? Take a pause from your routine lifestyle and give your life a short booster. And guess what? You just have to travel less than 60kms from Bangalore and you will be at your weekend destination.

If you are still bit confused making your mind for the upcoming weekend trip, this post is going to make it relatively easier for you.

A Glimpse of Chikkaballapur:

Situated around 58 Kms from the silicon city and around 915m above sea level, Chikkaballapur is a small district in the Karnataka state of India. With less than one and half hour driving distance from Bangalore, Chikkaballapur is a popular weekend getaway for sightseeing, picnicking, paragliding, trekking and rock climbing. Besides, number of holy shrines and animated waterfalls can also be spotted here.

Dates back to decades, the actual name of this place used to be Chinna Ballaporum, which is a Telugu word wherein, the word ‘Chinna’ indicates small, ‘balla’ means the measure to enumerate food grains and the word ‘porum’ signifies town. Thus, in short Chinna Ballaporum indicates a small town where the local inhabitants used to use small measures to enumerate the food grains. Earlier, Chinna Ballaporum used to be eminent as an agricultural centre. Over the phase of time, the small town has been famed as Chikkaballapur under the administration of Wadiyar dynasty of Mysore and merged with the state Karnataka. Today, the town is a big name in the fields of silk and incense industry and also quite popular for silver and gold trade.


The people of Chikkaballapur district are generous and religious by nature and they respect all visitors who flock here for a short retreat. Being situated in the Karnataka state of India, Kannada is the regional language here. When in Chikkaballapur, spend your leisure time interacting with the local inhabitants. Doing this will not only help you in knowing them well; you will also come to explore many untold chronicles about their spiritual practices and culture.

If you want to know about the food taste in Chikkaballapur district, the place has several eateries offering you the south Indian delicacies. Some of the popular eatables that you must there are dosa, idli, vada and sambhar. Apart from that fresh fruits and filter coffee is also relished here by visitors to a great extent.

With around 220C temperature, the climate here is moderate. Hence, you can visit this destination in all season. Gentle breeze after the dusk turns the overall ambience of its nearby vicinity quite pleasing for visitors.

Places to see:

Chikkaballapur has a diverse range of attractions for a true nature lover as well as for adventure freaks. The following are the alluring sites that you must explore in and around Chikkaballapur:

#Nandi Hills

Blessed with natural abundance and picturesque vista, the misty mound is situated nearly 10Km south of Chikkaballapur, and it promises you a blissful leisure into nature’s abode. Nandi Hills boast a diverse range of endangered fauna, and it is also known for rendering a panoramic sunrise amidst indigenous species of flora.

Over the periods of time, the terrain of Nandi Hills has transformed to a large extent. Several commercial and residential course of action are underway in the province. The presence of natural exquisiteness has made this hilltop a perfect weekend destination for travellers. Located far away from city’s hustle-bustle, visitors flock here for picnic purpose as well.

Nandi Hills

When in Nandi Hills, don’t miss exploring the key attractions here that include Tipu’s Drop, Tipu’s Summer Residence, Nandi Temple, Muddenahalli,Brahmashram, Yoga Nandeeshwara Temple and Nehru Nilaya. This place is equally popular for Paragliding, Cycling and Biking.

Nandi Hills is laid out with various eateries offering you some luscious cuisines to fill up your gastronomic needs. Visiting some of the nearby cities will offer you a diverse range of platters to taste. If you happen to be in Nandi Hills, don’t forget to try the local Chaat here. In some of the nearby restaurants and dhabas you can also try some of the popular local dishes like Dosa, Vada, Sambhar and Idli. In addition, platters like Ragi Mudde, Vangi Bath, Uppittu, Akki Roti, Jolada Roti, Chiroti and various sweets can equally be relished in and around Nandi Hills.

To read more about Nandi Hills click here

#Bhoga Nandeeshwara Temple

Located around 20Kms from the city center, this is a Hindu shrine, which was built in reverence of Lord Shiva. Apart from its spiritual significance, visitors also flock Bhoga Nandeeshwara Temple to witness its Dravidian architectural brilliance, which was structured way back in 806 A.D. According to the historic tales, this temple was built by Rathnavalli of Bana reign.

Bhoga Nandeeshwara Temple

Reckoned as one of the oldest Hindu temples in the Karnataka state of India, there are two large shrines in this temple complex. One is positioned to the north direction of the temple, which is known as the ‘Arunachaleswara’. This shrine was built by the Gangas of Talakad. The second one is situated to the south direction and it is known as the ‘Bhoga Nandeeshwara’, which was constructed by the Cholas. When you enter the temple complex, you will come across few decorative stone windows depicting various embossed figures of Goddess Durga standing on a buffalo head and figure of dancing Shiva. The stand tall pillars in the temple exhibits some eye-catching sculptures.

The overall ambiance in Bhoga Nandeeshwara adds a new level of tranquillity to your weekend getaway in Chikkaballapur.

#Vivekanand Falls

Flowing around 12Kms from Chikkaballapur, Vivekanand Falls is an amazing picnic spot for tourists as well as for locals. Situated in a small hamlet called Kethenahalli, reaching Vivekanand Falls requires nearly an hour trekking for visitors. The best time to visit here is during September-October i.e. just after the monsoon. The reason being, this is the time when you can best reveal the animated waterfall amidst fresh greeneries. However, the falls tends to dry up quickly during summers. Hence, visiting Vivekanand Falls during summers is not a good idea.

Vivekanand Falls

For adventure freaks, trekking around Vivekanand Falls and its vicinity is an absolute delight.  Besides, you can also explore two hills here namely; Pandava Hill and Kaurava Hill. These are positioned near the falls and around 12Kms north of Chikkaballapur district. If you want to experience a thrilling rock climbing, both the hills are idyllic for you.

# Ranganatha Swamy Temple

Ranganathaswamy Temple in Chikkaballapur

Locared merely 5Kms from Chikkaballapur, Ranganatha Swamy Temple is a holy shrine dedicated to Lord Vishnu. The temple witnesses a good number of devotees on regular basis. Ranganatha Swamy Temple is also known as Rangasthala and it is quite scared place for the locals. One of the key attractions of this temple is its eye-catching carved stone sculpture of Lord Vishnu. The pillars in the temple complex depict some beautiful imprinted figures along with scriptures on a black mineral.


Muddenahalli museum

A small village within 7Kms reach from Chikkaballapur, Muddenahalli is known as the native of M. Visvesvarayya, who was not only a great statesman from Karnataka, but also a brilliant architect. Travellers mostly flock Muddenahalli to witness the residence of Sri Visvesvarayya, which is now transformed to a museum. This museum showcases all the significant articles and personal belongings of the great architect that include Visvesvarayya’s awards, pass book, lexicons, cups, spectacles, outfits, pens etc. Every year on his birthday i.e. on 15th September, the museum is decorated to offer a great admiration to this legend of Karnataka. So, when in Chikkaballapur, Muddenahalli is a must visit for you.


One of the most developed towns in Chikkaballapur terrain is Chintamani, which used to be an eminent part of Kolar region earlier. The factual meaning of the word ‘Chintamani’ is jewel or a precious stone. However, the place was named after a Marata chieftain called Chintamani Rao. If you happen to be there in Chintamani, you will come across various historic monuments and buildings in this vicinity. Presence of street lamps at Azad Chowk, watch tower on Anjanadri Hill and inscription at Vasavi Kanyakaparameshwari shrine are few attractions here that are carrying the historic significance of this place since long.

Tomato production in Chintamani

Keeping aside its historic significance, Chintamani is also famed for Silk and Tomato production. In addition, the town has also reached a new benchmark in the field of banana, mangoes and groundnuts production.


This is a tiny town located in Chikkaballapur district of Indian state of Karnataka. Kaivara or Kaiwara is a beautiful site for a short weekend getaway near Bangalore. The place is visited for its vibrant gardens, cottages and melodic fountain. If you plunge into the Hindu mythology, Kaivara has a momentous connection to the great epic Mahabharata. It is said that during their exile, the Pandava has stayed here for long. Hence, the place is also famed as temporary abode of the Pandavas. It is also believed that this is the locations where Bakasura was killed by Bhima. Because of this mythological connection, few cottages here were named after the Pandavas. Apart from its mythical tales, there is a mini zoo as well, which could be a thrilling site to explore in Kaivara.


After exploring the cited attractions, you can go for some outdoor activities in Kaivara. Let’s see some of the exciting opportunities that an adventure lover must try here.

Things to do:

Having depicted the mounds and trekking trails around Kaivara, the place offers you some thrilling activities to perform. If you want to experience a blend of Biking, Paragliding and Cycling, Nandi Hills is just 10Kms from Chikkaballapur.

For an audacious trekking and rock climbing experience, Pandava Hill and Kaurava Hill are nestled near the Vivekanand Falls. This place also caters you a great opportunity for camping.

Adenture in Chikkaballapur

In addition, there are many other mountainous sites within 15Km reach from Chikkaballapur that are equally a paradise for rock climbing, trekking and Paragliding.

If you are done with exploring the sites and emerging your daring persona amidst knolls, don’t forget to taste the popular south Indian dishes here. Besides, you can also spend some time around the city stores buying some silk products and fresh vegetables for you.

How to Reach:

Getting there in Chikkaballapur is not a matter of fuss for travellers outside Karnataka as well as for visitors within the state. Let’s take a look what are the feasible ways of transportation to reach your weekend destination.

By Air: If you want to visit Chikkaballapur by air, the nearest airport is Bangalore International airport, which is within 56km reach from Chikkaballapur. Bangalore airport is in regular touch with all the major cities in India as well with many foreign countries. Once you reach airport, take a bus or hire a cab to travel further till your destination.

chikkaballapur railway station

By Train: The nearest railway station is Chikaballapur, which is connected to Bangalore by KSR Bengaluru-Kolar DEMU Train. The frequency of train between these routes is comparatively less and it takes around 2 hours and 5 minutes to reach Chikaballapur by train. From railway station hire a taxi to travel further.

By Road: The road connectivity between Chikaballapur and Bangalore is quite convenient and comfortable. Various private as well as government buses (KSRTC) are there to reach your weekend destination nearly in two hours time. You can also hire a cab or drive to your weekend destination approximately in 1 hour and 10 minutes. If you are travelling by car, the convenient route is via NH44.

Note: In order to keep a tab on the route map please click here. Also, be informed that total travel time may differ depending on the time of travel, mode of transport, route and the traffic.

Places to Stay:

If you are looking for a restful stay in Chikaballapur, few quality hotels you will find there. However, depending on the hotels and amenities you avail, the charges may range from INR 650-INR 1500 and more.

Hotel Near Chikballapur

The following are few comfortable places to stay in Chikaballapur:

#Hotel Mayura Pinetop

Address: Nandi Hills, Chikballapur,

Karnataka 562101

#Discovery Village Nandi Foot Hills

Address: Next to Kanive Nandishwara Temple, Nandi Foot Hills,

Near Sulthanpet, Nandi post, Nandi Hobli,

Chikkaballapur Taluk & District, Karnataka 562103

#Shiva Priya Lodge

Address: Near Post Office & BSNL, B.B. Road,

Chikkaballapur 562101

#Surya Lodge

Address: Near Old Bus Stand, M.G. Road,

Chikkaballapur 562101

If you are still wondering how to make it happen, just give your buddies a call and share your plan or plan your trip with your family and make your weekend trip to Chikkaballapur a remarkable one.

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