Diwali Sweets

Diwali Mithais – Your Sweet Tooth Guide This Festive Season

Diwali is a festival of lights, traditional pujas and a time to celebrate with savory delights. For Indians, it invariably calls for a variety of sweets, known as mithais. Most Indian traditional celebrations include a variety of sweets. Indian sweets go way back and even though many of the sweets have evolved over time and gained a diet form over the ages, they are still indulgences that people resort to when happy occasions and celebrations like Diwali come around.

Diwali is celebrated across India with fervor and enthusiasm. But, it is extremely famous in the Northern part of the country. Diwali is a week long celebration during which Lakshmi puja is performed, crackers are burst, gifts exchanged, homes and buildings lighted up and sweets exchanged and consumed in generous amounts. Here is a list of the famous mithais or sweets that you will find at the shops as well as prepared in many Indian households during the occasion of Diwali:

kaju katli

Cashew or kaju barfi: sweet cakes made of nut powder and sugar along with condensed milk. Such sweets are usually cut into diamond shapes. Totally delicious and a must try.

Jalebis: crisp rolls of flour, fried and dipped in sugar syrup is recognized the world over. This versatile sweet is a must have during Diwali as well as during other Indian traditional ceremonies.

Gulab Jamun: Gulab Jamun is traditionally made of khoya and milk. Deep fried balls dipped in sugar syrup, these sweet brown sweet meats are recognized and craved by Indians the world over, especially during Diwali.

Gulab Jamun

Rava laddoos: This mithai is made out of fried semolina which is mixed in milk and sugar and then rolled into balls with hands moistened with ghee. This is just one variant of the popular laddoos, an Indian sweet served during auspicious and traditional occasions.

Peda: This is another popular mithai made of  khoya and sugar combination which is usually touched up with cardamom, saffron or nuts.

Besides the above, the list of popular mithais is long. Rasgulla, gajar ka halwa, kajukatli, balushahi, sohan papdi, kalakand, kulfi are some of the other Indian mithais which are equally popular during Diwali.

If you are out shopping for mithais in India during the Diwali season, there are some renowned sweet shops in different cities that you could look out for. Bikanervala, Ghantewala, Nathu sweets are among the famous shops in Delhi. Mumbai has M.M.Mithaiwala written all over the city while Kolkata has K.C. Das, Balaram Mullick, Gupta Brothers and several other renowned sweet shops where Diwali mithais can be bought.

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