Enjoy Forest party at Auroville, Tamil Nadu

Auroville, Tamil Nadu in South India, is an ideal spiritual retreat destination. It takes an hour rickshaw ride from Puducherry to reach Auroville. This city is a must-see place for travelers who are looking for an ecologically friend place to visit. A woman simply referred to as “the mother” and Sri Aurobindo founded this universal city around a huge banyan tree. This place is in the Viluppuram district, state of Tamil Nadu, near Puducherry, South India.

Auroville is a popular place amongst people who are divine conscious. This is a place of constant progress, a youthful life that never gets old, and an unending education. When you are in Auroville, get to see the Matrimandir. You will see a beautiful bonfire casting its light on the golden Matrimandir. Inside the Matrimandir building, you will get meditation session inside the main room or in other smaller petal chambers surrounding the orb.

Forest Party in Auroville

Forest Party in Auroville

Enjoy forest party at Auroville as you fully experience the culture of this place. Interact with Sadhana Forest community especially on Friday nights to dine and chat until dawn. Enjoy the Friday night movies, which are mostly Indies or environmentally themed. Furthermore, as the trees are stunning, the Djs will be pulling strangest and psychic records during the parties in the woods. Auroville has very fantastic musical and visual artists to help you enjoy a forest party. Catch these talented musical artists or bands giving live performances. In these forest parties, get to enjoy purely Aurovillian music or classic Indian fused with contemporary sounds.

For your daily life in Auroville, enjoy eat-outs at the many local eateries. Take pleasure in cafeteria-style lunches such as sambar and idlis served at the Solar Kitchen. Visit the Café La Terrace to sip some latte or homemade gelato. Grab some South Indian cuisine at the India Pavilion or some pizza at the Auroville Pizza. When it too hot during the day, rush to the Repos Beach to swim or rest under palm trees as you feast on huge and delicious salads. At the sunset, take a slow ride down on the Auroville’s dusty roads.



Auroville is a wonderful tourist destination for those who love exploring places. However, it gets really hot during summer holiday which begins in April. In order to enjoy a cooler weather, visit the place during the October-February period.

You can camp in the Sadahan forest and have more fun during forest parties. You do not have to worry about accommodation during your stay. Other than camping in the forest or dorm-style hostels which ideal for budget travel, you can stay in luxury bungalows.

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