Enjoy Rivers, Dams & Verdant Forests at Ghatshila, Jharkhand

For those who are burdened by the stress of life and need a place to unwind, a trip is what they need. More specifically, they need a trip to Ghatshila. Ghatshila, sometimes known as Ghatshila, is a small town in the state of Jharkhand in India. Ghatshila is the perfect place to visit to escape from the pressures of a stressful life. The town is famous for its sweet mineral water which is available in public tube wells from which anyone can drink.

Endowed with beautiful scenery, Ghatshila has more than one attraction for visitors. Its main attraction, though, are the beautiful rivers and dams in Ghatshila. The town itself is located on the banks of the river Subarnarekha, and the dams in the region include the Burudih dam. Apart from rivers and dams, the region also has magnificent waterfalls, including the famous Dharagiri falls, whose waters are reputed to have healing properties. The area around the Dharagiri falls is not easily accessible, which has led to the area being in its natural state. The area is completely free from human interference and thus is one of the best places to go if one wants to connect with nature. It is famous for its lush and verdant forests, which ensure that the region is almost completely free from air pollution.

Burudih Dam

Burudih Dam

The town also has historical attractions, like Pancha Pandava, a stone bearing the likenesses of five men who are rumored to be famous Hindu mythological figures known as the Pandavas. Local Santhali handicrafts, which are usually beautiful, can be bought in the area. Another pull factor for tourists is the unity among the several different communities living in Ghatshila. Muslims and Hindus, Gujratis and Bengalis all stay together in peace and harmony, each participating in others’ festivals.

In conclusion, Ghatshila is a marvellous place to go, and is ideal for those who want to get away from the pressures of daily existence and just live, if only for a little time, in joy and simple pleasure.

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