Patna Museum

Enjoy your Holidays in Patna Museums and Shopping Centres

Patna, known as the second largest metropolis in eastern India and the capital of Bihar, is surrounded by three rivers – Ganga, Poonpun and Sone. Patna has become one of the fastest growing cities of India. Earlier, it was known as Patliputra.

Sight Seeing in Patna:

You can visit numerous attractions in Patna. One can see Historic Patna museum or Takht Har Mandir. Patna houses sites which are not only architectural delight but are a lesson in history too.

  • Patna Museum : The Patna Museum is known as ‘Jadu Ghar’ in Patna. It was built by the British Government in 1917. One should see the Terra cotta figures and various images which were made by Buddha and Hindu artists. Here, you can see metal and stone sculptures. The main attraction of museum is the world’s longest fossilized tree. This tree is 200 million years old and its height is 16mts. The museum also contains Chinese paintings and Thangkas.

Takht Sri Harmandir Sahib Patna

  • Takht Sri Harmandir Sahib: Guru Gobind Singh was born here. He was the 10th Guru (teacher) of Sikhs. The Gurudwara is built with white marble. Another tourist attraction is Pathar ki Masjid. It is a mosque and was made by Parwez Shah. “Golghar” is also a famous tourist attraction in Patna. It is a circular shaped monument situated in the centre of the city. It was built by Capt. John Garstin. “Kumrahar excavations” is situated in the south of Patna. There are plenty of places in Patna which tourists can visit and enjoy their tour.

Shopping in Patna :

Shopping in Patna is an experience in itself. Those who want to shop for souvenirs must visit Maurya Lok market, located on Dak Bungalow Road. Here, you can buy the renowned Madhubani paintings which were made by the Mithilanchal womenfolk, using earthy colours in order to show vibrant deities and motifs.Maurya Lok Complex

Tourists must go and check out the Bihar handicrafts emporium. It offers items like papier mache art, tikulis, khari mica paintings, printed chunris, pattharkatti stone-craft, sujini quilt embroidery, wood inlays and khatwa appliqué work. You can also purchase raw cotton, shirts, t-shirts, blouses and much more from Khadi Gramodyog Bhawans. In Patna, the biggest and one of the most modern mall is the P&M mall. It is a multi-storey dining and shopping hub. It offers various brands under one roof.

In order to buy best quality brass Buddha statues, mementos and historical souvenirs, one must visit the outlets on Fraser Road. Other markets in Patna are Patna market and Hathua market.

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