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Explore the exotic exhibition on Chinese porcelain 2017, Delhi

Exotic Chinese ceramics has been quite eminent since the pre-dynastic times. Those who are fond of Chinese porcelain can pay a visit to the Quarters Guard, Red fort (November 19 to December 31, 2017) for experiencing the spectacular exhibition on the Hoard of Chinese Porcelain, organised by the Archaeological Survey of India. The exposition is open for visitors from 10AM to 5PM except Monday.

Considering the prolonged trade connections between India and China, the discovery of Chinese porcelain at Firozshah Kotla, Delhi showcases some of the finest 14th century Chinese porcelains to behold. In addition, findings of a diverse range of porcelain from different archaeological sites in India also help in strengthening the relationships between these two countries. Akin to the porcelain at Firozshah Kotla, there are two other royal collections that are exhibited in Iran and Istanbul. However, in Asia, this is the only hoard revealing the finest pieces of the 14th century Chinese ceramics.

Chinese porcelain unusually represents the significant forms Chinese art and ceramics across the sphere. Basically porcelain is a ceramic material, which gets shaped up by heating various substances like kaolin in a kiln with temperatures ranging from 2,200 and 2,600 °F.

Anyone in quest of an exotic array of ceramics in Delhi, visiting the Quarters Guard will glimpse them an accidental hoard of Chinese porcelain from the Yuan period, which was publicized at Firozshah Kotla half-a-century back. Some of the eye-catching ceramics that a spectator can behold during this exhibition include various plates and bowls of different dimensions and forms. The centuries old porcelains were discovered in pieces and aromatic conditions. What entice the visitors at this exhibition the most is their graceful designs and striking streamers used in these items. According many Archaeological Experts, such hoard of porcelain were in great demand in the kitchen of Tughlaq kings.

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