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Explore the five least explored places in Dhanachuli, Uttarakhand

Stepping into a pristine terra firma is always captivating. Nestled nearly 25Kms reach from Bhimtal, Dhanachuli is one such least explored hamlet in the Indian state of Uttarakhand, which actually entices you for a soothing time-off here. Located far from the city’s hustle-bustle, Dhanachuli is enclosed with the quaint panorama of the Himalayas and its natural abundance. Though, the tiny village of Dhanachuli has nothing much to offer you as compared to the other popular hill stations in India but a blend of serenity and mesmerising natural splendour is something that going to pull you for a short visit here time and again.

To make your vacation quite delightful, Exciting India lists five leading destinations that you must explore when in Dhanachuli:

  1. Victoria Dam

Victoria Dam in Dhanachuli

There is no denying of the fact that Dhanachuli is best revealed during winter for an eye-catching vista of the Himalayas. But there is something else as well that you can count on before visiting Dhanachuli. Located around 13Kms away from the destination, Victoria Dam is a key attraction in Dhanachuli. For a nature buff, there is a vibrant flower garden and alluring forest area near the dam offering you an invigorating view around the location. Besides, one Hindu temple called Bhimeshwar Temple is also located near the Victoria Dam, which is an amazing addition to your pleasant trip in Dhanachuli. Gentle breeze and charming climate around the dam leaves you startled.

  1. Mukteshwar Dham

Mukteshwar Dham in Dhanachuli

Visiting a holy shrine is always divine. To give your religious essence a significant touch in the mist of the mountains, Mukteshwar Dham is a must visit in Dhanachuli. This is a Hindu temple dedicated to Lord Shiva, which pulls plenty of worshipers on the auspicious occasion of Mahashivratri. It is believed that a demon was killed here by the Lord Shiva and relieved the demon from all his sins. This is what makes this temple popular as Mukti Dham as well. One more interesting thing about the temple is its long staircase that offers you an arresting view on the go. There is also an audacious trekking trail around the temple that pulls many adventure junkies from the nearby locations. So visiting Mukteshwar Dham may just make your voyage more delightful with the blessings of Lord Shiva.

  1. Bhaalu Gaad Waterfalls

Bhaalu Gaad Waterfalls in Dhanachuli

Doesn’t it sound amazing to be around a lively cascade amidst the knolls? Perched nearly 5Kms away from Dhanachuli in Uttarakhand, Bhaalu Gaad Waterfalls is an idyllic destination for natural escape. A blend of gentle breeze and sounds of dripping water from the elevated waterfalls leaves you completely spellbound at Bhaalu Gaad. Besides its natural magnificence, adventure lovers flock here for mount hiking as well.

  1. Temple of Golu Devta

. Temple of Golu Devta in Dhanachuli

Located nearly 13Kms away from Dhanachuli, Golu Devta is a Hindu temple devoted to Lord Golu, who is believed to be an avatar of Lord Shiva and the Lord of Justice. People flock here from far-flung areas in the reverence of Golu Devta. According to the local inhabitants, this temple is also referred as the ‘Temple of bells’, where plenty of bells are tied by the devotees after their wishes are fulfilled. In addition, a religious practice of animal sacrifice also takes place in this temple.

  1. Chauli ki Jali

Chauli ki Jali in Dhanachuli

Having said the limited scope of exploration in Dhanachuli, Chauli ki Jali is one of the most off-beat attractions located in a close proximity of Mukteshwar Temple. The word Chauli signifies “rock” and the word “Jail” on the other hand stands for “hole”. This place has a mythological significance associated with; and it is said that Chauli ki Jali used be the battleground of Goddess and demons. Even plenty of evidences like imprints of warheads, elephant’s trunk and many other witnesses from the battle ground are reported to be found here at Chauli ki Jali. Besides, the scenic splendour of the location is one more attraction that pulls many visitors in the terrain of Dhanachuli. So when in Dhanachuli, make sure Chauli ki Jali is not missed at any cost.

Getting there


The best and convenient way to get there is from Delhi, which is nearly 7 hours drive from the destination. For air travellers, the nearest airport is in Pantnagar, which is located around 80Kms from Dhanachuli. From the airport, you may hire a private vehicle to travel further. If you want to get there by train, three trains are there that run from Delhi (Anand Vihar and Old Delhi station) till Kathgodam railway station, which is nearly 48Kms away from Dhanachuli.

Delhi to Dhanachuli by road

If you wish to reach Dhanachuli by road from Delhi, take NH 24 and drive towards Moradabad and then follow the same route and reach till Rampur. From Rampur, take NH 87 towards Bilaspur and follow the same route to reach till Bhimtal via Udham Singh Nagar. From Bhimtal, drive towards Padampuri and reach Dhanachuli in 45 minutes approximately.

Places to stay


Despite being one of the least explore destinations in the state of Uttarakhand, there are few luxury accommodations in and around Dhanachuli. One of the mostly visited names in this list is Te Aroha. However, the charges are quite higher here. In addition, Fiesta Hotel and Nainital Bhawanipur Greens are two popular hotels located within 15Kms reach from Dhanachuli.

Te Aroha in Dhanachuli

So what are you waiting for? Expedite your voyage in the midst of the mountains and get into some thrilling nature walks and short rousing treks in Dhanachuli.


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