Shyam Rai Terracota temple

Explore the glorious past of Vishnupur in Bengal

While in West Bengal it’ll be a good idea to explore places such as Vishnupur. Synonymous with terracotta, metal-ware & temples, Vishnupur, in the district of Bankura.. The grandeur and beauty of Vishnupur can be seen by the presence of many beautiful temples featuring intricate terracotta ornamentation. Built mostly of brick and at times, of late-rite, these magnificent temples are mute and ancient spectators to Vishnupur’s glorious past. Vishnupur’s other claim to fame is its distinct style of music that is  the Vishnupur Gharana which has earned great respect among the music lovers and listeners alike.

The history of Bishnupur can be traced back to 694 AD, when King Raghunath I founded the Malla dynasty. However it was much later in 994 AD that the place was named Bishnupur. The name is derived from the name of the Hindu God ‘Vishnu’. The majority of the people belong to the ‘Vaishnava’ sect.

Winters and springs are the best time to go as the summers can be pretty scorching here.Most commonly spoken languages are Bengali and Hindi.

Shyam Rai Terracota temple

Shyam Rai Terracota temple

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