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Explore the wondrous Floating Post Office in Srinagar!

Srinagar, the capital city of Kashmir is commonly acknowledged for its picturesque vista and peerless ambience. Besides boasting plenty of alluring destinations, Srinagar is also famous for housing the first and only floating post office in the country!

Floating Post Office in Srinagar

Postal service plays an imperative role in India, and the country has the world’s largest number of post offices rendering various services to the citizens. Nestled on the mesmerising Dal Lake in Srinagar, the floating post office is segregated into two rooms; one for carrying out the postal activities and  other for small museum. Thus, the post office not only caters normal postal services to the people of Srinagar but also sells postage stamps and various alluring local products on the boat.

Floating Post Office, the investiture

The heritage post office in Srinagar is said to be existed in the city since the British tenure. Earlier, this floating post office was renowned as the Nehru Park. In August 2011, the post office was inaugurated by Chief Minister of that time Omar Abdullah; and moving forward, the name of this post office was changed by the chief Post Master John Samuel.  Since then, the floating post office on the Dal Lake in Srinagar has turned to a spectacular attraction for tourists from all across the country.

Interesting floating facts

Taking a floating ride on Shikara is something, which is commonly experienced by most of the visitors in Srinagar. But now, the tourists to Jammu and Kashmir can add one more destination to their list of expedition in the city i.e. exploring the floating post office on the Dal Lake. Therefore, if you are planning a short trip to Srinagar any time soon in this winter, make sure the floating post office is also listed in your voyage list.

Quick facts about the PO

Before you get there on the house boat in Srinagar to witness the heritage post office, here’s what you should be aware of:

Offered services: Being an authorised post office, one can avail all regular services that are usually provided at most of the post offices in India. But one of the most off-beat services rendered here is that the post office also allows the tourist to contact their family/friends over phone and e-mail, which is an interesting attribute of this floating post office.

Floating museum: Besides rendering all regular postal services, the post office is also known for housing a philately museum and shop on the huge house boat. Once can get here various greeting cards, stationery items, pictorial post cards, postage stamps, enticing souvenir items, books and much more.

Designed letters: If you happen to get there at the post office, make sure you don’t skip to witness the inimitably designed letters that are posted from the floating post office. The designs on the letters predominantly portray the scenic splendour of Dal Lake and Srinagar. This is something very interesting and exceptional feature to behold at the floating post office.

Unique stamp at the PO

For local inhabitants including labours and farmers, this post office is the single point-of-service provider pertaining to their postal and savings needs. Every day ample of people who run their Shikara business flock here to meet up their post requirements. It is also reported that on monthly basis more than Rs. 1 crore is deposited at this post office by the local communities. Besides, gathering of tourists from all over the country turn this destination one of the popular sites to explore in Srinagar. A stroll around the lake after dusk can drive you to a different level of magnetisms. In winter, the snow-clad knolls near the post office make one visit this place time and again.


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