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Five amazing sites to explore when in Coorg

Located in the midst of elevated mountains and enchanting natural affluence, Coorg is an exciting tourist puling site to explore in Karnataka. Sprawled with an area of nearly 4,102 sq kms, this place has a blend of jade hillock, misty environs and quaint hamlet. The history of Coorg region carries a confrontation tales between Kadambas and the Gangas. Ages back in the 2nd and 6th century, the northern division of this region was under the control of Kadambas of Goa. Not only this; till 14th century the region was under control of several sovereigns. Later in 1956, Coorg got a distinct identity as a district and amalgamated with Karnataka state. Today Coorg is famed as Kodagu and visitors consider this place as the ‘Scotland of India’. The place is popular for breath-taking vista of mountains, abundance of flora and fauna, green woods and coffee plantations. Visitors also come to Coorg seeking ayurvedic treatments.

The misty mountains and wintry climate of Coorg has already crowned the place as the ‘Scotland of India’. For tourist, Coorg has ample of fascinating sites to offer. Let’s take a look into some of the exciting and breath-taking tourist pullers in Coorg.

  1. Abbey Falls

Abbey Falls Coorg

Situated near Madikeri, the scenic vista of Abbey falls drags attention of many tourists across the country. The flow of this energetic waterfall from an elevation of around 70ft. gives you an amazing view to cherish for long. There is a hanging bridge across the mountains where numbers of visitors flock to get an eye-catching view of Abbey falls. The best time to reveal the actual beauty of this waterfall is between November and December.

  1. Madikeri Fort

This is one of the prehistoric relics in Karnataka that adds a historical eminence to Coorg. The hushed onlooker of many confrontations since 17th century of Muddu Raja, Madikeri Fort is a must visit in Coorg. This primeval fort is not only a preserved ruin of past, but over time it has witnessed plenty of architectural conversion as well. Madikeri Fort was actually a structure of mud, which was further shaped into a different architectural look by Tipu Sultan. He has named this fort as ‘Jaffarabad’.  With times, this fort has undergone another architectural alteration under the rule of Lingarajendra Wodeyar II and British Empire. Visitors rush to this architectural ruin to explore its Gothic style decor. The mystifying trail of the fort represents the mastery of architectural expertise of ancient India.

Madikeri Fort Coorg

Madikeri Fort can be visited for maximum up to two hours (per visitor) a day and the timings here are between 10:00 am to 5:30 pm. However, the fort remains closed on Monday. No entry fee is required to enter the fort and you can also carry your camera for free of cost.

  1. Brahmagiri Peak

Brahmagiri Peak Coorg

The peak of Brahmagiri is an ultimate trekking and climbing site for visitors. You can scale the peak through lush bush, galore of floras and crystal clean water. Apart from exploring your audacious persona, at Brahmagiri Peak you can also visit a wildlife sanctuary, which houses many wild lives like elephant, Nilgiri Langur, Jungle Cat and Lion-tailed Macaque. In addition, presence of various colourful birds and flying Squirrel turn this place to more riveting. If you have zeal to arrest the exquisiteness of a soothing nature, Brahmagiri Peak is must for you.

  1. Dubare Elephant Camp

Dubare Elephant Camp Coorg

If you are accompanied by your family and kids, they are going to remember this place for long. With 150 plus elephants, Dubare forest caters you a great exposure to know about the captivating animals. Here you can have a close and explicit view of the elephants getting bath and fed by their Mahouts. One of the most exciting experiences that one must try here is Elephant safari. Well, this is not the end. If you move towards the Cauvery River, you will come to sight crocodile, gaurs and peacocks. The local park authority also caters lodges and resorts for the tourists to explore the wilderness of the environs to a great extent. Dubare Elephant Camp is a splendid location that every tourist must visit.

  1. Raja’s Seat

Located in the town of Madikeri, Raja’s Seat is best known for its beautiful sunset point. In the words of local inhabitants, ages back the kings of Kodagu used to spend their dusk at this spot.  Presence of musical fountains and surrounding garden make this place more beautiful and appealing to the visitors. Visiting this place during early morning and evening is mostly recommended. If you want to sight a blend of eye-catching sunset and musical fountain, the best time is between 5.30Pm to 7.30PM. Thought, cloudy weather often hinders the visitors from getting a clear view of sunset. In such circumstances, the best way out to visit this place in early morning. You can also rejoice a ride on toy train available near the park. The entry fee to this park is only Rs.5 and Rs.20 for parking charges.

Raja’s Seat Coorg

In addition, there are several other alluring destinations like Chettalli, Gaddige, Nagarhole National Park, Iruppu Falls, Tadiyendamol, Brahmagiri Peak and Bylakuppe that can evenly be rejoiced when in Coorg

Getting there:

Coorg is conveniently connected to various parts of the country through the following modes of transports:

By Air: The nearest airport is Mangalore Airport, which is situated around 160Kms away from Coorg. Besides, within around 265Kms reach of Coorg, the nearest International Airport is Bengaluru Airport. These airports have sound air connectivity with other prime cities of India and overseas. From airport you can also hire a taxi or cab to reach Coorg. It may take around 3 hours to reach Coorg from Mangalore. Depending on the type of cab you hire the charges may vary from Rs.7 to Rs.14 per kilometre. However, before boarding a cab, do not forget to negotiate the rates.

By Road: The roadway connectivity between Coorg and other adjoining cities are quite convenient. There are various buses that run under KSRTC (Karnataka State Road Transport Corporation) from the places like Mangalore (135Kms), Hassan (115Kms) and Mysore (120Kms). The distance can be crossed in 2-3 hours. From Bangalore (260Kms) it will take more than 5 hours to reach Coorg by road. Alternatively, you can also hire private cabs to reach Coorg.

By Rail: Coorg does not have any railway station. Therefore, you need to travel till the nearest railway station Mysore Junction, which is located around 95Kms away from Coorg. From railway station you can hire a taxi or cab that will take you to Coorg.

So let the vivacious vista of Coorg make your time-off an absolutely tranquil one. Do not forget to carry your camera to arrest some of the happening moments out there. Plan, visit and explore. Captivating Coorg is all set to make your trip eternal.

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