5 Winter destinations near Kolkata

Five Winter Destinations located nearly 250Kms from Kolkata

Following the seasonal cycle, winter is back again. With a drop in the temperature to a soothing extent, tourists have started marking the calendar for their winter excursion across the peninsula. Like various other parts of the country, the City of Joy, Kolkata also sees a frosty winter making the ambience absolutely amazing for tourists and local visitors. To make your winter spicier, here’s a list of five winter getaway located nearly 250Kms from Kolkata:

1. Location: Gangasagar

Distance from Kolkata: 135Kms

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Gangasagar is a sacred location, which is frequented on the auspicious occasion of Makar Sakranti. The place is popular for Gangasagar Mela when plenty of Hindu pilgrims visit here from various parts of Kolkata to take holy plunge in the convergence of the Ganges and the Bay of Bengal. Gangasagar is also known as the religious getaway.


Getting there:

The total distance between Kolkata and Gangasagar is 135Kms, which can be completed in 5 hours time. To get there in Gangasagar from Kolkata, visitors first need to reach Harwood. From Harwood point, one has to reach Kachuberia by crossing the Muriganga River. From Kachuberia, several buses are there that will take you to Gangasagar in an hour.

Additionally, one can also board a bus from Kolkata and reach till Namkhana. From Namkhana, take a boat till Chemaguri. One you reach Chemaguri, take a bus for Gangasagar, which is located nearly 10Kms away.

2. Location: Jamshedpur

Distance from Kolkata: 250Kms

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It is one of the offbeat winter destinations near Kolkata. Surrounded by green tress and parks, Jamshedpur is reckoned amongst the well-planned cities in India. The place is laid out with plenty of green attractions for the tourists. The presence of Dimna Lake, Jubilee Park, dam and Hudco Park make Jamshedpur a worth visiting winter destination near Kolkata.

Jamshedpur Parks

Getting there:

There are various routes to reach Jamshedpur from Kolkata. Depending on the route you follow, the distance may be covered in 4-6 hours time. The most convenient way to reach there from Kolkata is by train. There are several trains that ply between these two places on regular basis. Some of the major trains on this route are Howrah Express, Gitanjali Exp, Howrah Mail etc. However, the fastest mode of commutation to reach Jamshedpur from Kolkata is by Bbn Janshatabdi, which takes approximately 3h 15m time to complete the distance. For bus commuters, regular state and private transport are also available between these destinations.

3. Location: Mukutmanipur

Distance from Kolkata: 204kms

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Located in the Bankura district of West Bengal, Mukutmanipur is known for the convergence of rivers Kumari and Kangsabati. The destination is surrounded by scenic splendour of sky-kissing knolls and green region. The picturesque vista around the place leaves one absolutely amazed during winter. When in Mukutmanipur, you can also augment your voyage to Bishnupur, which is adjacent to Mukutmanipur. There is a huge water reservoir in Mukutmonipur, which was brought into the picture to cater irrigation amenities to nearby farming villages. Mukutmanipur can best be rejoiced during winter when people flock here for picnicking.

Mukutmanipur water reservoir

Getting there:

There are number of trains from Howrah Railway Station to reach Bankura, which is the nearest railway station to Mukutmanipur. Once you reach Bankura, take a bus that will reach you Mukutmanipur via Khatra. From Bankura bus stand, it will take nearly an hour to reach Mukutmanipur.

4. Location: Bakkhali

Distance from Kolkata: 125kms

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One of the least explored and least crowded destinations near Kolkata is Bakkhali, which is known for its virgin beach resort and captivating beach town. Located far away from city’s hustle-bustle, the ambience of Bakkhali and tranquillity makes you visit here time and again. Bakkhali is an absolute paradise for getting into various outdoor activities like cycling, swimming and walking.


Getting there:

For bus travellers, Bakkhali can be reached directly by bus from Kolkata and busses are available near Esplanade bus stand. If you are planning to get there of your own, the destination can be reached via NH117. Apart from road journey, Bakkhali can also be reached by train. For railway commuters, the nearest railway station to Bakkhali is Namkhana. Trains for Bakkhali are available from Sealdah. The train journey between these two locations is nearly 3 hours. Once you reach Namkhana railway station, take a rickshaw van till ferry ghat. From the ferry ghat, buses are available for Bakkhali, which takes approximately 45 minutes time to get there.

5. Location: Raichak

Distance from Kolkata: 50kms

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If you are looking for a day long outing somewhere near Kolkata within 50kms, look no further than Raichak. This is one of the famous winter destinations that can be explored near Kolkata. Nestled on a river turn near Kolkata, Raichak used to be an abode to the Dutch Fort, which was established here way back in the 18th century. Today, this historic fortification has been transformed into a luxury hotel by Radisson group. Raichak is also quite popular amongst the weekenders who flock here for a day long retreat. The place is a riverside city situated on the banks of River Hooghly. Winter evenings are quite romantic here in the arm of natural splendour.  


Getting there:

For bus commuters, regular buses are available for Raichak from Sealdah. In addition, people planning a trip to Raichak from Murshidabad, Shantiniketan and Durgapur, regular buses are available from all these location. In addition, cab, taxi and private vehicles can also be availed from Kolkata to reach Raichak. By road it will take approximately 2 hours to reach Raichak from Kolkata. Additionally, if you wish to get there by train, the nearest railhead is Sealdah (50-60 kms away from Raichak). 

These are the five popular winter destinations located within 250Kms from Kolkata. So let these destinations add more warm spirits in your winter time-off. Don’t forget to pack your warm wears while planning a trip to any of these destinations, as the temperature drops down, the misty environs turn more frosty.


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