Gandikota Village

Gandikota: The Hidden Grand Canyon of India

Gandikota is a charming village located on the right bank of the river Pennar. It is situated in the state of Andhra Pradesh in India. It is famous for its quaintness and is mainly visited during the winter months since during summer, temperatures in the area rise up to 39 degrees Celsius (102 degrees Fahrenheit). The area has beautiful landscape and lush forests, and is blessed with many natural resources.

A trip to Gandikota is the perfect solution for anyone who wants to experience the wild beauty of Mother Nature, especially since most of the region around Gandikota has escaped interference from human beings. There are several things you can do in Gandikota, including camping along the banks of the River Pennar. You may also decide to go trekking into the surrounding region and experience the wild beauty of nature firsthand.

Gandikota- Andhra Pradesh

Gandikota- Andhra Pradesh

However, the main attraction in the area is the fort of Gandikota, which was apparently constructed more than five hundred years ago. The fort was built near the gorge formed between the Gandikota hills and the river Pennar. This gorge is the reason why some call Gandikota the hidden Grand Canyon of India. It currently exists as ruins, but its rugged beauty still impresses those who come to visit it. Inside the fort are two ruined temples dedicated to Madhava and Rhaghunatha. Though the fort is mostly in ruins, one can still visit the various structures present in the fort, including a sprawling palace, two large granaries and a stately tower known as a ‘pigeon tower’. One of the granaries has been turned into a bungalow and visiting tourists can be accommodated there.

Gandikota is a charming place with beautiful physical features that are well worth seeing. However, when you go to Gandikota, do not fail to tour the amazing Gandikota fort and river. Remember, without visiting those two places, you might as well not have travelled to Gandikota.

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