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Looking for a tranquil weekend within 150 Km from Bangalore? Here’s come a relaxing weekend destination near Bangalore. Horsley Hills, a quaint knoll nestled at Andhra Pradesh’s Chittoor district is an absolute ecstasy for a quick weekend getaway. Positioned at an elevation of nearly 1285 m above sea level, the picturesque vista of Horsley’s serene environs mesmerise the attention of several visitors from various parts of the country.

An Overview:

Way back in 1840, an English officer of British supremacy namely W. D. Horsley got enthralled with the natural charisma of a misty lush mountainous terrain, where he decided to set his residence. With times, this beautiful hill station was named after that English officer as Horsley Hills. Today, W. D. Horsley’s residence is used as the summer residence of Governor of Andhra Pradesh. Apart from its unspoilt splendour and tranquil summer resort, one more tourist puller in Horsley Hills is Mallamma Temple. This is a mysterious shrine positioned atop Horsley Hills.

Horsley Hills is also eminent for one more significant reason, which is the giant Kalyani Tree. It is said that this tree was planted by the English officer W H Horsley during 1859. Because of its giant size, the tree has also bagged the tree Maha Vriksha Award.

Before becoming an eminent weekend getaway near Bangalore, Horsley Hills used to be the domicile of Chenchus and Yanadis tribes. Over the phase of time, the people of Horsley Hills has transformed to a great extent. Today, most of the local inhabitants here run their small eateries or work as drives for tourists. Some of them are also involved in cattle farming.

The tribes here are quite generous by nature and are great worshiper of Sun. Two major events that are celebrated here with great enthusiasm include Pongal and Ganesh Chaturthi. In addition, an interesting fact about the inhabitants of Horsley Hills is that they are foodies, so when in Horsley Hills don’t forget to try the luscious Pulihora Tamarind Rice, which is a popular South Indian platter.

The official language here is Telugu. However, in some of the nearby resorts and hotels, English and Hindi are also understood.


The beautiful Hills of Horsley experiences a soothing climate throughout the year. Hence, you can plan your weekend trip here anytime during the calendar. From the months of March to May, the terrain of Horsley is encircled with summers when the temperature ranges here between 20°C to 30°C with gentle breeze. After summer, monsoon hits the region in the month of June and it lasts here till September. During monsoon, the knoll of Horsley sees a moderate rainfall. Winter blankets the Hills of Horsley from December to February when you can feel a soothing ambience with temperature ranging from 9°C to 20°C.

Thus, it can be said that Hills of Horsley is a paradise for visitors in all season. So, you can plan your vacation here anytime round the year.

Places to see in Horsley Hills:

Visiting Horsley Hills during weekend is absolute fun and unwind. So, don’t skip exploring the following attractions in and around Horsley Hills:

#View Point

Viewpoint in horsley hill

Every hill station has a peak point offering you a great vista of its soothing environs. View Point is one such spot, which must be explored in Horsley Hills. Located nearly 200 m from Horsley bus stand, this site gives you an amazing view of entire Horsley Hills including its nearby lush bush, green valley and hillock range. This is one of the favourite tourist hubs in and around Horsley Hills. The magic of its appealing beauty attracts ample of travellers from Bangalore and its adjoining cities on regular basis.

#Horsley Hills

Horsley Hills

Having portrayed the exquisiteness of this mountainous region, Horsley Hills is a fascinating tourist site and a favourite weekend destination near Bangalore. A blend of Allamanda, Jacaranda, Eucalyptus and Gulmohar Trees with galore of endangered fauna, Horsley Hills is blessed with natural abundance. This site is also a paradise for adventure lovers offering them trekking and walking trails through the mountain region. Reaching peak of the knoll allows you a picturesque vista of neighbouring valley.

#Mallamma Temple

Mallamma Temple in Horsley hills

This temple carries a mysterious tale behind its establishment. It is said that there used to live a little girl near Horsley Hills, who was taken care of by elephants amidst dense woods of Horsley Hills. That girl used to cure all the serious health issues of the local inhabitants. One day, that girl was disappeared mysteriously from the terrain without leaving any clue. Since then, the inhabitants of Horsley Hills set up a holy shrine and named it after that little girl Mallamma. People here still believe that she was a spiritual deity, and every year number of devotees flock this shrine in reverence of Goddess Mallamma. It can be noted that earlier the name of this place used to be Mallamma Konda.

#Horsley Hills Zoo

Horsley Hills Zoo

One of the offbeat attractions within 1 Km reach from Horsley Hills Bus Station is Horsley Hills Zoo. If you are here on a short weekend trip with your family, exploring Horsley Hills Zoo is a must. Situated near the Forest Bungalow, this zoo is an absolute fun for kids. Some of the attractions inside zoo are pigeons, rabbits, peacocks, monkeys and crocodiles. Besides, presence of vibrant greeneries also offers you a pleasant outing around wildlife. The zoo is open from 10AM to 5PM.

#Kaundinya Wildlife Sanctuary

Kaundinya Wildlife Sanctuary

Nestled at Palamaner, a small town in Chittoor district of Andhra Pradesh, Kaundinya Wildlife Sanctuary is a popular tourist puller around Horsley Hills. This Wildlife Sanctuary is a home to diverse range of flora such as Ficus religiosa, bamboo, Albizia amara and Ficus tomentosa. In addition, covered with around 355 sq. Km area, Kaundinya Wildlife Sanctuary also houses various fauna like jungle fowl, porcupine, four-horned antelope, hippopotamus, common langur, Jackal, hyena, crocodile and Himalayan black-bear. The abode of wildlife is surrounded by beautiful valley and towering mountains.

#Waterfalls near Kanipakam


Horsley Hills is surrounded by various lively cascades like Kaigal and Dumukurallu waterfalls. The free-flowing waterfall emerging out of a rock from an elevation of nearly 40 feet offers a captivating panorama to all travellers. The actual splendour of waterfalls can best be revealed here during monsoon. This is time when the flow of water reaches to an energetic level. There is also a dense bush area near the fall wherein one holy Siva temple is situated. Worshipers flock this temple every year on the eve of Shivaratri. So, when in Horsley Hills don’t miss this amazing attraction around the relaxing hill station.

#Gali Bandalu

Gali Bandalu

This is another off-beat tourist puller near Horsley Hills. Gali Bandalu is basically a stony slope, which is popular for its gusty airstream that blow over this place frequently. Gali Bandalu offers you a relaxing walk around the rock with wonderful vista of sunset and sunrise. Besides, presence of natural lakes, parks and wonderful views of nearby valleys make Gali Bandalu a striking destination for you during weekends.

#Gangotri Lake

While heading towards your destination via Madanpalle, don’t miss the beauty of the Gangotri Lake. According to travellers, one’s voyage to Horsley Hills is incomplete without exploring this lake. Located on Madanpalle Road, the overflowing water of Gangotri Lake amidst Eucalyptus trees during monsoon offers you a tranquil ambience in the vicinity of Horsley Hills.

Gangotri Lake in Madanapalle

Having depicted the natural attractions of the hill station, let’s take a look on some of the activities that can be performed while holidaying in Horsley Hills.

Things to do:

Hill station usually has no dearth of offerings for visitors. The moment you are done with one particular attraction, it surprises you with the next. Apart from some eye-catching locations, Horsley Hills is equally a paradise for adventure lovers. The peaks and trails amidst hills offer you an exciting opportunity to get into some thrilling outdoor activities like trekking, zorbing, rock climbing and rappelling. Thus, Horsley Hills is a great weekend destination not only for nature lovers, but for adventure freaks as well.

Horsley Hills activities

How to Reach:

Located around 275 Km from Chennai and 145KM from Tirupati, Horsley Hills is one of the top weekend gateways near Bangalore, which is visited by several travellers from its nearby destinations all round the calendar. If you are planning your next weekend trip to this beautiful hill station of Andhra Pradesh, the following are some useful modes of transpiration that you should count on:

By Air: For air travellers, there are two nearby airports namely; Bangalore (165Km) and Tirupati (160Km). These airports are in good touch with other major destinations of India. From airport, you can hire a cab to travel further. From Bangalore airport, it may take 3 hours and 15 minutes to reach Horsley Hills.

By Train: The nearest railhead is located at Madanapalle Road, which is around 42 Km from Horsley Hills. However, there is no direct train from Bangalore to reach Madanapalle. Hence, you can hire a cab to travel till Kolar and from Kolar take a train to travel further. Madanapalle railway station is well-connected to all major cities of Andhra Pradesh by road. So, from here you can hire a cab or book a taxi to reach your destination.

Madanapalle station

By Road: Many KSRTC and APSRTC buses are there that run on regular basis to reach Horsley Hills. If you are travelling from Bangalore, get into any Madanpalle bound bus. From Madanpalle, either hire a cab or get into APSRTC bus to reach Horsley Hills. Total journey by bus is nearly 3 hours and 15 minutes. The convenient route to reach Horsley Hills from Bangalore is like: Bangalore->Hosakote->Kolar->Srinivaspura->Rayalpadu->Madanpalle->Horsley Hills

Route map

Note: In order to keep a tab on the route map please click here. Also, be informed that total travel time may differ depending on the time of travel, mode of transport, route and the traffic.

Places to Stay:

Horsley Hills is a small hill station and ideal for quick weekend trip near Bangalore. Though, the place has limited staying options to offer, but for a night stay in Horsley Hills, you can try at Cooperative Society Guest House in Chittoor or at the A.P. Tourism’s Governors’ Bungalow. In addition, one more preferred resort that one can avail there is Haritha Resort. This is the only staying option for a comfortable night in Horsley Hills. The resort is designed keeping in mind the basic amenities of visitors. Staying at Haritha Resort may cost you somewhere around INR 800.

Places to Stay near Horsley Hills

On the other hand, if you want to stay in Madanpalle, one of the commonly visited resorts here is R.R. Resort.

So, what are you waiting for? Get arrested in the arm of misty-foggy knolls and its soothing environs. Take home some wonderful memories from the mountain and get energised for your next weekend trip.

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