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India’s Top 10 Great Places To Visit Off Beat Track

Would you love to experience Indian culture on a deeper level? Try visiting these places located in some of the famous states.

1. Karnataka: Located south of India, Karnataka is usually overlooked by most tourists. However, it has lots to offer to its tourists. You can enjoy the rich mix of history and culture while visiting the ancient ruins, coffee plantations, beaches and national parks. Get in touch with your spiritual side through yoga and once there, find out more about the royal heritage.
Coorg Golden Temple
2. Coorg: Located in the south of India and also known as the Scotland of India, Coorg is one of the most picturesque regions in Kodagu. The alluring mountains and stunning waterfalls are breathtaking. For experiencing the culture of the place, stay in one of the villages surrounded by coffee plantations.

3. Kannur: Kannur is a small town in Kerala. If you are into checking out rituals, Kannur has a few of its own including Theyyam rituals. Theyyam is a dance ritual honoring the world of spirits. The secluded beaches of Kannur are a captivating sight complete with small beach houses.

4. Hampi: If history fascinates you, Hampi is one of the hottest historical regions in India. The former capital of Vijayanagar, which was a great empire in the country, is filled with amazing 14th century ruins blending beautifully with the large boulders all over the region.

5. Majuli: Located on the banks of Brahmaputra river, this area is great for people who love fishing. Tourists can ride bicycles while they enjoy fresh air, scenic fertile lands, bird watching and visit monasteries. The best time to visit this area is in mid November for the Majuli Ras Mahotsav festival that celebrates Lord Krishna’s life.

6. Benaulim: This town, also known as the village of the arrow, is in the southern region of Goa in India. It has a beautiful beach and provides tourists with an incredible fishing experience. You can stay at one of the beautiful bamboo cottages and enjoy the natural beauty surrounding Benaulim.
Vagamon Paragliding
7. Vagamon: A hill station in the north of Kerala, Vagamon is famous for its cool climate during the summer season. Vagamon boasts of beautiful series of hillocks, valleys and cascading waterfalls that make it the ideal getaway for tourists. Tourists can enjoy the scenic valleys filled with beautiful pine forests, green meadows, waterfalls and tea estates.

8. Kutch: Located in Gujarat, Kutch is commonly known as the country’s wild west region with its seasonal wetlands and beautiful hand-crafted huts.

9. Odisha: Previously known as Orissa, this region boasts of rich culture, temples, beautiful unpolluted beaches, national parks and relics of Buddha.

10. Bishnoi: This is a village in Rajasthan that offers its tourists a fascinating rendezvous with its harmony and reverie. As opposed to the common Indian culture of burning their dead, the people of Bishnoi prefer to bury their dead as a form of tree preservation. You can stay at the Chhotaram Prajapat’s Homestay or resort, or camp in the village.

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