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Are you looking for a spectacular outing or a thrilling weekend getaway in a day around Bangalore? The protected terra firma of Kabini awaits you an amazing weekend destination near Bangalore. Situated in Karnataka state of India and around 210 Km from Bangalore, Kabini is the abode of forest reserves, which boasts a rich variety of flora and fauna. Dotted with thick lush bush and lively waterways, this place is an absolute delight for adventure lovers. The meet points of three wildlife parks and dwelling source of Kadu Kuruba tribe, touring Kabini renders you an astounding wildlife experience like no other.


Times back, Kabini used to be the favourite hunting spot for the British as well as for the kings of Mysore. Abundance of emerald environs and animated waterfalls has gradually transformed this terrain to one of the top weekend destinations near Bangalore. Today, visitors flock Kabini from various parts of the country to explore its diverse range of mammals, endangered birds and a rich variety of foliage. Being one of the spectacular wild hubs in Karnataka, the inhabitants of Kabini mostly speak Kannada, and the place is also popular for its adjoining River Kabini.

Best time to visit:


Being one of the top weekend getaways near Bangalore, Kabini can best be visited during summer and winter; preferably from October to May. Though, the temperature in Kabini is quite scorching during summer, but this is the time when you can reveal the wildlife to the fullest.

Climate of Kabini:

Kabini Climate

Summer hits the land of Kabini in the month of March and it lasts here till May. During summer, the temperature reaches up to maximum 400C, which is quite scorching. Moving ahead with seasonal climate, Kabini witnesses monsoon from June to September. Due to intense rainfall, visitors should avoid touring Kabini during monsoon. The reason being, heavy rainfalls desist one from exploring the Kabini Wildlife Sanctuary and its adjoining attractions. Winter is quite pleasing in Kabini, which encircles the terrain with a soothing temperature ranging from 70C to 300C. Besides, presence of gentle wind underneath the bright sunny sky makes your weekend trip more revitalizing on its vicinity.

Food in Kabini:

Though, one can’t expect a rich variety of platters amidst lush bush of Kabini, yet few nearby food stores are there where you can relish the popular South Indian delectable like Dosa, Sambhar, Idli and Vada. In addition, one can also try here some other local dishes including Akki Roti, Kesari Bath, Ragi Mudde, Vangi Bath, Bisi Bele Bath, Uppittu and Jolada Roti. When in Kabini, Chiroti and Mysore pak are two popular sweets that you must try once.

Food in Kabini

Places to see in Kabini:

When in Kabini, don’t miss exploring the following attractions:

#Nagarhole National Park

An abode of more than 250 species of birds and wild creatures, Nagarhole National Park is a spectacular adventurous attraction between Mysore and Kodagu district, and it is detached from Bandipur National Park by Kabini. With an expanse of nearly 640 sq.km areas, the park is delimited by small stream, lush bush and electrifying waterfalls. Having said the diverse range of fauna, the park houses a blend of Indian bison, wild dogs, tiger, leopards, hyenas, mouse-deer, rat snakes, rock pythons, lizards, bamboo pit vipers, sloth bears and much more. In addition, an array of sandalwood, striped-necked mongooses, teak, silver oak, vultures, eagles and wood-pigeons can also be spotted amidst Nagarhole National Park.

Nagarhole National Park Kabini

Apart from its rich variety of flora and fauna, the park is also an absolute delight for thrilling jungle safaris. With its copious nature and intense woods, Nagarhole National Park is under UNESCO’s consideration to be named as a World Heritage Site.

#Kabini Dam

Kabini Dam

Nestled with an area of more than 50 acres on the banks of Kabini River and proximate to the Bheechanahalli Village, Kabini dam is an exotic attraction for nature freaks. The river dam is encircled with a blend of natural exquisiteness, afforests, valleys and lakes. The 696 meters long dam was set up decades back in 1974. This dam is one of the prime water sources to its adjoining hamlets. Travellers also flock Kabini Dam from different locations for boating purpose. There are several nearby attractions as well that can be explored when you are in Kabini Dam. Some of these attractions include N Begur Village, Bandipur National Park, Sagahalli, Taraka Reservoir etc.

#Brahmagiri Wildlife Sanctuary

Brahmagiri Wildlife Sanctuary

Spread with more than 180 sq.km area, Brahmagiri Wildlife Sanctuary is another home to endangered animals and birds. Situated on the north-western rim of Nagarhole National Park, Brahmagiri is also eminent for its elevated mountain range in the Western Ghats. Some of the key wild attractions in Brahmagiri Wildlife Sanctuary are Nilgiri langurs, wild pigs, sloth bears, king cobras, jungle cats, jungle cats, elephants, barking deer etc. Besides, a blend of black bulbuls, emerald doves, Malabar giant squirrels and Nilgiri martens also pull number of visitors here.

#Rameshwara Temple

Rameshwara Temple

Situated in Nagarhole vicinity of Kabini, Rameshwara Temple is a holy spot, which was set up in reverence of Lord Shiva. Rameshwara Temple witnesses numbers of Hindu worshipers on the eve of Shivaratri. As per Hindu myths it is believed that while searching for Goddess Sita, this is the place along Brahmagiri range through which, Lord Rama and his younger brother Lakshmana passed by.

Things to do in Kabini:

One of the popular weekend getaways near Bangalore, the natural abundance and waterways near Kabini offer you the right opportunity to emerge your daring persona. Starting from Jungle safari to energetic boating, Kabini is an exciting weekend getaway to experience the essence of wildlife.

safaris in Kabini

Let’s take a look on the exciting activities that one must do in Kabini:


Be it any dense woods, safari adds more thrilling spice to one’s excursion amidst jungle. Having depicted the natural abundance of Kabini, the place has number of wildlife attractions around. Jeep and Elephant Safaris are two key attractions that one must experience while touring the National park in kabini. You can also explore the rousing vista of jungle area among variety of flora and fauna by taking a nature walk. Jungle Safaris not only give you a close panorama of wild creatures, but also plunge you to the natural splendour of soothing environs. While experiencing Jungle safaris, don’t forget to capture the thrilling moments in your camera.


Kabini River is an absolute pleasure for boating lovers. Boating in the river water offers you a magnificent landscape amidst wild animals and dense forests. Boating is altogether an amazing experience that one must witnesses in kabini.


You cannot expect galore of shopping in Kabini. The place offers you a limited shopping option. However, some of the remarkable take home items from Kabini include excellent mementos and vibrant handicrafts made by the local inhabitants.

How to Reach:

On enquiring about the viable ways to reach Kabini, it can be assured that reaching there doesn’t include much intricacy. Two prime modes of commutation to Kabini are railway and road connectivity. However, for visitors outside Karnataka, the place can also be reached via flights.

Reaching Kabini

Let’s take a look into the major modes of transportation for a relaxing weekend in Kabini:

By Air: There is no direct flight for air travellers to reach Kabini. Hence, the best way to reach Kabini by flight is via Bangalore Airport, which is situated nearly 208 Km from the destination. Bangalore Airport is well-connected to several domestic as well as international destinations. Once you reach airport, hire a cab or get into the bus that runs under KSRTC (Karnataka State Road Transport Corporation).

By Train: The nearest railhead is Mysore, which is situated nearly 80 Km from Kabini. Some of the key trains to travel till Mysore are Kaveri Express, Tirupati Chamarajanagar Fast Passenger, Hampi Express, Howrah Mysore Weekly SF Express etc. Total travel time from Bangalore to Mysore by train is approximately 3 hours 20 minutes. From railway station you can hire a cab or get into a bus to reach Kabini. It is nearly one and a half hour ride from Mysore.

By Road: Reaching Kabini from Bangalore by road is quite convenient. There are various private and KSRTC buses that run on regular basis from Bangalore and Mysore. If Bangalore is your source and you travel further towards the southwest route to Mysore and then move ahead via State Highway of Karnataka i.e. SH17D towards Antarasante route, you can reach your destination (Kabini) in nearly 5 hours time.

Kabini Route

Note: In order to keep a tab on the route map please click here. Also, be informed that total travel time may differ depending on the time of travel, mode of transport, route and the traffic.

Places to Stay:

Kabini Wildlife Sanctuary is one of the preferred weekend destinations near Bangalore and Mysore. Hence, the place witnesses a good number of footfalls from various parts of Karnataka as well as from other major cities in India. In order to meet up the basic amenities of visitors, several hotels, resorts and lodges are set up in and around Kabini. However, a cluster of staying options are available near Mysore, where you can avail a comfortable room within a price range from INR 500-INR 1500. On the other hand, luxury hotels may cost you around INR 4000 or more. In addition, if you want to reside near Kabini Dam, you will also find some comfortable resorts and lodges such as; Kabini River Lodge, The Serai Kabini, Kaav Safari Lodge and Red Earth.

kabini Resort

Here are few comfy accommodations for a night long stay near Kabini:

#Hotel BS International

No. 379, Opp. St. Philomena’s Church, Ashoka Road, Mysore, 570001

Charges: INR 1000

#S.K Elegance

2722/1, Sri Harsha Road, Near Woodlands Theater, Mysore, 570001

Charges: INR 1200

#Divya Sree Comfort Deluxe Lodge

Mysore-Ooty Road Gundlupet, Mysore, 570001

Charges: INR 700

#Galaxy Comforts

# 376, Opp St. Phimomenas Church Ashoka Road, Mysore, 570001

Charges: INR 900

#The Lords Inn

No.2312, Post Office Road, Channapatna, Mysore, 571501

Charges: INR 450

If you are still not able to plan your next weekend destination, Kabini could be an amazing location in a day around Bangalore. Once back, don’t forget to share the experience of your adventitious trip to Kabini. Have a wonderful weekend!! 

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