Kalavantin Durg’ that is supposed to have been built for a queen.

Kalavantin Durg is a very attractive tourist place, that is located in prabalgad Maharastra India. Reason for people taking interest in the Taj Mahal, that is famous first romanticism Monument of India, but Kalavantin Durg is another fort in India that is supposed to have been construct for a queen. That is 2,050 ft. The fort can be found near Mumbai in the Western Ghats which are also called Sahyadri Mountains. that is also visible from the Mumbai-Pune Express Highway and lies opposite to Prabalgad. Kalavantin Durg is believed to have been construct during the time of Buddha or in or around 500 BC for a queen named Kalavantin.


The City of Mumbai is also visible and catching a bird’s eye view of the surrounding makes one wonder how people must have built such a marvellous structure with simple tools. The fort is accessible through steps that were cut into the rock of the hill and looks quite impressive given the technology and advancement in those old times.

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