Kila Raipur Annual Sports: The Essence of Punjab

Eminent as the Rural Olympics, the Kila Raipur is an annual Sports Festival of Punjab, which is celebrated with great fervour in the Ludhiana district of the state. The key facet of the event is to exhibit the physical might and bravery of the Punjabi men and women through rope pulling, cart-race and several other audacious activities. Besides witnessing the daring rural sports activities, one can also observe here some special breed of bullocks, mules, dogs and mules that are brought into this spectacular rural event of Punjab. Thousands of sport enthusiasts, tourists and international visitors flock here to witness this spectacular Rural Olympics. Every year, the event is organised in the month of February. Following the same spirit, this year also the 3-day Kila Raipur Sports Festival has been scheduled for 2nd, 3rd and 4th February.

The event stadium gets jam packed with thousands of spectators who flock here from various neighbouring destinations. On the event day, the venue gets reverberate with the loud cheers of the crowds; and all the animal owners call out to their mules and bulls to move faster and win the title. In addition, several folk artists also visit the event in trucks, tractor and bullock-carts to make the occasion more happening. As soon as the race gets kicked-off, the carts fade away into the distant crowd, and the villagers start moving out of harm’s way as fast as they can.

The race at the event

With time, the event turns more interesting when the people from the different age groups (6 years and 70 years and above) start showing their physical strengths and endurance. In addition, some other daring activities to behold in the event also include; car pulling stunt by a young man with his teeth, spins of a young boy on his one finger and several other interesting games that take places at the rural Olympics games in true Punjabi spirit. As the event proceeds, the stadium looks more stunning with the colourful flags atop the Grewal Sports Stadium. Considering the significance of the event in the state of Punjab, this year Kho-Kho and Kabaddi teams from Vancouver are also invited to participate in the event.

Portraying the traditional essence of Punjab, the event is continued to carry its significant journey here for the last 60 years. A blend of cheering spectators, live commentary and presence of VVIPs, Governor and Chief Minister, the event turns to an absolute rural Olympic mela in the Ludhiana district of Punjab. Not only this; considering the footfall of huge spectators, the organiser also make various amenities available. Some of the important facilities that can be availed during the event are restrooms, food stalls, shops, medical assistance etc.

Getting there:

For air commuters, the nearby airports are Chandigarh and Amritsar Airport, which are well-connected to many other destinations. From any of these airports, one can easily reach Ludhiana by car or bus. If you wish to get there by train, the nearby railhead is Kila Raipur, which has good railway connectivity with several destinations. Upon entering the city, one can easily hire an auto-rickshaw or take a car on rent to commute further. From Ludhiana, the distance to reach Kila Raipur is nearly 20Kms away.


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So this February witness the spectacular Rural Olympics of Punjab.


Venue: Grewal Sports Stadium Delhon Pakhowal Rd Kila Raipur, Punjab

Date: Feb 2 to Feb 4, 2018

Image Courtesy: Google

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