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Kolad : A Popular Adventure Getaway near Mumbai

The blustering city of Mumbai is known for its own pace. Towering constructions and deafening seashore across the city often feels Mumbaikars to go for some pulsating weekend aloof city’s hustle-bustle and monotonous way of life. And if you are looking for an adventurous weekend near Mumbai, Kolad may be the destination for you.

Nestled in the Mahad region of Maharashtra, Kolad is a small hamlet that pulls plenty of adventure buffs here for rafting, hiking, boating and many other thrilling activities. Despite being an audacious destination, the free-flowing water of Kundalika River also mesmerises the footfalls of travellers here to a soothing extent. The place is well-blessed with natural abundance boasting some lively waterfalls, stony mountains, exquisite greenery and marshlands making the destination an absolute paradise for nature lovers and adventure enthusiasts.


Situated nearly 120 Kms from Mumbai, Kolad is a worth visiting site for an offbeat weekend.  Most of the inhabitants here are Maharashtrain and they speak predominantly Marathi and Hindi. People are quite religious here and most of the common Hindu festivals like Ganesh Chathurthi, Diwali, Navaratri and Holi are celebrated at Kolad with great enthusiasm. Besides, Eid and Christmas also bring equal amount of bliss and festivity amongst the residents of the region. 

Apart from its cascading waterfalls, emerald meadows and quaint backdrop of Sahyadris, the place also has a wide range of Maharashtrian cuisines and some typical food options for travellers to allure. Some of the common local foodstuffs that one must try here in Kolad are Misal Pav, Vada Pav and Bhajia Pav.

Let’s take you for a ride now to one of the popular adventure getaways near Mumbai.



The thriving tiny hamlet of Kolad witnesses a scorching summer during March to May. Temperature at Kolad lies between 28°C to 40°C that time. Despite of sweltering summer, the region is visited by several adventure buffs from various cities in Maharashtra. After summer, monsoon hits the region in the month of June and it lasts here till September. Intense rainfalls during monsoon makes the city a worth visiting site for nature lovers. The scenic landscape of the region turns more enchanting during monsoon. Moving ahead with seasonal climate, winter encircles the region in the month of November and lasts here till February. With its entry, the winter brings down the temperature here up to 12°C or less.

Best Time to Visit:


Though Kolad is an all season destination for adventure freaks, but if you want to reveal the best out of the place in the midst of a soothing ambience, winter is considered to be an ideal time for hideout here.

Places to see:


Despite being one of the spectacular adventure hubs in Maharshtra, the place offers you some eye-catching attractions as well. Here are some of the leading places that you should see in and around Kolad:

#Kuda Caves


Kuda Caves in Kolad

Perched at an elevation of nearly 200 metres above sea level, Kuda caves are basically a cluster of 13 Buddhist caves, which are the part of Janjira Hills. These caves are eminent for boasting several Buddhist cave arts and architectural brilliance portraying some eye-catching carvings of elephants and a blend of amazing sculptures and paintings on the front gate.

#Bhira Dam


Bhira Dam in Kolad

Nestled in the midst of the lush bush environs, Bhira Dam is popular as a startling destination for water rafting and picnicking. Incorporated way back in 1927 by Tata Power Company, Bhira Dam used to be reckoned as the biggest hydroelectric projects in India. The water of Bhira Dam is the prime source of power supply and irrigation to various adjoining factories in the places like Pune and Mumbai.

#Ghosala Fort


Ghosala Fort in Kolad

Witnessing a majestic fort in the terrain of adventure is always awe-inspiring for visitors. Positioned in the middle of Salav Creeks and Revdanda, Ghosala Fort allures the visitors for its captivating designs, architectural superiority and holy shrines. Besides, presence of two holy temples and a dargarh in the fort premises represents a significant blend of cultural and religious uniformity. Some of the key attractions that one should see inside the Ghosala Fort include a protective wall, prison, chambers and stores.

#Sutarwadi Lake


Sutarwadi Lake in Kolad

Keeping aside the magnificence of ancient fortress and daring activities, Kolad also hosts some picturesque spots for sightseeing and birding. Sutarwadi Lake is one such destination that you can’t miss in Kolad. If you are a true nature lover, the picturesque vista of sun getting reflected on the water of Sutarwadi Lake is something which is going to spellbind your presence. A blend of tranquil environs soaked with lake in one side and beautiful environs on the other will plunge you to a different level of magnetism around the site.

#Tamhini Ghat Waterfalls


Having depicted the galore of water source amidst the small village of Kolad, the place offers you a spectacular waterfall to spend a blissful outing with your buddies. Dotted with lush bush and self-effacing peaks, Tamhini Ghat Waterfalls is an astounding location for weekenders. If you happen to stop around Tamhini Ghat Waterfalls, don’t skip two other adjoining sites here i.e. the Kansai Waterfalls and the hot springs at Uddhar.

Tamhini Ghat Waterfalls in Kolad

Apart from the above cited destinations, you may also go for exploring some nearby attractions like Gaimukh and Tala Fort as well.

Things to do:


If you had a good time circling these alluring destinations in Kolad, it’s time now to experience some of the rousing activities here that contains:

#River Rafting


If you want to experience a blend of spine-chilling and nerve-pumping moments in Kolad, you can’t afford to miss the rousing Kundalika River Rafting here for sure. The free-flowing waves of the river water offer you some high-voltage delight amidst the Sahyadri Range. This place sees a large number of adventure buffs from all round the city who flock here to experience the most spectacular white river rafting. Such daring water activities are performed here under the supervision of some expert trainers and professionals.

Travellers can also avail here some luscious foods, camps, rooms and cottages on the basis of advance booking.


Trekking in Kolad

Looking for a trekking delight in Kolad? Look no further than Plus Valley. People flock here from far-flung areas to enjoy some challenging trekking trails amidst the rocky mound. An interesting part of the site is its offbeat shape, which look like a plus symbol adding more spice to the grandeur of this destination. In addition, picturesque panorama and exotic fauna makes you visit this place time and time again.  So, what are you waiting for? Pack your trekking kit and get ready to fill the thrill at Plus Valley.


How about flying over a lush bush terrain  and catching a valley view from the top? Doesn’t it sound astound? If you are also here to grab this kind of arousing experiences, you are absolutely at the right spot. Some of the elevated sites in the terrain of Kolad offer you an excellent Paragliding opportunity leaving you feel like never before.

Paragliding in Kolad

Well, the lists of outdoor activities do not get culminated here. Kolad is equally a great place for performing some thrilling activities like hiking, boating, rappelling and Kayaking. In addition, if you want to take home some local goodies, visit some of the local markets around the place. Besides, you will also find here various stores for handful of day-to-day items.

How to go:


One of the favourite adventure destinations for weekenders, Kolad is well accessible for travellers from different parts of the country. Reaching Kolad from the neighbouring cities of Maharashtra is not a matter of concern. However, visitors outside Maharashtra who are planning to make a visit to Kolad can travel here by air and railway.

Let’s find some of the convenient modes of commutations that one can avail to reach Kolad:

By Air: The nearest airport is Chatrapati Shivaji International Airport, which is located nearly 125 kms from Kolad. The airport is in good touch with several major parts of the country. Every day, numbers of domestic as well international carriers ply to Mumbai. Once you reach the airport, hire a taxi or take a cab to travel further till your destination.

By Train: The nearest railway station is Kolad railway station, which can be reached quite conviniently from Mumbai. There are various trains to Kolad that run on regular basis from Mumbai’s CST station, Lokmanya Tilak Terminus and Panvel. You can also board a train from Dadar(Central) to Roha. Some of the major trains to reach Kolad are Diva Sawantwadi Passenger, Dadar Ratnagiri Passenger, Rajya Rani Express, Dadar Sawantwadi Special Train etc. Depending on the station you board from, the travel time may vary from 2 hours 20 minutes to 3 hours 50 minutes.

By Road: For Mumbaikars, the most convenient way to reach Kolad is by road. The road journey offers you some pleasing vistas of surrounding landscape on the go. There are several state transport buses that run from Mumbai. Travellers can get in to a bus for Ratnagiri from Mumbai and deboard at Kolad, which is on Mumbai-Goa highway. Buses are available from Borivali  (East), Andheri (East) and Bandra (East). Total travel time by bus is nearly 3 hours.

On the other hand, if you are driving your own car, you may follow two routes to reach Kolad. One route will take you through Vashi-Kalamboli(take right)-Panvel Bypass–Karnala (Pass Karnal Bird Sanctuary -Pen – Vadkhal- Naka(take left) – Nagaothane – Kolad.

Another route will take you through Panvel-Mumbai Pune Express Way-Khapoli Exit (head towards Pen Khapoli Road)-Sharp Right onto Pen-Khapoli Road Turn left towards Khapoli Pali Road (keep driving) – Turn Left on NH66 (Mumbai – Goa Road) – Turn Left for Kolad.

Places to stay:


Resort in Kolad

Being one of the eminent adventure hubs in the state of Maharashtra, the place offers you various comfortable staying options in and around Kolad. The price range in these accommodations may vary depending on the type of amenities and accommodation you avail. Some of the hotels/cottages/resorts/farm houses are listed here for you:


Bhira Fata, Pune Road At Dhagadwadi Post,

Mumbai-Goa Highway, Kolad,

Raigad, Kolad, India 402308


#Kundalika Leisure Retreat

Village Kamath, Off Sh-60,

Near Sutarwadi, Kolad, India 402304


#Kundalika Cottages

Village Kamath, Off Sh-60, Near Sutarwadi,

Kolad, India 402304


#Sai Farms Riverside Holiday

Maharashtra, Kolad, India 402304


The adventure in Kolad will make you visit this destination over and over again. So this weekend give your voyage a magnificent touch of adventure and get soaked amidst the lavish foliage and natural exquisiteness.    

Happy Thrill!!


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