Most Visited Tourist Place: Kolkata

Most visited tourist place in India, Kolkata is a city that truly represents the past, present and future of India. It has been stated as “The city of joy” of West Bengal. It is often known as the cultural capital of India. Most of the reputed and famous personalities hail from Kolkata- RabindraNath Tagore, Ramakrishna (philosopher) and Satyajit Ray (popular film director). Kolkata has a very rich culture and it is an old city of India. In Kolkata, people mostly speak Bengali and English. Kolkata is popular for its cultural dance, music, and art. Some of the dance forms of West Bengal are- Tusu dance, lathi dance, Santhal dance, Chhau dance, Gambhira dance, and Brita dance. Kolkata is famous for its special dishes like -Roshogolla, Kathi roll, Telebhaja, Puchka and many more.

10 Best Places to Visit in Kolkata

1. Belur Math Shrine- It is the best place to visit in Kolkata. Swami Vivekanand was the founder of this Math. It is situated by the Holy river Ganges.

Dakshineshwar Kali Temple

Dakshineshwar Kali Temple

2. Dakshineshwar Kali Temple- This is one of the famous temple in Dakshineshwar near Kolkata. Bhavatarini was the goddess of this temple. The atmosphere of this temple is peaceful and divine. Here tourists can enjoy boat riding too.

3. Howrah Bridge- It is one of the famous landmark of Kolkata. This is the busiest architecture bridge in the world. Below the Howrah station, the automobiles that run are a more suitable path to cross the river with a great view of the bridge.

4. Park Street- It is one of the best and popular places to hangout for local people. Here, you can have great shopping experience and good food too. This place consists of pubs, cafe, discs, restaurants, etc.

5. Victoria Memorial- It is another ‘must visit’ place in Kolkata. Victoria Memorial is situated in the heart of Kolkata. Here, you can have a great experience. This place is has a royal gallery where the oil painting of Queen Victoria is displayed.

6. Marble Palace- This palace was built by Raja Rajendra Mullick. The next generation of Raja still lives in this palace. The palace has a mini zoo too.

Marble Palace

Marble Palace

7. Nicco Park- It is a must visit for couples. It is Kolkata’s best amusement park. This place has many fun rides like- choo choo, water splashers, merry-go-round and roller coaster.

8. Birla Industrial and Technoligical Museum- This museum was set up by Ghanshyam Das Birla. It is the first science museum in India. This place is best for family outing.

9. Kalighat Temple- Religious people must visit this place. This place is said to be the ghat of Maa Kali.

10. New Market- It is the oldest market of Kolkata. It is the busiest and most crowded place in Kolkata. This market consists of many small markets such as- cloth market, jewellery market, meat market and many more.

Hotels in Kolkata:

 5 Star Hotels : Taj-Palace

  • Taj Bengal The Park
  • The Astor
  • ITC Sonar
  • Hyatt Regancy Kolkata
  • Hotel Hindustan International
  • Best Western Premier Vedic
  • Village spa Resort

 4 Star Hotel :

  • Chrome Hotel
  • The Senator Hotel
  • Indismart Hotel
  • The Sonnet
  • The Peerless inn Kolkata

 3 Star Hotel :

  • Astoria Hotel
  • Fairlawn Hotel
  • Hotel Lindsay
  • Hotel Executive Tower
  • Dee Empresa Hotel
  • Hotel Metropolehotel-lindsay
  • Hotel Mangalam
  • Hotel Gulshan International
  • Hotel Rushabh home
  • Park palace

2 Star Hotel :

  •  The Ashoka Hotel
  • Aquatic Palace
  • Hotel Akash Deep
  • Hotel Akash Ganga
  • Hotel Circular
  • Hotel Royal Garden
  • Hotel Camac Plaza
  • Hotel Trimoorti
  • Kings Crown

1 Star Hotel :                                                                    

  •  Hotel Aston
  • Green Inn
  • Executive Point
  • Beehu Hotels Pvt. Ltd.
  • Hotel Majestic
  • Hotel Shalimar

 Budget Hotels :

  • Hotel Manish
  • The New Ashoka Hotel
  • Hotel Airlines
  • Hotel Avenue Club
  • Capital Guest House
  • Hotel Oriental
  • Hotel Paramount
  • Hotel Downtown
  • North star hotel
  • Rituraj Hotel

How to Reach Kolkata

1. By Air

2. By Rail

3. By road

4. By Local Transport

All facilities are easily available to reach Kolkata.

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