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Kutch Rann Utsav, a spectacular traditional carnival in the state of Gujarat


Kutch Rannutsav
Duration 1st Nov’2017 to 20th Feb 2018.

In the Kutch District of Gujarat, India

With full moon winter night in the midst of sandy deserts, the Kutch district in the state of Gujarat offers you a spectacular carnival of music, dance and White Rann; known as the Kutch Rannutsav. This three-month long Kutch festival provides you an extensive opportunity to witness the rich and conventional flavour of Gujarat showcasing an array of arresting crafts, folk music and influx of more than 8,000 footfalls of tourists from all over the sphere.  


In terms of cultural uniformity, the Kutch Rann Utsav is reckoned as one of the finest initiatives by the Tourism Authorities of Gujarat creating an assortment of elegance that reflects the true essence and individuality of the terrain. The carnival has been a unique prospect for the people across the globe who visits Kutch to experience one of the extravagant events on the earth.

For the first timer, here are few pointers that can turn your trip to Kutch more remarkable:


This is the place, the last hamlet in Bhuj that takes you to the venue of the Rann Utsav. The place gets frequented by ample of migratory birds during winters making Dhordo an absolute paradise for birdwatchers. Tourists flock here from all around the world to witness the migratory birds amidst the white sands that fly here from various destinations of the world including Central Asia, Europe and Siberia. One more attraction in Dhordo is the Tent City where you get to witness the festivity of cultural events, music and dance.

Dhordo tent city

# The Kalo Dungar

Located nearly 38Kms away from Kutch, Kalo Dungar is the highest acme in the region. The elevation of the site offers you a perfect vista of the carnival. From here, you get to see numbers of embellished camels accompanied by people wearing colourful turbans. Kalo Dungar is also popular for housing the Dattatreya Temple, which is known for the folklore attached to it.

The Kalo Dungar


Situated adjacent to Kutch, Bhuj is the doorway to Rann Utsav in Gujarat. During festival days, the place gets emerged with full of racial jewelleries, eye-catching handicrafts, colourful attires and scrumptious platters giving you an absolute starter for the Rann Utsav. Besides, Swaminarayan Mandir and Aina Mahal Museum are two other key attractions that you can explore on the way.

Folk music

Being a cultural carnival, people come here to experience the colourful and traditional flavour of Gujarat that gets reflected through various cultural performances, eatables, colourful artworks and much more attractions. If this is your first ever trip to the Kutch Rann Utsav, here’s the itinerary for you to follow:

Day 1: Visit Bhuj and explore the key attractions there including Aina Mahal Museum and the temple. For overnight stay, book any budget resort or homestay.

Day 2: To witness the cultural performances including folk dance and music, visit White Rann. One more attraction here is the village where you can catch a close vista of bell makers and famous potter.

Day 3: Capturing the Rann festival from the highest point is something exhilarating. Kala Dunger offers you that panoramic view of the Kutch Rann Utsav.

Day 4: On your way back, visit Chari-Dhand reserve located in Indian border.

So while attending this famous Kutch Rann Utsav in Gujarat, make sure you don’t afford to skip the following things:

  • Don’t miss the adventure activities amidst the sandy desert including camel cart rides, ATV rides, para motoring etc.
  • Camel beaching in Mandvi
  • Bag full of goodies including exotic handcrafts, Gujarati articles, leather products etc.
  • Hot air balloon ride is something that can’t be missed
  • Go for a solo ride across the desert on a Desert Patrol Vehicle (DPV)
  • Make sure you try some of the luscious platters when in the Rann Utsav

How to go:

Reaching Bhuj is quite convenient from various parts of the country. For air travellers, the nearest airport is Ahmedabad airport, which is well-connected to several destinations in India. From airport, one can hire a car to travel further. On the other hand, for railway commuters, the nearby railhead is Bhuj railway station, which is located within 1Km from the main city. From here, one can easily hire a private vehicle. People who are planning a trip to the carnival by road, there are several regular buses available from many places in and around Gujarat.


During Rann Utsav, Gujarat sees a huge number of footfalls from all over the world. To provide them a wide range of staying options, several hotels, resorts, homestays and family cottages are set up across the state. Some of the popular accommodations in this list include:

  • Gateway to Rann Resort at Dhordo
  • Toran Rann Resort, adjacent to entrance to the salt desert (opposite the army checkpoint)
  • Shaam-e-Sarhad Village Resort in Hodka



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