Mount Abu, the only Hill Station in Rajasthan

The only mount station in Rajasthan, Mount Abu is an oasis amid the landscape of Aravalli Range. Delimited by the lush bush and wobbly plateau, Mount Abu is situated at an elevation of around 4,000 ft. in Sirohi district of Rajasthan. Apart from being an attraction to honeymooners, this hill station is also famed for its spiritual significance of Hindus and Jains. Therefore, you get to see several primeval shrines and temples in Mt Abu.


Located near the border with Gujarat, the town area of Mt Abu amazes the visitors with a blend of flora and fauna that one can hardly expect in a state like Rajasthan, as the place is mostly renowned for its arid desert. Mt. Abu has lot many tourist pulling sites to make your trip more exhilarating and eternal. The place will fascinate you with its regal forts, Wildlife Sanctuary, ancient shrines, tranquil lake, inheritance hotels, bustling market and luscious eateries.

The People of Mount Abu

More than 40% of total the inhabitants in Mount Abu are from Garasias and Bhills communities. These tribes are habituated of following a simple lifestyle by subsisting in small mud huts. Education system is still not penetrated in large extent to these communities of Mount Abu. Therefore, they are mostly involved into agricultural activities for their survival. With their growing ages, the locals of Sirohi district start learning folk dances like Daph, Ghoomar and Gair for their earning. You will find lot of these tribes entertaining the visitors on the street by performing folk dance and songs. Additionally, the inhabitants of Mount Abu also run shops of woollen cloths, colourful artworks, brass jewellery, sandstone souvenirs, kota sarees etc.


The inhabitants of Mount Abu are quite colourful, which reflects in their attires. The men here wear traditional dhoti, kurta and angarkhi. Women on the other hand are fond of wearing colourful ghagra, odni, jhulki etc. You will find most of the women here wearing silver ornaments and having tattoos in their bodies. Being the communities from the state of Rajasthan, finding the people of Mount Abu into traditional Bangles, sandalwood, light weight Jaipury Quilt, Kota Saris and Sanganeri Prints Linen is nothing unexpected. You will also find plenty of stores here exhibiting a blend of Rajasthani paintings, leather articles, metal artefact and many more luring objects.

A part from being one of the most amazing tourist pulling hill stations in Rajasthan, Mount Abu is also known for its summer festival. This is the prime festival here celebrated every year in the month of June. Showcase of traditional folk dances and classical music are the key attractions of Mount Abu’s summer festival. In addition, festivals like camel festival, Holi, Navarati, Diwali and New Year are also celebrated here with equal enthusiasm.

People of Mount Abu mostly speak Rajasthani. Nevertheless, Hindi and English are also well spoken languages here.

A Glimpse of Mount Abu

Country India
State Rajasthan
District Sirohi
Currency Indian Rupee
Weather 23°C to 40°C (Summer), moderate showers (Monsoon), -2°C to 12°C (Winter)
Best Time to Visit September to March
Languages Rajasthani, English, Hindi
PIN 307501
Telephone code +02974

The Best Time to Visit

The only hill station of Rajasthan, Mt. Abu is a place that you can visit round the year. However, the best time to visit here is between September and March. Before monsoon the place gets quite demanding and packed due to which, the prices of hotels and restaurants climbs up to a large extent. In winter on the other hand, you will find the visitors wrapped up in woollen attire as the mercury sometimes curb down to −3 °C. For your convenience, the seasonal climate of Mt. Abu is outlined as follows:

Mount Abu Climate

Summer hits the hill top in the mid of April and it lasts till the mid of June. During summer the average temperature in Mt. Abu is around 36 °C. Therefore, if you have any plan to visit here in summer, do not forget to carry soft cotton wears.

Mount Abu experiences intense rainfall in monsoon, which brings here a sign of relief from acute warmth. Therefore, while visiting Mt. Abu in monsoon it is wiser to carry summer clothing and umbrella to avoid the heavy rains here.

In winter, travellers find this hill top an ultimate site to visit. Nights are quite chilly here in winter with an average temperature around 12 °C or less. Sometimes the temperature falls down to −3 or less here. Therefore, it is advisable to carry adequate winter wears during your stay in Mount Abu to complement an intense frost.

Places to Visit in Mount Abu

Hovering at an elevation of around 4000 ft. Mt. Abu is an idyllic threshold for honeymooners, friends and families. This hill station has lot many sites to attract the travelers from all over the globe. Therefore, visiting the only hill station of Rajasthan is something that you must do at least once in life. Your vacation will remain incomplete unless you explore the following attractions in Mount Abu:

#Dilwara Temples


Having said that Mount Abu is known for its spiritual significance, Dilwara Temples is one such ancient sanctified site that pulls many pilgrims across the country. Situated merely 2.5Kms away from the hill station, the base of Dilwara Temple was structured ages back in the 11th century. This temple is popular for a cluster of five significant temples dedicating to Jain culture. Each temples are named after the location they are situated. The names of these temples are Vimal Vasahi, Luna Vasahi, Pithalhar, Parshvanath and Mahavir Swami.

A blend of dazzling white marble artistry and architectural brilliance of these temples amaze the visitors on the first go. The eye-catching lotus shaped decor on the ceilings and a blend of artistic sculptures depicting the Jain and Hindu mythology will leave you an eternal impact.

#Nakki Lake

Positioned at an altitude of 1200 meters, Nakki Lake is one more tourist puller site in Mount Abu. According to Hindu mythology and local inhabitants, various religious tales are associated with this sacred lake. It is believed that Nakki Lake is the outcome of nail (Nakki) digging shelter by the Gods, which is formed to get rid of Demon Bashkali. Visitors flock this place with friends and family for picnic purpose as well. Some of the nearby trekking spots and boating options will make your visit more exhilarating here. One more infesting fact behind the popularity of this lake is; Mahatma Gandhi’s ashes were immersed here, which further led to construction of Gandhi Ghat.


Availability of some luscious eateries near the lake may add more delight to your visit here. Not only this, a blend of animated fountains and picturesque environment will let you fell an ultimate tranquil at Nakki Lake.

While visiting Nakki Lake, you can also try stepping towards Toad Rock, which is positioned at the south direction of the lake area. As the name suggest, Toad Rock is a giant rock which looks like a toad is about to plunge into the lake water. From the Toad Rock, one can have an wondrous vista of lush environs.

#Wildlife Sanctuary


For many visitors it may sound quite amazing to explore a wildlife sanctuary amid the Aravalli mountain range. With an expanse of around 288 sq Kms sub tropical area, the lush mountain range was declared as a wild life centaury in 1960. You can explore various rare species of flora and fauna in this wild life centaury. This wild life centaury houses around 250 species of birds and various wild animals like lion, leopard, langur, bear, jackal, hyena, wild cat, mongoose, wolf and tiger. Apart from the wide lush bush, this is also a perfect place to visit for nature lovers. Experiencing a dense green sanctuary in the state of a desert is something like icing on the cake.

#Trevor’s Tank


This is a human made crocodile breeding spot, which is also known as Trevor’s crocodile park. Located around 5 Kms away from Mount Abu, Trevor’s Tank or Trevor’s Crocodile Park amaze the visitors with its tranquil environs and greeneries. The moment you access to Trevor’s Tank, you will feel something refreshing and captivating. Getting there with your buddies could be more blissful. The best time to reveal the tranquil beauty of Trevor’s Tank is between November and December. In winter people also visit this location with friends for picnic purpose as well. For a shutterbug, carrying a high resolution camera is a must to capture the black bear and the crocodiles relaxing on the stony shoreline. If you have read the great novel ‘The Lord of the Rings’ by J. R. R. Tolkien, you can relate the picturesque of  Trevor’s Tank to Rivendell.

#Abu Road

Abu Road is the gateway to Mount Abu, which is known for the railway station located here near the Banas River. The startling surroundings of the railway station amaze the travellers to a great extent. The moderate climate of this place allows visitors to enjoy their trip to the fullest. If you are visiting Mount Abu in winter season and you come across Abu Road in the months of November and December, you will feel the actual exquisiteness of this location. Apart from the railway station, you will come to see many temples here with some mesmerising architectural luminosity. Some of the tiny stores in the bustle market area will also draw your attention. If you happen to visit this place, do not forget to try the luscious silky ‘Rabri’, a popular local sweet dish here. In winter, local inhabitants enjoy picnic near the Banas River. Visiting here at the time of mild precipitation is really enjoyable.



This is one more interesting site that you must visit in Mount Abu. Achalgarh is an ancient fort constructed by the Paramara Dynasty sovereigns. Over times in 1452, this fort was reconstructed by the sovereigns of the Mewar Empire. Accordingly, it was named as “Achalgarh’’, which signifies immovable. Tourists find this location quite historic and visit here to explore the relics of this ancient castle. While entering the fort, you will see two engraved towers stand tall to welcome you to this grandiose monument.


One more thing that makes the existence of this ancient fort more popular is its location. Visitors come across the location where an ancient Achaleshwar Mahadeva Temple is also located. According to the religious tales, it is said that this temple have the foot impression of Lord Shiva. You will also get to notice three monuments of buffalos near the pond of the temple. Therefore, plenty of Hindu devotees gather here for religious purposes from time-to-time.

#Guru Shikar


This is the top most peak in Mount Abu. Once you scale the peak, you get an aerial vista of entire region. Guru Shikar is also famed for its Guru Dattatreya temple dedicating ‘Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva’ in one place. This place is worth visiting for pilgrims and nature lovers. Carry adequate foodstuffs while stepping towards Guru Dattatreya temple. However, carrying alcohol is not advisable to this sacred place.


After visiting all these amazing sites in Mount Abu, you can visit Sher E Punjab, which is one of the preferred eateries in this region. Situated in the main market area, Sher E Punjab is quite famous amongst the visitors for its delicious and pocket-friendly eatables. This dhaba has variety of vegetable and non-vegetable cuisines to offer you. Some of the lip-smacking dishes that you must try here are Chicken 65, Dhaba Gosht, butter chicken etc.

Reaching Mount Abu

Being one of the popular holiday destinations in Rajasthan state of western India, reaching Mount Abu from various parts of the country is quite convenient. Depending on your expediency, you can travel here by any of the following means of transport:

By Train: Mt Abu does not have any direct train. The nearest railway station is Abu Road (ABR), which is around 14Kms away from the hill station. You will find various trains that travel till Abu Road from the places like Mumbai, Delhi, Jaipur etc. Some of the trains that you may count on while travelling to Abu Road from various places are Jodhpur Express, Adi Sj Rajdhani, Pune Jodhpur Express, Ashram Express, Aravali Express, Garib Nawaz Express etc. Once you reach Abu Road station, you will get sharing cars, private taxis and state transport to reach Mt Abu.

By Air: The nearest airport to Mount Abu is Udaipur Airport, which is also known as Dabok Airport or Maharana Pratap Airport. The airport is around 185Kms away from Mount Abu. However, for better connectivity, you can also travel till Ahemdabad Airport, which is located around 221Kms away from the hill station. From airport premises you will find many prepaid taxis and cabs to reach your destination.

By Bus: Mount Abu can be reached conveniently by bus through National Highway 14 (NH14), which is merely within 24Kms reach from the place. Many buses you will find to reach Mount Abu that run under RSTC (Rajasthan State Transport Corporation). Additionally, visitors can also go for private deluxe and air-conditioned buses from Abu Road and Jaipur. Regular bus services are also there from the places like Ahmedabad, Udaipur, Vadodara, Surat and Ajmer.


Places to Stay

Every year Mount Abu experiences plenty of footfalls across the sphere. Keeping in mind the mounting visitors throughout the year, various hotels and resorts are established in Mount Abu and its environs. Though, depending on the preferences and amenities you avail the charges of these hotels may differ. Nevertheless, you will find some comfortable staying options here by spending Rs.2, 500 to Rs.4000.


Some of the options are listed here for your convenience:

#Hotel Vinayak, Mt.Abu

Near old check post, Saint Mary’s Road, Mount Abu,

Rajasthan, India 307501

Rs.980 (approximately) Per Room per Night

#Hotel Chanakya

Near Taxi Stand, Opp. Polo Ground, Opp. Polo Ground Mount Abu,

Rajasthan, India 307501

Charges: Rs.2, 569 (approximately) Per Room per Night

#Achal Resort By Ashoka

Achal Garh, Opp. Achal Garh Temple,

Rajasthan, India 307501

Charges: Rs.2, 580 (approximately) Per Room per Night

#Hotel Royal Heritage

Near Arbud School, Aburoad (29 kms before Mount Abu.),

Rajasthan, India 307026

Charges: Rs.1, 900 (approximately) Per Room per Night

#Humming Bird Resort

Near Achalgarh Temple, Mount Abu,

Rajasthan, India 307501

Charges: Rs.5, 000 (approximately) Per Room per Night

So get ready to explore the sole altitude in the land of desert.

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