Nubra Valley in Ladakh

Nubra Valley – Explore and Enjoy

Nubra Valley is also famously known as the valley of flowers. Full of snowy mountains, gorges and deep valleys, there is no such thing as warm in Nubra valley. Temperatures reach as low as -40 degrees Celsius and -4 degrees in the warmer months.

If you are looking to take a trip to Nubra Valley, July-September is the best time to go. People in Nubra Valley speak Ladakhi, Baltistani and some speak Hindi and English too. Nubra Valley is famous for its Bactrian two humped camels.

Accommodation in Nubra Valley is limited as the place has never been a very well known place for tourism.


Nubra Organic Retreat, Hunder is one of the few selected places to stay that is well reviewed. Meals served here are prepared by vegetables and grains grown there itself. A major attraction at this organic retreat is the stream that flows through the centre of the retreat and if you like a view of amazing looking fruit trees and the best mother nature can give you, here is definitely where you want to be.

The Maha Guesthouse in Turtuk is a great place to stay. Rated 5 star, this guesthouse offers beautiful landscapes and fast service by kind and well mannered people. Maha guesthouse is one of the only accommodations in Nubra Valley with a bathroom in each room. Maha guesthouse has a very lively fresh décor and will definitely amaze you with its beautiful surroundings.

The Grand Dragon, Ladakh is another place recommended for stay. People who have previously stayed there always want to go back. The staff here is warm and welcoming. The hotel is well equipped with basic amenities and has an excellent view from each room.

Historical attractions and accommodation is not all the information you need to know to have a good time in Nubra Valley. You can also indulge in a relaxing swim in the heavenly hot sulphur springs in panamik. Do not forget to watch the amazing waterfalls while you relax in the dug out stone spas.

Make sure to take an adventurous tour of the valley on the famous Bactrian two humped camels. Visit famous sites and also know all about the cultural history of the place.

two humped camel rideIf you are someone who loves siteseeing, the Shyok river basin is a must visit. Its beautiful natural blue waters amongst the forestry of the valley will not cease to amaze you.

If you like indulging in shopping and learning culture, Diskit village is for you. You can visit the 350-year old monastery, the stamstanling Gomba and buy a few souvenirs of carved animals from this small town.

A must try in Nubra Valley is their chang, an ale that the place is famous for and their butter tea.

Nubra valley is definitely a rare and special place to see, full of natural wonders of the world that provide you with a breathtaking and memorable experience.

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