Why Indian Americans adore Narendra Modi

One of their Own. Why Indian Americans Adore Narendra Modi?

Prime Minister Narendra Modi spoke to a sold out Madison Square Garden avenue while visiting US this week. While he stressed on the achievements of the Indian American Community in a foreign land, most of them found resonance with his speech as they were celebrating their own success. As an ethnic and immigrant group, Indian-Americans are highly educated and amongst the best paid groups in United States.

Most of them earn close to $90,000 a year each. This is far above the U.S. average income of around $50,000. Indian American migrants are also likely to have a college degree when compared to other migrant groups and Asian immigrants.

The resounding welcome for Prime Minister Narendra Modi by the Indian Americans shows that they have at last found an Indian leader who they believe reflects their own success and hard work.

Most of them have made a name for themselves and are working as professors, doctors, journalists, politicians and actors. Indian Americans are successful spelling bee champions and last year Nina Davuluri, an Indian American was crowned Miss America.

A growing number of Prime Minister Narendra Modi supporters see him as an inspirational leader who has the vision to make India a country of their dreams.This is particularly important because most of these people left their motherland in search of better opportunities and a better livelihood.

PM Narendra Modi addressed the audience in India’s native language, Hindi. Even though many people could not follow his speech, the crowd  was filled with hope and optimism.

The crowds chanted ‘Modi, Modi, Modi’ and the audience was in splits when he said our country is a not a land of snake charmers, but a land of mouse charmers.

Vivek Ranadive, owner of the Sacramento Kings and Chief Executive of Tibco Software who attended the MSG event, said, “I am a boy from Bombay. I see the prime minister as the first prime minister of 21st century. Indians have been so successful in the U.S. Why can’t Indians in India do that?”

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