Patnitop, a popular hill station in Jammu and Kashmir

With its stand tall existence and picturesque environs, Patnitop is one of the striking hill stations in Udhampur district of Jammu and Kashmir. Situated at an elevation of around 2,024m, the river Chenab flows very close to this soothing hill station. Patnitop is located around 112kms away from Jammu near the National Highway 1A, which is on the way to Srinagar from Udhampur. Numerous meadows and frigid peaks of the Himalayas have turned this hill station to an exciting tourist puller site in the Udhampur district.


Patnitop is originated from Patan Da Talab, which signifies “Pond of the Princess”. The place is best known for its adjoining galore of sceneries. During frigid winter, Patnitop is accessorized with several enthralling activities like skiing, trekking and water springs. Within mere reach of 17kms, tourists also rush to Sanasar, which is quite popular for sightseeing, golf course and paragliding.

Seasonal Climatic of Patnitop


Summer: The panoramic view of Patnitop can best be revealed in the initial phase of summer when the maximum temperature is around 40°C and at night the temperature curbs down to 5°C. Scarce of snowfall during summer makes this place quite attractive to the visitors, as they can visit number of eye-catching sites that time.

Monsoon: The monsoon hits this hill station in the month of July and it lasts till September when the temperature here is quite comfy and moderate.

Winter: The picturesque view of this hill station touches an amiable peak when the temperature comes down to -14°C and the maximum temperature lies somewhere between 10°C to 20°C. The best time to explore a frosty winter in Patnitop is from December to February. Tourists flock here during winter to experience some audacious skiing and trekking activities.

Best time to visit Patnitop

Patnitop is an all time tourist destination. The most comfortable and amiable time to visit here is either in summer (May to June) or in autumn (September to October). If you have zeal to scale the snow capped mountains, winter is the best time to visit here.

The culture and people of Patnitop

Patnitop is located in the Udhampur district, and the region is influenced by the Dogra and Pahari culture. The people of Patnitop speak Dogra language. However, some other commonly spoken languages here include Hindi, Urdu and Kashmiri. The local inhabitants of Udhampur district follow an integrated culture and festival of Jammu region, where ample of Hindu festivals are celebrated from time-to-time. Patnitop is culturally an integrated region where the festivals like Id-ul-Fitr, Id-ul-zuha, Guru Govind Singh’s b’day and sacred Navratras are celebrated with equal enthusiasm. Amongst many other remarkable festivals, two prominent festivals of Patnitop are Naag Panchami and Lohri. During these festivals the young populace of Patnitop visit their elders and offer respect to them. They further move towards the town area to rejoice the festival mood.


The people of Patnitop are quite foodie and they love to have various food items during the festival time. Some of the renowned food items here are Chatni of Pudina, Chatni of Anardana and desi Ghee with Rajmash Chawal. If you are a sweet lover, you can try some of the luscious sweets like Khoya and Jlabis. Eatables like Klari or Klari kulcha also come under the special food items here.

Tourist Pullers around Patnitop:

In winter, Patnitop gets covered with dense snow inviting the tourists to involve into trekking and various snow games. Encircled with thick bush and captivated landscape of mountains, Patnitop has affluence of tourist pulling sites. Here come some of the nearby attractions in Patnitop that you must visit during your voyage.

The Naag (cobra) Temple


Located at the peak of the hill in Mantalai, Naag temple is famed as one of the oldest temples in Patnitop. It is said that the existence of this temple is more than 600 years, which is quite old. The Naag temple was built of wood and it is surrounded by lush green sceneries. The temple witnesses plenty of footfalls on the auspicious eve of Naag Panchami every year. Devotees rush this temple to offer their respect and worship the King Cobra.

Kud Park


Located around 32kms away from Udhampur district, Kud Park lies on the Udhampur Srinagar Highway. This park is an amazing tourist spot and situated in the lower part of the Himalayan range. In winter, you will find many local inhabitants gather this beautiful park for picnic purpose. In addition, the park also amazes the visitors with its eye-catching flowers. Kud Park is also known for ‘Patisa’, which is a special local sweet.

Shiva Garh


Located around 11kms away from the hill station Patnitop, Shiva Garh is one more tourist pulling site here. The roadway to this temple is bit long and narrow. This temple is located around 3,500 meters height. Visitors gather here to see the ruins of this old temple. The best time to visit this site is between July to August when the crowd is comparatively less.

Tips: No eateries are there on the way to Shiva Garh, so it is advisable to carry adequate food stuffs.


It is another significant place to visit near Patnitop. Visitors come here to witness the peak of holy Kailash Parvat. This location is considered as one of the most sacred places in Patnitop. People believe that the goddess Parvati visit this location everyday to take bath. As per local inhabitants, taking a dip into the holy water of Gaurikund washes away all their sins and bad fortune.



Located merely 5kms trekking distance from Patnitop, Madhatop is a fabulous spot for adventure lovers. The site caters you a wide space for skiing and fresh water springs. From the peak you can have a breath-taking vista of Kashmir valley below, which will cater you an opportunity to showcase your photographic proficiency. Every year Jammu And Kashmir Tourism caters proper skiing equipments and instructors for the convenience of the tourist. Visitors can enjoy the skiing activity here till the month of April. Visiting Madhatop during winter is like icing on the cake. Winter will rejuvenate your mind and ease your strain to a great extent. The bountiful natural exquisiteness of Madhatop will amaze your presence manifold. The best part of this place can be revealed when you scale around 2024m height to feel the fresh white glacial.



Nathatop is one of the most preferred tourist pulling sites near Patnitop. Located around 14km away from Patnitop, tourists come here to view the mountains that are coated with fresh white snow. In winter, Nathatop turns to a happening designation for the adventure seekers. Several enthralling snow activities are practiced that time. Paragliding and snow skiing are two such preferred activities mostly enjoyed by the visitors. Nathatop caters them an amazing way to explore their daring persona who visit here with no prior skiing experience.

Sudh Mahadev

trident-of-lord-shiva-in-sudh-mahadevLocated around 120kms away from Jammu, Sudh Mahadev is one of the prehistoric temples within a short reach of Patnitop. It is believed that the temple is around 2800 years old, which was built on a spot where one of the Shiva devotees was killed accidentally by his trident. This trident of lord Shiva is one of the most striking parts of this temple, which is called as ‘Gaja’ by the local inhabitants. According to the mythological tales, lord Shiva was busy projecting his cohort Parvati when his trident (Trishul) killed his devotee inadvertently. With this belief, ample of devotees flock this place on regular basis. You will find various Langars on the way to this temple where free foods are catered to the devotees. Few small shops are also built near the temple area from where you can purchase various eatables and essential things for worship purpose.

Note:  Photography is rigidly prohibited in the temple premises.

Getting there

The picturesque vista of Patnitop and its nearby locations satiate the daring desire of the visitors through the year. Be it the attraction of sightseeing or adventitious activities, Patnitop has a galore of breath-taking peak surrounded by beautiful sceneries and lush meadows. However, the question still remains how to reach Patnitop?


Getting there is not a big constraint for the visitors. The travel and tourism sector of Patnitop makes most of its transport facilities that can best be availed in any of the following modes of transport:

By Road: Patnitop is well-connected to its nearby locations like Srinagar and Jammu by bus. Plenty of private bus services are there that will reach you to Patnitop quite conveniently. Visiting Patnitop by road is quite comfortable and economic. Though, some of the short distances can be reached by walk. However, in order to travel the long distances, you will find pony or you can hire a taxi at reasonable fare.

If you are travelling via Highway 1 to Patnitop, it will take around 3 hours to reach there from Jammu and the distance between these two places is around 110kms. Patnitop buses can also be availed from some of the major cities like Ahmedabad, Amritsar, Ghaziabad, Gurgaon, Ludhiana and Noida.

By Train: The nearest railway station is Jammu, which is merely 61 kms away from Patnitop. If you are travelling by train, deboard at Jammu Railway Station. From there you will get number of inter-city cabs that will take you to Patnitop. Some of the preferred trains to reach Jammu are:

  • Jammu Rajdhani
  • Dee Jat Duronto
  • Uttar S Kranti
  • Jammu Tawi Express
  • Amarnath Express
  • Lohit Express

By Air: Like any direct railway station, Patnitop des not have any direct Airport access as well. Hence, the best way to commute here by air is to travel till Jammu Airport followed by Srinagar Airport within 123kms away from Patnitop. From Jammu Airport, number of direct bus and taxi is there to reach Patnitop.

Places to stay

Keeping in mind the numbers of visitors, hotels in Patnitop have lot many things to offer for everybody. Over the periods, many hotels and resorts are established in Patnitop and its nearby areas, which aim to cater all the amenities of visitors. You will find most of the hotels here that will organise trekking, skiing, biking and paragliding for you at affordable prices. Quality service, food and maintenance of these hotels will certainly make your stay in Patnitop quite pleasant and memorable.


Here are few recommendations for you:

1. Hotel Samson

Padora Enclave, Near Naag Temple, Patnitop,

Jammu and Kashmir, India 182142

Distance: 0.00Km from Naag temple

Charges: Rs.3,250 Per Room Per Night

2. Vardaan Resorts

Vardaan Resort Patnitop Entry from Kassal Ghoom,

Padora Enclave Patnitop, Jammu and Kashmir,

India 182142

Distance: 1.26Km from Naag temple

Charges: Rs. 2,449 Per Room Per Night

3. Hotel Subash Palace

National Highway, near taxi stand Patnitop.,

Jammu and Kashmir, India 182142

Distance: 0.97Km from Madhatop

Charges: Rs.2,490 Per Room Per Night

4. Hotel Patnitop Heights

Near Nag Temple,Padora Enclave,

Jammu and Kashmir,

India 182142

Distance: 1.54Km from Madhatop

Charges: Rs.2,456 Per Room Per Night

5. Hotel Mount Shivalik

National Highway 1A, Patnitop ,

Jammu and Kashmir, India 182142

Distance: 3.28Km from Kud

Charges: Rs.1,100 Per Room Per Night

6. Hotel Natraj International

Naag Temple, Patnitop, Jammu and Kashmir,

India 180001

Distance: 1.46Km from Shiva Garh

Charges: Rs.3,300 Per Room Per Night

7. Greentop

Hotel Green Top, Padora Enclave,

Patnitop J&K-18242 ,

Jammu and Kashmir, India 182142

Charges: Rs.2,500 Per Room Per Night

Note: The cited charges may vary.

While returning from Patnitop, you can also visit some other locations in close proximity like Jammu, Srinagar, Pathankot and Katra. So this winter take your family to one of the frosty peaks located in the Shiwalik belt of the Himalayas.

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