Pithoragarh – Unique Place to Tour this Season

Pithoragarh is an indisputable beautiful place to visit. This place not only offers beautiful scenery, but also offers adventure and holiness. This place shares boundaries with China and Nepal. Therefore, from this place one can easily view some of the great peaks of Himalayan range such as Nanda Devi, Nandakot, Trishul and Panchachuli. To access this place you can either use bus or taxi from New Delhi which are affordable.

Why should you visit Pithoragarh?

This place is amazing and unique in its own way. This place combines every aspect that is unique and special about life. The ancient temples give you something to learn about the religion of Indian people. Other attractions include viewing of Himalayan ranges at a higher point, thus, making it even clearer. One can also find diverse wild animal species and caves. There is a lot that will interest you about Pithoragarh.

Amazing Places to Visit


Located about 77 km from Pithoragarh, it hosts both rich culture associated with ancient myths and Mahakali temple dedicated to Lord Shiva. During Navaratri festival, sacrifices are offered. In addition to this, you will enjoy shopping for the items sold in the temples. You can also purchase items from Nepal. You can also visit Kalika and Hatkalika fair at the temples.


Dhwaj Temple

This is also known as the holy shrine. Both Maa Jayanti and Lord Shiva are worshiped hear. This temple is about 10 km by road from Pithoragarh or if you are hiking, you can use a 4 km route. From here, you can also enjoy viewing the great Himalayan ranges very clearly.

Askot Sanctuary

Here, you will get a chance to view wide species of fauna and flora including musk bears, black bears, snow cocks, chirs, bharals, koklas, snow leopards, chukors and many others. If you are interested in the designs of Indian temples, here you will get a chance to view and visit a lot of temples. You can take a warm bath of hot spring flow from Kalapani which is believed to have medicinal properties. In addition, there are caves like vyas which have history that will surprise you.

Nayaram Ashram

Located about 136 km from Pithoragarh, it is about 2700 meters above sea level. Here, you will get a chance to interact with young people as it houses a complex consisting of school, training centre, a meditation hall, library and Samadhi Sthal.

Nayaram ashram

Other places that will amaze you with uniqueness and beauty include Nakuleshwara, Kapilaswar cave, Thal Kedar, Arjuneswar temple, Munshyari, Nagmadir of Berinag and many others.

Shopping in Pithoragarh

Do you love uniquely designed and traditional items? Then you have found a place to get those items. Here, you will be able to shop for traditional and well designed woolen blankets and shawls. In addition, you can get traditionally made gems and jewels. You will enjoy horticultural products such us oranges, malta, cucumber and water melon. Some of the best shopping centers in include:

· Simalgair

· Naya bazar

· Dharamshala

· Siltham

· Cinema line

· Purana bazar

If you are looking for a place that will always remain memorable to you, Pithoragarh is that place. This place not only attracts you to beautiful sites, but also gives you something to learn. Pithoragarh will transform your trip to something unique and special. If you are looking for an affordable, unique and historical place to visit this season, try Pithoragarh and you will enjoy and appreciate what this place offers.

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