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Places to see in Haflong, North Cachar Hills

Nestled nearly 96Kms away from the City of Joy, Silchar, Haflong is the sole hill station of the state, which is more popular as ‘White Ant Hillock’. Being one of the eminent hill stations of Indian state of Assam, headquartered in North Cachar Hills (NC Hills) District, the scenic beauty of this small district is blessed with enticing natural splendour. Surrounded by animated water streams and vibrant greenery, the structural existence of Haflong reflects the British colonial past to a great extent. The rich greenery of this beautiful hill station houses galore of horticultural produces like oranges and pineapples. Besides witnessing the natural grandeur of Haflong, some of the adjoining attractions of the district are Borail Range, Jatinga, Orchid Garden and Maibong.

Lush Bush in Haflong

The populace of the region belong to various tribes and races, where majority of the inhabitants here are Dimasas, and they commonly speak  Dimasa, Bengali, Assamese and Kachari languages. People here are quite generous by nature and they are mostly involved in government profession, trading and cultivation. A blend of people from the Indo-Burmese, Aryan, Monogoloid and Indo-Iranian social backgrounds made Haflong a culturally knitted district in the north-east state of Assam.

Weather of Haflong and the best time to get there:


Summer hits the small hillock of Haflong in the month of April and lasts here till June. With  24°C to 30°C temperature, summers make the overall climate here quite scorching and moist. However, gentle breeze after the dusk curbs down the temperature here to a soothing extent. After summer, monsoon enters the region in June and stays here till September. Visiting Haflong during monsoon may offer you some spectacular vistas of drizzled greenery around the hill station. Intense rainfall makes the entire region appear more beautiful in monsoon. After monsoon, winter blankets the land of Haflong in October, which lasts here till February. Winter is undoubtedly one of the best seasons to be here for travellers.  With pleasantly cool temperature of 9°C or less, Haflong Hill turns to be an apt for sightseeing.

Natural beauty of Haflong

Considering the depicted seasonal cycle of Haflong Hill, the place is best enjoyed from March to October. This is the time when many tourists and adventure enthusiasts flock here for taking part into various trekking and hiking activities.

Places to see in Haflong:


The extremely beautiful hill station of Haflong allures plenty of travellers here to witness its vibrant mountains and green valleys. So when in Haflong, make sure to visit the following places without a miss:

#Haflong Hill

Haflong Hill

Up in the rugged topography, Haflong hill is one of the prime attractions for visitors. The tall stand green knoll of NC Hills is an absolute delight for trekking and hiking. Plenty of adventure buffs come here to scale the stiff mountain of Haflong hill. Breathtaking lush bush and scenic view of the adjacent mountains leaves you completely spellbound. If you are a nature admirer and have passion for photography, the surrounding of Haflong hill is going to delight your presence manifold. Besides, a stroll around the soothing nature is always captivating here in Haflong hill. During winter, misty mountains and glimpse of blazing sun amidst the cloud make you witness the best of Haflong. Don’t forget to bag your woollen wears if you make it to Haflong Hill in winter.

#Haflong Lake

Haflong Lake

Are you looking for an oasis of serenity in the midst of picturesque knolls? Do pay a visit to Haflong Lake. This site is frequented by plenty of visitors footfalls all round the calendar. Sprawled in a close proximity of the hill station, Haflong Lake is idyllic for boating and sightseeing. Considering the growing attractions of this site, the state government has undertaken various imperative projects to preserve and augment the natural splendour of the lake. Reflection of green surroundings crossing amidst animated lake water makes the overall beauty more enticing here. This site is an absolute delight for short time-off with your family. 


1stone house in Maibong

If you drive around 47Kms from Haflong, you get to explore one more arresting sites around NC Hills, which is Maibong. Once used to be the ancient capital of the 17th century Dimasa Kachari Kingdom, you can still observe some of the relics of one stone house around Maibong. Apart from its historic eminence, Maibong is evenly popular for boasting the colossal Ramchandi temple. This temple was built way back in the 12th century where the Kachari kings used to do their prayers and other rituals. Today, plenty of visitors flock here to witness the remnants of this famous Ramchandi temple. Maibong is also popular as the Ek Patthar Ghar.


Jatinga Suicide Spot

Located nearly 9Kms away from Haflong, Jatinga is eminent as The Valley of Death for Birds, where thousands of migratory birds fly from various parts of the country from August to November. Many researchers and scholars are still in quest to fetch a rational reason behind the bird suicides here in Jatinga. According to many, birds are killed here by bamboo poles. While some are in the opinion that migrated birds get attracted to the electric sources that cost their lives. On the other hand, some believe that bird fly here from far-flung areas to commit suicide. Whatever the reason behind the death of so many migratory birds is, tourists still find Jatinga an interesting site for exploration. Some of the migratory birds that you can notice here include tiger bittern, Indian pitta, little egret and kingfishers. Apart from being a mysterious death destination for birds, Jatinga is equally popular for hosting orange orchids as well.


Located in 112Kms distance from Haflong, Umrangshu is one of the leading destinations for visitors. The mesmerising beauty of Umrangshu hardly takes a moment to win your heart. The surrounding of this tiny mountainous region is well-blessed with natural abundance. There is another fabulous attraction located close to Umrangshu is Garampani, which is known for hosting hot spring with medicinal value. A blend of tranquil ambience and breathtaking vista make you visit this place time and again.


Apart from the cited destinations, you may also travel one more nearby location here called Kopili River, which is quite famous for thrilling waterfall and Panimoor rocks.

How to reach Haflong:


Haflong can be accessed through various means of transport like airplane, train and by road. Here’s how one can reach Haflong:

By Air: The nearest airport is situated at Kumbhirgram, Silchar, which has good air connectivity with the places like Kolkata, Delhi, Guwahati, Shillong, Tezpur and Jorhart. From Silchar airport one can hire a taxi or travel by train to reach Haflong.

By Train: Probably the best enjoyable journey to reach Haflong is by train. Execution of broad gauge trains in Silchar has connected Haflong to its various nearby cities like Silchar, Lumding, Agartala and Guwahati. Three important trains to reach Haflong are Porvotr S Krnti, SCL-GHY Pass, and Kanchanjunga Express. Travel time between Silchar to Haflong by train is around 6 hours. The scenic beauty on the go is truly amazing.

By Train to Haflong

By Road: From the places like Silchar and Shilling, Haflong can also be reached by road. There are various government and private transportation from Silchar that may reach you Haflong in 7 hours time approximately. On the other, from Shillong the distance by road is 6-7 hours. One may also cover the distance quite conveniently via NH627, NH37, NH54 and NH626 routes.

Places to stay:


Availability of various decent and comfortable staying options is another reason why tourists love to visit this place again and again. By spending an amount of INR 550 to INR 2500, one can easily avail some comfy accommodations/hotels/lodges in and around Haflong.

Landmark Hotel in Haflong

For your convenience, some of the suitable accommodations are listed as follows:

#The Landmark Hotel

Member’s Council Hostel Road,

Haflong, Assam 788819


#Hotel Elite

Dibarai, Haflong, Assam 788819


#Nathao Lodge

Dibarai, Haflong, Assam 788819


#Haflong Hotel

Hagjer Nagar, Haflong, Assam 788819


#Tourist Lodge

Halflong East, Haflong, Assam 788819


So get ready to explore the beautiful hill station of North-East Indian states of Assam.  Let natural abundance and serenity make your time-off completely enchanting and noteworthy.

Happy Travelling!!


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