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In a city like Bangalore, multi-storeyed buildings and life full of activities always remind us for a revitalizing break or a quick weekend getaway. While living our hectic lifestyle, we keep performing our professional as well as personal obligations. Though, in the long run such hectic work schedules help us in building a better career, but the paradox is that we become more exhausted delivering the best out of us.

Going with such monotonous way of life, we desperately deserve a tranquil time off, which work as an absolute booster for us. And after spending a strenuous week, nothing could be a better booster than touring a soothing hill station near us. On that note, this post is going to drive you through a serene hill station called Yelagiri, which is located near Bangalore.

An Overview:

Nestled around 160 Km from Bangalore and in the Vellore district of Tamil Nadu, Yelagiri Hills brings you a destination where you can conceal all your worries and wearies at one go. Positioned amidst the foothills of the Eastern Ghats, the beautiful and serene Yelagiri hill station is idyllic for a unwind weekend near Bangalore. Apart from its natural splendour, the hill station is an absolute paradise for trekkers and hikers. People do flock here from the bustling city of Bangalore for picnic purpose as well.

If you plunge back to the history of Yelagiri, the terrain of this beautiful hill was under the possession of Elagiri Zamindar Family. Moving ahead in 1950s, the place was taken over by Indian Government with an objective to transform this untouched mountain into a tourist destination. Over the phase of time, the picturesque vicinity of Yelagiri has gained the attention of various tourists from its adjoining locations like Bangalore and Chennai. Today, Yelagiri Hills has become one of the preferred weekend destinations near Bangalore, which is not only visited by adventure freaks, but also by various nature lovers.

yelagiri summer festival

Yelagiri Summer Festival

Getting into the culture and lifestyle of local inhabitants, the people here are predominantly from Malayali and Vellala caunter group. In addition, one more group of tribes called Irular can also be spotted here in Yelagiri Hills. The people of Yelagiri are religious by nature and are worshiper of Lord Shiva and Parvati, which indicates the presence of Hindu religion. Being situated in the Vellore district of Tamil Nadu, the official language here is Tamil. Another important info about the local people here is that they are mostly involved into cultivation. Every year in the month of May, the inhabitants of Yelagiri celebrate their popular Yelagiri Summer festival with great interest.

Seasonal Climate:

Being situated at an elevation of more than 1000 metres above mean sea level, you can experience a moderate climate here throughout the calendar. Summers (March-June) are not that hot and humid in Yelagiri. You can feel up to 35°C temperature during summer with gentle breeze. After summer, monsoon hits the hill station in the month of July and it lasts there till September. Monsoon makes the ambience atop hill more charming and tranquil. Yelagiri witnesses the winter in the month of November, which continues till February. During winter you can feel here a pleasant temperate that ranges from 13°C and 25°C. The depicted seasonal climate makes it clear that Yelagiri Hill is an all season place for visitors.

Places to See in Yelagiri Hills:

Let’s explore some of popular attractions of Yelagiri Hills.

#Nature Park

Nature Park in Yelagiri Hills

Covered with an area of 12 acres near Punganoor Lake, Nature Park is a wonderful weekend destination near Bangalore. This park is designed keeping in mind the basic amusement for all ages of people. Some of the key attractions of Nature Park are colourful musical fountain, artificial waterfall, fish aquarium, seasonal garden and greenhouse. If you are in Nature Park with your family, there is a children’s park that will keep your kid engaged into lot of fun. People from Bangalore often chalk out this alluring park while touring Yelagiri Hills during weekends.

#Punganoor Lake and Park

Punganoor Lake in Yelagiri Hills

Nestled near the Nature Park on the verge of Punganoor Lake, this is a spectacular destination that you must explore in Yelagiri Hills. Punganoor Lake is known as the most dynamic artificial lake in Tamil Nadu. There is also a lush park, which is named after the lake and it is a great place for kids and short walk. In addition, you can also spend some time near the stirring fountain over there. Please note that entering the park includes certain charges. A blend of luxuriant green lawn and tranquil ambience amidst the lake will make your weekend more happening and remarkable in Yelagiri Hills. You can also take pleasure of boating in Punganoor Lake. However, visitors are not allowed to do picnic in the park area.

There is one more manmade lake called Nilavoor Lake that also you can visit in Yelagiri.

#Jalagamparai Falls

Jalagamparai Falls in Yelagiri Hills

Located around 37 Km from Yelagiri, Jalagamparai waterfalls is a great place to stop by. Flowing from an elevation of around 15 meters through different herbal flora in the hills, Jalagamparai waterfall is quite popular as lover’s spot. The best time to reveal this energetic waterfall is during November to February. However, during hot summer you can’t have a charming view of the waterfall as it gets dried that time. People cross 5-6 km trekking route to come here and take a bath in this waterfall. Though, trekking is quite challenging there due to steep and slippery route. This is why you will find various local guides here to help you while trekking this route. You can also reach here through motorable road. Once you reach, Jalagamparai waterfall gives you an amazing view of surrounding valley. Local people flock here for picnicking as well. If you step into the Jalagamparai Falls, don’t miss its nearby attraction Murugan Temple.

#Murugan Temple

Murugan Temple in Yelagiri Hills

Situated close to Jalagamparai Falls, Murugan Temple is a religious site for local inhabitants. This temple was built in reverence of Hindu deity of war Murugan. The holy shrine is structured in the shape of Shiva’s Lingam. There is also a beautiful lawn near the temple from where you can have a picturesque vista of mountainous environs. People of Yelagiri Hills and Tamil Nadu have great admiration for Lord Murugan and they visit here frequently.

# Swamimalai Hil

Swamimalai Hill

One of the highest mountainous peaks that you can explore in Yelagiri is Swamimalai Hill. It requires around 2.3 Km trekking to reach the highest point of Swamimalai hill. Once you reach the pinnacle point you can have a magnificent panorama of its surrounding vicinity. What allures most of the visitors here is the shape of Swamimalai Hill, which appears like a cake. Apart from its wonderful landscape, Swamimalai hill is an absolute delight for trekkers and adventure freaks.

#Velavan Temple

One more holy shrine that was built in Yelagiri in remembrance of Lord Murugan is Velavan Temple. Constructed times back in 1964, Velavan Temple hosts a giant statue of Gadothgajan at the entrance. Inside the temple idols of Lord Murugan and Ganesha can also be spotted. The best time to visit Velavan Temple is from July to August when the annual festival of this temple is celebrated with great enthusiasm. Several Tamil devotees flock this temple that time seeking the blessings of Lord Murugan. The internal decor of the temple is quite appealing to its visitors. One you reach the temple complex, it offers you a pleasing vista of neighbouring green valley.

Velavan Temple in Yelagiri Hills

Statue of Gadothgajan

Apart from its wonderful sightseeing options, Yelagiri Hills also cater some exciting outdoor activities for adventure lovers. In this context, several adventure camps are also organised these days by Tamil Nadu government. Trekking, paragliding, mountain climbing and hiking are some of the rousing activities that can add more spices to your weekend trip here.

Getting There:

Since the distance from Bangalore is nearly 160 Kms, so reaching Yelagiri Hills is not a matter of constraint for travellers.

reaching Yelagiri Hills

You can conveniently reach your weekend getaway through any of the following means of transport:

By Air: Though there is no separate airport in Yelagiri, yet air travellers can fly till Bangalore airport, which is located around 155 Km from Yelagiri. Another option is Chennai airport. Once you reach airport, you can hire a cab or get into a bus that travels further till Yelagiri.

By Train: Yelagiri is equally connected to its nearby locations by train. The nearest railhead is Jolarpettai Railway Station, which is situated around 21Km from Yelagiri. From railway station you can hire a cab or a taxi, which will reach you there in half an hour time. From Bangalore, the travel time by train till Jolarpettai Railway Station is nearly 3 hours. Some of the important trains on this route are Seshadri Expres, Tirupati Passr, Chennai Express and Kaveri Express.

By Road: Probably the most convenient ways to reach Yelagiri Hills from Bangalore is by road. There are various buses under KSRTC that travel till Yelagiri. In addition, you can also hire a cab or a taxi till Vellore and travel further. Total travel time by road from Bangalore is nearly 3 hours 25 minutes. This route will take you via NH 48.

Route Map

Note: In order to keep a tab on the route map please click here. Also, be informed that total travel time may differ depending on the time of travel, mode of transport, route and the traffic.

Places to Stay:

Apart from its soothing climate and beautiful sites, comfortable accommodation is one more reason why frequent footfalls are spotted in Yelagiri Hills. By spending an amount of INR750-INR 1700, one can avail a comfy staying option in Yelagiri.

Yelagiri Hotel

Here are few hotels that you can refer while holidaying in your weekend destination:

#Hotel Golden Nest

Athanavur Village, Yelagiri Hills, Tirupattur Taluk,

Yelagiri, India 635853

#Hotel Hill Breeze

Athanvur Village,Kottur Road Bsnl Tower (Near),

Tirupattur Taluk, Yelagiri, India 635853

#Hotel Aruvi

No. 100, White Gate, Athanavoor

Yelagiri, India 635240

#Hotel Ashoka

#3-92, Athanavoorbus Stop

Yelagiri, India 635853

Let this weekend add a blend of vigour, bloom and delight to your life before you get back to your hectic work schedules right after this trip.

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