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Sri Kailasanathar Temple, Tharamangalam

A Siva temple, perhaps the most beautiful of its kind in Salem District. Parts of it existed as early as the tenth century: as it stands now, it is the product of the Gatti Mudhali dynasty of the seventeenth century. Reconstruction and elaboration of the old temple was begun by Mummudi, continued by Siyazhi, and was brought near completion by Vanangamudi.

This west facing temple is enclosed by a massive stone wall measuring 306′ by 164′ reportedly built in the thirteenth century. The main entrance tower (5 storeys 90′ high) is conceived as a chariot on wheels, drawn by elephants and horses. The huge entrance doors, made of vengai (pterocarpus marsupium) wood, are studied with untrusting iron knobs each of a different pattern. Their panels are decorated with wooden carvings depicting incarnations of Vishnu.

Salem Kailasanathar Temple

Salem Kailasanathar Temple

Every year on February 21, and the consequent 3 days, a great solar and architectural wonder can be seen in the temple. During sunset, the rays of the sun travel down through the front Gopura at the temple’s entrance gate and through a small hole in the end, travels across the front plane to fall directly onto the statue of Siva. The movement of the sun beam can be witnessed as it progresses across the front of the temple, making the ling-am appear to glow.

Several gigantic monolithic pillars of pink granite carved, polished, and ready for erection in the proposed Thousand Pillar Hall lie outside the temple. More are said to be under the ground. Before this project could be completed, Vanangamudi was killed in 1667, leaving the foreground of the temple littered with ruins of a noble dream.

A temple tank (about 180′ high) is one of the finest of its kind in South India. Thirty Six Nandhi Sculptures (2′ high) of black stone sit at intervals on top of the parapet wall whose inside holds 365 lamp niches. One for every day of the year. Only once in 1873, the pool was cleaned by the Salem Local Fund Board.

  • Servarayan Hills, Yercaud
  • Mettur Dam (52 km from Salem )
  • Mettur Hydro Electric Project/Thermal Plant
  • Salem Steel Plant, Salem
  • Kurumbapatti Zoological Park, Chettichavadi, Salem.
  • Poiman karadu, Panamarathupatty
  • A well preserved 300-year old famous Fort, Attur
  • A old famous fort in Sankari
  • Kolli Hills
  • Holy places
  • Arulmigi Alagirinathar Temple
  • Sri Rajaganapathy Temple, Agraharam
  • Sri Ramakrishna Mutt, Salem
  • Sri Kumaragiri Temple, Salem
  • Skandashasram,Udayapatti,Salem
  • Jamma Masjid Build by Tippu Sultan, Salem
  • Belur Siva Temple, Belur.
  • Sri Kameswara & Kalivaradha perumal temple at Aragalur
  • The Indian Institute of Handloom Technology, Salem.
  • Poolampatty water place
  • 1008 Siva Temple, Periya Seeragapadi
  • Dream land Theme park, Neikkarapatti, Salem.
  • Sugavaneshwarar Temple, Salem
  • Perumal Temple, Fort, Salem
  • Aanaimaduvu Dam, Belur
  • Kariyakoil Dam, Karumandurai
  • Kottai Mariyamman Temple, Salem
  • Appa Paithiyam Swamy Samadhi Temple
  • Sree Raghavendra Mrithika Brindavanam, Kannankurichi
  • Oothumalai Murugan Kovil (On the highway, around 20 km from Salem city)

Belur Shiva Temple

Belur Shiva Temple Belur

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