Ladakh Torism

Places to Visit in Ladakh

Ladakh is a region of India which is situated in the state of Jammu and Kashmir. It is known as the “Land of high passes”. Ladakh is the most sparsely populated region. It’s culture and history are similar to that of Tibet.

Monasteries to see in Ladakh:

Phyang Monastery


1. Phyang Monastery Ladakh - This place is known as the “Abode of divine”. Summer is the best season to visit and enjoy this place. This place is known for its peace and beauty. It also has 900 years old museum showcasing a collection of idols and Tibetan, Chinese, Mangolian weapons. Many festivals like Gang-Sngon Tsedup and sacred dances are held here.


Shey Gompa Ladakh

2. Shey Gompa Ladakh - It is the old capital of Ladakh. This place is famous for its ‘tiger dance’. This is because Rupla dance is performed by men in tiger costumes, during the Shey Rupla festival.

3. Diskit Gompa - This is the oldest and the largest monastery in town. This monastery, showcasing a large solemn Maitreya statue in the capital prayer hall. This hall is surrounded by powerful guardian deities images.

Local places and sight seeing around Ladakh:

1. Tso Moriri - It is a salty lake and the place is frozen during winters. Tourist must come in summers as the view in summer is awesome. The place houses birds, vegetation and animals.

2. Moore Plains Ladakh - This place is best for clicking photographs. Here, the roads are unbelievably even and in good condition. You can also drive at a fast speed because of these plain roads.

3. Jama Masjid - The beautiful mosque is nestled in the heart of a lake. It is a religious place and a must visit for Pilgrims.

Activities to indulge in Ladakh travel tour:

1. KhardungLa Pass - This place is the gateway to the Nubera and Shyok valleys. To visit this place, an inner line permit is required for visitors. At this place, the weather is harsh and pretty.

2. Zanskar River Rafting - It is the best river rafting place in the world. It is also known as the Grand Canyon of Asia. The water around this place is chilly, around 7 degree celsius.

Yak Safari in Ladakh


3. Yak Safari - Yak-dong is the largest animal in cold places. Here you can have a ride on this Yak. You have to be friendly with this yak and sit on his back and then enjoy the beautiful ride on this Yak.


Amazing treks in Ladakh:

1. Jhunglam Trek -  This ride is only for those who have a brave heart. It is very dangerous.

2. Lamayuru Zanskar Trek - It is an adventure of a lifetime. 5100 m is the highest point of this region. At this place, people enter at their own risk.

You can also try many other treks like: Parang La Trek, Markha Valley Trek and many more. There are many festivals held in Ladakh. One can enjoy the beautiful culture of Ladakh.

Festivals like:

1. Hemis Festival - The grandest birthday party ever!

Hemis Festival

2. Gustor Festival at Hiksey, Spituk and Karsha – A celebration of Good defeating Evil.

Gustor Festival at Hiksey

3. Ladakh Festival - The best way to learn about Ladakh.

Ladakh Festival

4. Losar Festival - Celebration of a New Year

Losar Festival

5. Sindhu Darshan Festival (Indus Festival) - In honour of the brave men who guard our lives and many more are held here. People must visit and enjoy the peace of this beautiful place in India.

Sindhu Darshan Festival

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