Rudrasagar lake neermahal

Royal Palace (Neermahal) Tripura India

Neermahal is a former royal palace construct by king Bir Bikram Kishore Debbarman in 1930. Neermahal is a famous tourist palace in Tripura India. NeerMahal was constructed as a summer residence palace of king. Neermahal is located in Rudrasagar lake. Neermahal is a beautiful white attractive palace. Neermahal is situated 55 kilometer away from the capital of the Tripura Agartala. Neermahal is located in Rudrasagar lake water same as Jal Mahal in Rajasthan. Jal Mahal is situated in Rajasthan, and that look golden colour, but Neermahal is different looking is white. In India two Palace is situated in water in different place and different looking.

Rudrasagar lake neermahal

Neermahal architecture is unique that is divide in two part, one is royal family and second is for other cultural event. Royal family part is design for king family residence king and his queens, and second other part design for daily cultural event activity likes, dance, drama, singing and other event organize for enjoyment the king and his family.

neermahal inside

Neermahal Inside Image

That is construct in new style open air place not a looking like Mahal. King royal family Palace has 24 room and open space.

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