Royal Wedding Destinations in India

Wedding, be it royal, luxury or a private ceremony, is a fun and beautiful experience. Getting married is an important milestone in one’s life. The memories created during this moment are forever cherished. All the details from food and drinks, entertainment, the flowers and decor, the venue itself and everything in between have to be taken care of, if the event has to be successful.

A couple while choosing their wedding destination mostly considers the location and their lifelong dreams. One of the most beautiful places to get married is in India. Foreigners rank it as the number one destination because India is known for its breathtaking sceneries, heritage hotels and palaces. No wonder, one is spoilt for choices given the marvelous locations available.

The following are the top 5 Wedding Destinations in India:

1. Jodhpur, Rajasthan
The blue city of Jodphur, which was completed in 1944, is a modern place and among the last great ones to be built. Jodphur’s royal family still lives in a section of the royal palace. Hollywood celebrities love to get married here. Apart from the Royal Palace, Ajit Bhawan and Ranbanka Royal palace are available for lesser budgets and will still offer a memorable day.



2. Udaipur
Located in the State of Rajasthan, and also known as the City of Lakes, Udaipur is a popular luxury destination for weddings and is widely known for its palaces and lakes. It has beautiful and exotic locations such as Devi Garh, Taj Lake, Trident Hilton, Udaivilas, Manek Chowk and many more.

3. Jaipur

The Pink City of Jaipur offers wide range of options, from ornate palaces like the Jai Mahal Palace, to old mansions. The heritage hotels together with the Royal Palaces of Rajasthan like Raj Palace, offers the feeling of Royalty, but the budget for organising weddings at these places is on the higher side. However, for less costly options, the old mansions of Jaipur offer the perfect venues, like the Mandawa Haveli.



4. Goa
Goa is one of the most popular destination for weddings or otherwise in India. This is because of the magnificent beaches and the monumental churches. The Southern part of Goa which has Morbor and Varca beaches are ideal, though there is also the option of resorts at Palolem beach for those who prefer private garden ceremonies. Beach weddings in Goa require prior permission and so, buying a package from a wedding planner is always or engaging the services of one of the luxury hotels is recommended.

5. Kerala
For those who prefer a quite affair in a tropical environment set along palm fringed canals, or banks of a lake, food being served on banana leaves, Kerala is the place to be. The resorts like the Zur Kumarakom, which is near Alleppey, Kochi and Kovalam offer a wide range of tastes and a flexible budget. Known for elephant themed weddings, whereby the groom rides on elephant back, is appealing to foreigners who would like to keep up with the Indian culture.

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