Sawai Madhopur: A Wonderland at your Fingertips

There are only few places in the world that can offer you a chance to have adventure and learn at the same time, and Sawai Madhopur is one of them. There is a rich cultural history and contrary to many people’s beliefs, there are interesting places to visit other than the temples. Therefore, if you are looking to have fun while experiencing cultural diversity, then you should visit Sawai Madhopur.


The one place that you should visit is the Ranthambore fort. This is a place that will offer you the chance to view different species of birds. The journey up the stairs is not for the faint-hearted for it stands at 700 feet, but it is one trip you do not want to miss. The scenes from top of the fort of the surrounding area are breathtaking and it is an ideal place for photography. You will also get to learn of its rich history.

If you are looking to interact with the wild, you should visit the Ranthambore National Park. Look forward to interacting with tigers, monkeys and many other animals. It would be a shame though to visit Sawai Madhopur and not visit one of its magnificent temples. Take for example the Trinetra Ganesh Temple, an ancient temple with rich history. The most fascinating thing about temples in Sawai Madhopur is the architecture.


If you are looking to do some shopping, visit Dhonk. Here you will get a good assortment of clothes and Indian artifacts. The people here are friendly and you will enjoy their services. You can also visit Dastkar Ranthambore to buy souvenirs to add to your collection. If you are looking to take back something that represents Indian culture, this is the place to shop.

Dastkar Ranthambore

There are a variety of restaurants in Sawar Madhopur that offer excellent cuisines. You get to enjoy spicy Indian food at different Indian restaurants and can also taste intercontinental dishes. Whatever your taste, rest assured that you will find it in Sawai Madhopur.

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