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Science City Kolkata: The Largest Science Museum in the entire Indian Subcontinent

Kolkata, eminent as the city of joy has ample of magnetisms for the people who are residing here as well as for the people visiting here from different parts of the country. One such offbeat tourist puller in Kolkata is the Science City, which is the largest science museum in the entire Indian Subcontinent. Positioned at JBS Halder Avenue, Kolkata, the Science City offers an amazing way of exploring science by the people of all ages.

Science City Kolkata

Keeping in mind the budding role of science in our day-to-day lives, the largest science centre was brought into practice in 1997.  It was developed by the National Council of Science Museums, under the Ministry of Culture. The science centre was inducted in two phases namely; the Convention Centre Complex and the Science Exploration Hall. The overall ambience inside the museum is absolutely informative and pleasing. Starting from an exhilarating optical illusion to artificial Jurassic Park, Science City has no dearth of edifying and amusing compilation. Let’s explore the key attractions of Science City.

#Exploration Hall

Earth Exploration Hall

Spread with nearly 5400 square metres areas and 12 different segments, this is an exhibition hall featuring an array of physical geography, dark ride, interactive multimedia, panoramic videos, 3-D theatre, tilting tables, human evolution etc. With advanced technology and interactive communication techniques, Exploration Hall has been one of the key attractions in entire Science City. Let’s catch a glimpse on some of these attractions:

#Evolution of Life: A Dark Ride

Dark Ride in science city

As the theme suggests, this particular section of the Exploration Hall is specifically designed to showcase the evolution of living creatures with their respective periods of time. There are 56 robotic animal models depicting the various phases of this evolution. You can explore the dark ride amidst each section of evolution through an electric car. All the phases are well-portrayed with a blend of visual, sound and eye-catching lighting effects.

#Digital Panorama

Digital Panorama Kolkata Science City

This is an absolute delight for visitors. Digital Panorama represents the various phases of last 6 million years of human progression through a static panoramic image. As the show proceeds, you come to watch a short 12 minutes dynamic film on a cylindrical screen. This film lays emphasis on human evolution in three languages. The entire show turns livelier with the help of sophisticated projectors and wondrous photorealistic 3D images. Being the first of its kind, Digital Panorama allures visitors of all ages. If you are here with your family, children going to enjoy the thrilling showcase of human evolution to a great extent.

#Space Odyssey

Space Odyssey

Isn’t it amazing to land on an unknown surface through any space craft? This is absolutely a breath-taking imagination! In order to land one’s visualisation on the terra firma of realism, Space Odyssey is a must watch in the Science City. This super thrilling 30-seater space ride is executed with the help of hydraulic motion control system. In addition, the Space Odyssey has many other exciting offers for you ranging from 3D Theatre, Space Theatre, Mirror Magic, interactive multimedia kiosk on Solar System etc.

#Space Theatre

Space Theatre

The Space Theatre exhibits a 40 minute show in English and Hindi languages featuring American wilderness with brilliant audio-visual effects. Presence of invigorating cinematography and hi-tech projectors brilliantly portrays the enthralling journey of grassland dogs and bears. What makes the entire show more energetic is the voice of Academy Award winner Robert Redford. Followed by excellent music and sound track, Robert’s narration adds a real feel in the film. On weekdays, visitors can enjoy the show from 1.30AM to 6PM. However, on Sunday or any public holiday the show can be enjoyed from 10.30Am to 7PM.

#3D Theatre

3D Theatre

You might have enjoyed the thrill of 3D films many a times in a theatre. Observing an object or thing from different angles adds more thrill to a bystander. 3D Theatre in Science City, Kolkata showcases you a three-dimensional stereoscopic film using advanced technology and stereo back projection system. The main purpose of this showcase is to portray the wildlife or space voyage by enhancing the delusion of depth insight. This theatre is an absolute amusement for children.

#Mirror Magic

Mirror Magic

If you have studied the chapter of lenses and mirrors in your science book, Mirror Magic is going to invigorate your lessons. With availability of various dimensions of mirrors like concave, plain and convex, this is one of the astounding experiences that one can have at the Space Odyssey building. There are 35 different colourful exhibits of optical illusion. Mirror Magic offers you various visual labyrinths with inverted mirror resulting into an image with upside-down. Besides, visitors can also treasure here some everlasting moments through curving tunnel, mirror maze and many more mirror dimensions.

#Dynamotion Hall

Dynamotion Hall Science City

One more addition to the entailing attractions in Science City is its spiral shaped Dynamotion Hall. This is an awe-inspiring place to explore the scientific phenomenon. Dynamotion Hall plunges you to an interactive world of science depicting energy ball, floating soap bubbles, floor piano, floating dish etc.  The twisting building also boasts an array of many exciting scientific exhibits including Aquarium (with 1000 colourful fishes), Biodiversity (a blend of signature plants and animal species), Butterfly Enclave, Physical Science, Nano Lab, Science show etc.

#Maritime Centre

Developed in collaboration with Kolkata Port Trust, Maritime Centre portrays various activities and subjects based on maritime. In order to validate the theme, a two-storied centre was structured like a ship. Positioned with an expanse of around 700 square meter areas, Maritime Centre exposes many interesting shows on maritime activity, scaled models of boats, vessels and replica.

Maritime Centre

Apart from the above cited attractions and informative showcases, the Science City also has many other attractions like musical fountain, outdoor science park and science on a sphere.

Walking off the track, the Science City also caters an amazing picnic exposure for all the visitors. If you are here for an outing, the centre authority has a picnic spot for you as well where you can carry your food and unwind amidst a lush green ambience. To add more quills in your scientific voyage, you are also allowed to book a kitchen space prior to your visit. If you are accompanied here by your family members, you can exult the moment in group. Additionally, some amazing rides are absolutely recommended in the Science City.

Moving ahead, the Science City also renders some spacious conference halls, auditoriums and exhibition ground to undergo various activities and programs. Besides, food courts are also provided in the premises, which are specifically meant for filling up your gastronomic needs. To check the Guide Map of Science City, please click here.


The Science City can be visited all days on a week from 9AM to 9PM. However, on the eve of Holi, it remains closed.


There are various rides and shows to explore in the entire Science City. Hence, depending on the type of rides or shows you attend, the charges may vary ranging from INR 15 to INR 80. However, admission fee is INR 15 for general visitors, INR 10 for Time Machine and INR 30 for Space Theatre.

On the other hand, visitors from under privileged group will be charged INR 5 after providing their documentary evidences. For group of 50 students, sometimes special offers/discounts are also provided.

If you are interested in photography/videography, make sure if the same is permissible in return of some additional charges or free. The reason being, in some of the shows camera may not be allowed.

How to Reach:

Kolkata is well-connected to all major cities in India and various International destinations. However, for people residing in Kolkata, Science City is an easily reachable destination. This place is well-connected to the entire city by bus, auto-rickshaw, car/cabs and local train. The nearest metro and local railway station is Dum Dum. From Dum Dum railway station, the distance to reach JBS Halder Avenue is merely 20 minutes.

On the other hand, if you are travelling from Dum Dum Metro station, the distance is around 13Kms to reach Science City. You can complete this distance easily by taxi/bus/auto-rickshaw. From Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose International Airport, Dum Dum, the distance is around 18Kms. From here, the driving distance is about 20 minutes.

There are several buses from Sapoorji, Saltlake, Bantala IT Park, Garia and Jadavpur that will also take you till the Science City. If you are travelling from Sealdah, get into the Kalyani bound local train and deboard at Bindhan Nagar station. From here, the driving distance to reach the destination is around 10Kms that can be reached by cab or auto-rickshaw.

From Howrah Station, you can reach Science City via two different routes such as, Bankura and Diamond Harbour Road covering a distance of around 17Kms and 14Kms respectively. Depending on the traffic, the distance can be covered in 40-45 minutes time.

Nearby Eateries:

Dum Pukht - ITC Sonar

After spending around 3-4 hours time exploring the Science City, if you feel like to meet your gastronomic needs with some lip-smacking platters, try any of the following:


Address: ITC Sonar, Kolkata, ITC Sonar, JBS Haldane Avenue,

Opposite Science City, Kolkata, West Bengal 700046

#Dum Pukht – ITC Sonar

ITC Sonar, J.B.S. Haldane Avenue,

E.M. Bypass, Science City Area

#Aziz Bite Restaurant

Address: 1, JBS Haldane Ave, Picnic Garden,

Topsia, Kolkata, West Bengal 700046

#Dilligate Deluxe Restaurant

Address: No.29/8, JBS Haldane Avenue, Seal Lane,

Tangra, Kolkata, West Bengal 700046

#Oh! Calcutta

Address: 3rd, Floor, Silver Arcade, 5 JBS Halden Avenue, Seal Lane,

Topsia, EM Bypass, Kolkata 700107

If you have the fanaticism to explore some other adjoining areas after the Science City, you can try exploring the nearby destinations like Victoria Memorial Hall (5.5Kms), Eden Gardens (6Kms), Birla Temple (3.3Kms), Quest Mall (3.1Kms), Tagore House (2.1Kms), Nicco Park (4.5Kms), Rabindra Sarovar (4Kms), South City Mall (5.4Kms) etc.

So, if you are planning for an informative as well as a relaxing outing in Kolkata, Science City is a whole-day-affair kind of site that you must explore. Ranging from artificial Jurassic Park to Time Machine, this place has lot of enthralling showcases for all.

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