Shopping in the Beautiful State of Goa

Goa has many markets and shopping areas. However, Goa does not have any handloom specific products as such so it means that you have products which are basically sold and available all over the country.

From Kashmiri carpets to Konkan carvings, Goan markets are aimed at locals as well as tourists.

Here are some places where you can shop in Goa and take back memories for your loved ones.

Mapusa Market in Goa1. Mapusa Market

The Mapusa market goes about its business daily, except Sundays, but really gets going on Friday mornings. It is a loud and boisterous affair there, where locals haggle and bargain for clothing and produce. You can also buy several antiques, souvenirs and textiles. The market’s name is derived from the Konkani words map (meaning ‘measure’) and sa (meaning ‘fill up’), in reference to the trade in spices, vegetables and fruit that are bought and sold here daily.

2. Anjuna Flea Market 

This market is one of the largest markets here. Locals and vendors descend down here to haggle away clothing, jewellerygoa-anjuna-flea-market and souvenirs of various kinds.You have to seek out the things you need and in the process avail good bargains. You can also find sparkling ceiling hangings, dancing dolls, porcelain artifacts and beautiful sarees. It is an unmissable event, especially on market days. Here, you will find the old faithful hippies of Goa mingling with Indian tourists, including Britons and Russians.

With a bit of searching and haggling you will find some good bargains here to take back home.

Golden Heart Emporium3. Golden Heart Emporium

One of Goa’s famous bookshops for every tourist to visit, crammed with fiction, non-fiction, children’s books, and illustrated volumes on the state’s food, architecture and history. It also stocks otherwise hard-to-get titles by local Goan authors. It is situated down a little lane off Abade Faria Road, on the right-hand side as you’re heading north.

4. Star Magic ShopStar Magic Shop Goa

While strolling Calangute, Baga and Anjuna markets, you are sure to spot Star’s shop or one of its stalls, promising to teach you magic tricks in a startlingly brief two minutes. Do stop to purchase tricks and illusions to thrill your near and dear ones during family get together.


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