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Call it the City of Joy or just Kolkata; the heritage city always allures you with its rich variety of food, art and culture. For a true Bong or the residents of Kolkata, it is not that easy to depict the city with single metaphoric word. For them, Kolkata is something beyond hand-pulled rickshaws, exotic tram, sweet curds, Tagore’s song and football. Apart from its diverse range of heritage attractions and blend of rich culture, presence Victorian style architectures also add a distinguished significance to the capital city of West Bengal.

kolkata the city of joy

Kolkata: The City of Joy

When in Kolkata, we mostly focus on exploring some of the commonly visited attractions like Victoria Memorial, Science City, Diamond Harbor, Belur Math, Dakshineshwar and Nicco Park. But at the end of the week, all these locations turn more congested with the frequent footfalls of visitors. As you know, after a strenuous week, we all deserve a much needed break, which we don’t want to ruin into city’s hustle-bustle and pollution. And this is how we start planning for a tranquil and short weekend destinations near Kolkata.

Nestled on the bank of the Hooghly River, the state has lot more appealing sites to offer you within nearly 200 kms from the city centre. So, if you are planning to explore some of the great weekend destinations within 200 kms from Kolkata, here come the places that you must explore once:



Distance: Around 54Kms from Kolkata

Overview: Located around 54Kms from Kolkata, the town of Raichak is a worth visiting weekend destination for travellers. Raichak comes under the South 24 Parganas district of West Bengal. The site is situated on the bank of the river Hooghly offering you some appealing attractions in and around. One of the key attractions here is the Raichak Fort, which is now converted into a five-star hotel. Moving 15 Kms further from Raichak, you come to explore another stunning tourist site, which is popular as Diamond Harbour. At Diamond Harbour one can also witness a blend of a large statue of Buddha and an Old Portuguese Fort.

Raichak Fort

Raichak Fort

Key Attractions: Raichak is a place that offers you many objects of historic interest. Some of the major attractions in and around Raichak are Raichak Fort, historic piano and swords inside the fort, ferry and boar riding across the river, sunset view, Chingrihkali Fort, Lighthouse at Diamond Harbour, Ramakrishna Mission, Joynagar and River Hooghly.

Best time to visit: Winter is the best time to visit Raichak; particularly from October to March. This is the time when the weather here is pleasant for visitors. During summers on the other hand, the climate here is comparatively scorching.

How to reach: The most convenient means of commutation to reach Raichak is by bus or by cab and taxi. If you are travelling by bus then take a bus for Haldia. From Haldia, you can hire an auto-rickshaw or a taxi to reach Raichak. By road Kolkata- Raichak distance is around 54Kms that can be completed in nearly 2 hours time.

On the other hand, by train the nearest railhead is Uluberia, which is located around 33Km away. Some of the major trains from Kolkata to Uluberia are Tamralipta Express, Howrah Junction Chakradharpur Passenger and Howrah Junction Koraput Express. From Uluberia railway station, you can hire a taxi or take an auto to reach Raichak in one hour time.

Note: In order to keep a tab on the route map please click here. Also, be informed that total travel time may differ depending on the time of travel, mode of transport, route and the traffic.

Places to stay: There are several hotels near Raichak that you can avail from the price range of INR 450-1500 and more. Some of the major hotels on that area include The Fort Raichak, Ganga Kutir, Hotel East Palace, Treebo Saini Inn etc.



Distance: Around 60Kms from Kolkata

Overview: Reckoned amongst the twelve popular Jyotirlinga temples in India, Tarakeshwar is one of the mostly preferred weekend destinations near Kolkata. Situated in the Hooghly district of West Bengal, the spiritual site of Tarakeshwar is visited by numbers of Hindu worshipers and foreign tourists on regular basis. It is said that this temple was built by Raja Bharamalla in ‘atchala’ architectural style way back in 1729 AD. This holy temple is devoted to Lord Shiva. If you happen to visit Tarakeshwar Temple on Mondays, you can notice a huge number of footfalls of Hindu devotees.

Tarakeshwar temple

Tarakeshwar Temple

Key Attractions: The Natmandir in the temple, Lakshmi-Narayan temple, holy shrine of Goddess Kali, Dudhpukur Tank, Buddha Temple etc.

Best time to visit: Being a popular Hindu Pilgrimage center, Tarakeshwar is an all season place for visitors. However, to reveal the best out of Tarakeshwar Temple, you can visit here on the eve of Maha Shivaratri (February), Charak Puja (April) and during Shravani Mela (July-August).  Summers are quite scorching here with maximum temperature of 400C. Hence, try visiting here during early summers and post-monsoon.

How to Go: From Kolkata, you can reach Tarakeswar Temple by train or by road. Nearest railheads are Kamarkundu Railway Station (21Kms) and Howrah (44Kms). Some of the trains to reach Tarakeswar Temple are Howrah Duronto, Kolkata Rjdhni and Howrah Tarakeshwar Local. Travel time by train is around 1 hour 30 minutes. From railway station, you can hire an auto-rickshaw to travel further. On the other hand, if you are driving by car, you can travel the distance from Kolkata in 1 hour 50 minutes. In addition, you can also get into the state transport buses from Kolkata to reach your destination.

Note: In order to keep a tab on the route map please click here. Also, be informed that total travel time may differ depending on the time of travel, mode of transport, route and the traffic.

Places to stay: Near Tarakeshwar, you will get various budget accommodations. Prices may vary from INR 400-850. In addition, various comfy hotels and lodges are also there around the temple. Loknath Hotel and Tarakeswar Tourist Lodge are two such mostly preferred staying options for visitors near Tarakeshwar temple.



Distance: Around 82 Kms from Kolkata.

Overview: A small and tranquil hamlet in Howrah District, Gadiara is a perfect one day outing destination near Kolkata. This site is eminent for the confluence of duo Damodar and Rupnarayan Rivers. There is a popular fort called Fort Mornington, which was constructed here decades back in 18th century by the British General Lord Robert Clive. The main purpose of this construction was to safeguard the neighbouring areas from the entry of river pirates. Today, visitors flock Gadiara from Kolkata to witness the remnants of this historic fort.

Gadiara sunset

Eye-catching Sunset at Gadiara

Key Attractions: This site is popular for Fort Mornington, picturesque sunrise and sunset, Geonkhali Water Treatment Plant, village walk, ferry ride, Bengali platters and boating. Gadiara is equally popular for picnicking.

Best time to visit: Winter is the best time to enjoy a pleasant outing around the fort.

How to Go: For the residents of Kolkata or tourists who flock here for a day long outing, reaching Gadiara is not a fuss. From Esplanade, Kolkata you will get regular buses (E7/1, E15) for Gadiara. In addition, if you are planning to reach Gadiara by train, get into any Bagnan bound train from Howrah. By train the distance from Howrah to Bagnan is around 51Kms. Once you reach Bagnan, take a bus that travels through Shyampur. From Shyampur, take an auto to reach Gadiara. Apart from bus and train, you can reach there by car as well. If you are travelling by car, Gadiara can be reached via NH16 and Uluberia-Shyampur Road.

Note: In order to keep a tab on the route map please click here. Also, be informed that total travel time may differ depending on the time of travel, mode of transport, route and the traffic.

Places to stay: There are various lodges and hotels in Gadiara that you can refer for a comfortable stay. However, two commonly preferred lodges here are Rupnarayan Tourist lodge and New Chalantika tourist lodge. These lodges are laid out with good amenities including angling pond, luscious cuisines, well-maintained AC rooms, bar etc. They do cater both budget as well as deluxe rooms for visitors. Most of the hotels and lodges are positioned near the river offering you a breath-taking vista around the hotels.

#Henrys Island


Distance: Around 130Kms from Kolkata

Overview: Located near Bakkhali around 130 Kms from Kolkata, Henry Island is an off-beat weekend destination to see in a day around Kolkata. With a startling blend of serene sea, soothing ambience, beach resort and delectable food, Henry’s manmade island offers you a delightful weekend getaway from Kolkata. Apart from its picturesque vista, Henry Island also houses a rich variety of wildlife. This place is equally popular for birding. Some of the rare species of birds that can be observed here are Mangrove Whistler, vagrant Heuglin’s Gull, Ruddy Turnstones, Caspian, Common Terns, Great Knots etc. Be it a first timer or a frequent traveller, visiting Henry’s Island offers you an amazing weekend experience like never before. This Island is a perfect 2-3days escape from city’s hustle-bustle dotted with breath-taking natural exquisiteness.

Henrys Island

Henry’s Island

Key Attractions: Henry’s Island has no dearth of attractions for visitors. The site is popular for Magrove Resort, Sundari resort, sightseeing, red crab, Bhagabatpur Crocodile Sanctuary, boat trip to the river meet point and Jambudwip Island.

Best time to visit: Henry’s Island can be visited throughout the calendar. Summers are comparatively humid here; yet you can enjoy a thrilling weekend that time at Henry’s Island.

How to Go: If you want to reach Henry’s Island from Kolkata by train, board Lakshmikantapur local from Sealdah. Then deboard at Namkhana station. From here, you can hire a taxi or van to reach Henry’s Island. The travel time by train is nearly 3 hours. Apart from train, you can reach Henry’s Island by bus as well. The travel time by bus is around 4 hours. From Esplanade, frequent WBSTC buses are there to reach Namkhana. From Namkhana, further you need to cross the Hatania-Doania bay on a ferry. The ferry will take you to Jetty ghat from where you can hire a van to reach your weekend destination. Besides, you can also take a car and drive via NH12 to reach Henry’s Island.

Note: In order to keep a tab on the route map please click here. Also, be informed that total travel time may differ depending on the time of travel, mode of transport, route and the traffic.

Places to stay: Accommodations in Henry Island are basically the lodges that are provided by the Fisheries Department of West Bengal. You have to contact the State Fisheries Development Corporation, Bikash Bhavan for a reservation. Located near the sea beach, Sundari and Mangrove are two mostly visited rest houses at Henry’s Island. The rooms here are quite decent and they do provide varieties of fish items.



Distance: Around 100Kms from Kolkata

Overview: Located nearly 100Kms from Kolkata, Kamarpukur is another religious destination for a perfect weekend in a day around Kolkata. Eminent as the birth place of Saint Sri Ramakrishna Paramahamsa, Kamarpukur is a small village in the Hooghly district of West Bengal. The birth place of Saint Sri Ramakrishna further became more popular when his followers and Ramakrishna Mission authority have established a Ramakrishna Math at this location. Today, Kamarpukur is visited by several worshipers of Ramakrishna, who flock here from various parts of the country to offer their deepest reverence to the great Saint. The tranquil ambience amidst Ramakrishna Math is a divinely experience that can’t be felt unless you visit there.



Key Attractions: Temple of Sri Ramakrishna at his birth place, saint’s living room, Yogi’s Shiva temple, Gopeswar’s Shiva temple, Chandramani Memorial Building etc.

Best time to visit: For a devotee, Kamarpukur is an all season place. However, if you want to enjoy here a blend of serenity and soothing climate, visit Kamarpukur from November to March. In addition, you can also visit here on the occasions of Durga puja, birthdays of Sri Ramakrishna, Swami Vivekanand and Sarada Devi.

How to Go: For railway travellers, the best option is to board a train from Howrah for Arambagh via Tarakeswer. In addition, you can take a train from Sealdah till Tarakeswer. Get down at Tarakeswer and take a bus to reach Kamarpukur. Some of the popular trains in this route are Kolkata Jammu Tawi Express, Jammu-Sealdah Express and Howrah-Rampurhat Express. Total travel time by train is around 2 hours. Another mode of commutation to reach Kamarpukur is by road. You can take a bus from Esplanade to reach Kamarpukur. Total travel time by road is around 3 hours.

Note: In order to keep a tab on the route map please click here. Also, be informed that total travel time may differ depending on the time of travel, mode of transport, route and the traffic.

Places to stay:

The most comfortable and reasonable places to stay at Kamarpukur is the guest house, which is run by the Math. However, to avail the same you need to book the guest house in advance. If you stay at the Kamarpukur Math Complex, don’t miss the prashad here, which is served during dinner. Apart from the Math, you can also try staying at some nearby lodges. Some of the popular lodges here are Gadadhar Lodge, Kamarpukur Lodge and The Relax Lodge. The charges are also quite pocket-friendly at these lodges.



Distance: Around 110Kms from Kolkata

Overview: The first thing that strikes one’s mind about Sundarbans is the Royal Bengal Tiger. Famed as the Sundarban Tiger Reserve, this UNESCO world heritage site is one of the rousing tourist hubs near Kolkata. Visitors travel here from different parts of the globe to witness the rich verities of wildlife at Sundarbans. The wildlife here includes a blend of Royal Bengal Tiger, salt-water crocodile, reptile, bird species and galore of plant species. Besides its wild significance, the Gangetic plain and eye-catching environs also allure plenty of visitors at Sundarbans. If you are an adventure freak, nothing could be a better weekend destination near Kolkata than Sundarbans National Park. However, please be informed that accessing Sundarbans does contain certain amount of fees. Cameras, guides and boating incur additional charges.



Key Attractions: Sundarbans has a diverse range of attractions that you must explore there. Some of the major tourist pullers at Sundarbans are Sunderbans National Park, Sajnekhali Bird Sanctuary, Dublar Char Island, Hiran Point, Sudhanyakhali Watch Tower, jungle safari, Kapil Muni Temple, Tiger Reserve and Kanak.

Best time to visit: September to March is the best time to reveal the wildlife here. Avoid touring Sundarbans in summers as the climate here is quite hot and humid that time.

How to Go: For a hassle-free trip, Sundarbans can best be reached by train or by road. From Sealdah station, you will get regular trains for Canning. From Canning, you need to hire van or taxi to reach Godkhali. From Godkhali, you can take a ferry till Pakhiralay or Gosaba. Once you reach here, take a village cycle rickshaw to arrive at your weekend destination. Total travel train time by train is around 2 hours. If you are planning to visit Sundarbans by road, several private transports are available near Esplanade and Dumdum Airport to reach Sundarbans. By road, the travel time is around 2 hours.

Places to stay: There are numbers of camps and resorts in Sundarbans where you can have a pleasant stay. Some of these staying options include United 21 Resort, Sunderban Jungle Camp, Royal Bengal Resort Sunderban, Solitary Nook Resort, Sunderban Mangrove Retreat and WBTDC Sajnekhali Tourist Lodge. The standard of services, food and ambience in these resorts and camps are absolutely heart-winning.



Distance: Around 160Kms from Kolkata

Overview:  Shantiniketan is a place, which is eminent for its rich culture, festivity and literature. Located in the Birbhum district of West Bengal in Bolpur, Shantiniketan needs no special introduction to portray its global existence. The place has witnessed many inspirational creation of the great poet Rabindranath Tagore and in true sense, this is an absolute abode of tranquillity and intellects. Another significance of Shantiniketan is that the world famed Visva Bharathi University is also situated at this place. The University has produced many diverse personalities in the field of education, arts and music.



Key Attractions: Tagore’s ashram, Amar Kutir, Chattimtala, Rabindra Bhaban Museum, Kala Bhavan, China Bhavan, Sangeet bhavan, Upasna Ghar, Uttrayan Complex, Nippon Bhavan etc.

Best time to visit: Poush Utsav (December) and Basant Utsav (March).

*To read more about Poush Utsav at Shantiniketan click here

How to Go: Shantiniketan is well-connected to the city of Kolkata and other parts of the nation. The nearest railway station to Shantiniketan is Bolpor Station, which is within 3Kms reach. Once you reach Bolpor Station, you can hire cab or bus towards your destination. From Kolkata, reaching Shantiniketan by train is around 2-3 hours journey. Some of the trains from Kolkata are Malda Inter-city Express from Howrah at 3.25PM, Kanchenjunga Express from Sealdah at 6.45AM, Sahid Rampurhat from Howrah at 12PM, Gana Devta Express from Howrah at 6.05AM and Shantiniketan Express from Howrah at 10.05AM.

The road connectivity between Shantiniketan and Kolkata is also quite convenient. The 160 kms distance from Kolkata to Shantiniketan can be travelled in 3 and half hours time by road. You will get number of busses for Kolkata-Asansol and Kolkata-Suri routes. For Kolkata-Asansol routes, you need to get down at Panagarh and change the bus to reach Shantiniketan. Similarly, if you get into the Suri bound bus, deboard near Ilambazar and change the bus that will take you to Shantiniketan. You can also travel from Dankuni by Durgapur Expressway, which is now a part of NH2.

Note: In order to keep a tab on the route map please click here. Also, be informed that total travel time may differ depending on the time of travel, mode of transport, route and the traffic.

Places to stay: Tourists often focus on finding some comfortable accommodations in Shantiniketan. Though the charges of hotels and guest houses drastically climb up during peak seasons, but visitors can still find some good pleases to stay here by spending an amount of INR 500 to INR 1500 or more. Some of the comfortable hotels that you may refer near Shantiniketan are Hotel Royal Bengal, Park Guest House, Rangamati Garden Resort and Himanjali Resort.



Distance: Around 170Kms from Kolkata

Overview: Who doesn’t want a peaceful weekend from city’s hustle-bustle? Mandarmani is one such serene beach resort that will feel you rejuvenated during your weekend. The 13km long beach is situated near Digha beach and it is around 14km away from Chaulkhola. The seaside resort village falls under the east Medinipur district of West Bengal. As compared to Digha beach, the weaves of Mandarmani beach is geomorphologically low. However, the local inhabitants believe that Mandarmani is the longest driveable beach of the country. Tourists flock here to view the astounding sunrise and sunset at Mandarmani beach. Initially, the beach was famed as Madar Mani and Mandarboni. However, with time the site became popular as Mandarmani.


Breath-taking vista of Mandarmani Beach

Apart from its dazzling sunrise and sunset views, tourist also visit Mandarmani for ATV (An all-terrain vehicle) rides, banana boat rides, jet skiing and surfing activities. One of the key tourist pullers here is the Delta area, which is located around 1-6km from the beach. This area is an absolute delight for romantic trek. In the evening, plenty of red crabs can also be spotted on the shore.

Key Attractions: Mandarmani Beach, Birla Industrial and Technological Museum, The Delta, Digha Beach etc. If you happen to be at Mandarmani, fresh fish, prawns and crabs is a must try for you. In addition, beach carnival is also a major attraction at Mandarmani Beach.

Best time to visit: Mandarmani is an all season destination for tourists. However, the recommended time to visit here is between November to February when the minimum temperature is around 100C and maximum temperature is 300C. During summer, the climate at Mandarmani is quite hot and humid. And if you love to get soggy in the drizzle, holidaying here in the intermediary months of monsoon could be a bonanza for you.

How to Go: Located around 170 kms from Kolkata, travelling to Mandarmani is not a fuss for visitors. The place is well-connected to Contai and Digha from where you will get frequent trains. You can also board at Howrah station and travel till Contai and Digha. Once you reach here, you can hire auto-rickshaws, taxi or cycle-rickshaws to reach Mandarmani.

Mandarmani is not that far from Kolkata by road, so reaching there by bus is one of the convenient means of commutation for visitors. There are frequent buses for Mandarmani from Esplanade, Gariahat and Howrah. These buses will take you till Digha or Chaulkhola. From there, you need to take auto-rickshaws, cabs or cycle-rickshaws to reach Mandarmani. The West Bengal State Transport will charge you around NR75 for the ride and if you prefer Volvos, you will be required to pay around INR100 or little more. It will consume nearly 3 hours time to reach Mandarmani by road. Besides, many private cabs and taxis can also be hired to reach Mandarmani. Depending on the type of vehicle you hire, the charges will also vary.

Places to stay: Being one of the tranquil beach resorts and a favourite weekend destination near Kolkata, you will find various luxurious hotels and resorts near the beach. Considering the number of footfalls experienced between November and March, visitors should book a hotel or resorts in advance. It can’t be denied that the hotels and resorts are bit expensive here at peak seasons. Therefore, it is advisable to visitors to book any luring holiday packages for Mandarmani during the peak seasons. You can still find some quality hotels within the price range of INR 1500 or less. Bombay Beach Resort, Aqua Marina Drive Inn, Sun View Resort and Arya Beach Resort Mandarmani are few of these hotels for your reference. However, in order to get a splendid view of the sunrise and sunset, nothing could be as charming as booking a sea facing hotel.



Distance: Around 183 Kms from Kolkata

Overview: One of the untouched beaches and a pleasing weekend getaways from Kolkata, Digha is known for its fascinating panorama. Situated on the shores of Bay of Bengal in East Midnapore district, holidaying at Digha could be an absolute delight for you and your family. Apart from its vivacious beaches, a blend of holy shrines, museums and research centres are some other attractions for a pleasurable weekend at Digha. Being one of the appealing sea resorts of West Bengal, Digha is a favourite site for honeymooners and the scenic splendour of Digha equally allures the people of all age groups. Besides, presence of gentle breeze and casuarina trees plunge you to a different level of tranquillity around the beach. When in Digha, the clean environs offer you an amazing experience in witnessing its picturesque vista, which clearly indicates that the site has minimum human impact.


Digha Beach

Key Attractions: Digha Beach, Marine Station/Aquarium of Zoological Survey of India, Shankarpur Beach, Talsari Beach,  Udaipur Beach and Temple at Chandaneswar.

Best time to visit: To witness a soothing climate near the beach, October to March is the best time to visit Digha. During that period you can also involve into various beach activities like swimming, sailing and diving.

How to Go: From Kolkata, reaching Digha is quite convenient by train and by road. Numbers of trains are there from Kolkata that will take you to your destination in approximately 3 hours 30 minutes time. Some of the important trains on this route are Duronto Express, Kandari Express and Tamralipta Express. Additionally, you can also get into Tamralipta Express and get down at Ramnagar Bengal. From Ramnagar Bengal take a taxi for Digha.

If you want to travel by bus, reaching Digha from Kolkata is around 4-5 hours journey. Several buses are there that you can avail from the places like Garia suburb, Dumdum station, Rajpur, Dharamtala, Tollygunj, Jadavpur and Sonarpur. In addition, you can also hire a cab or a taxi which will reach you there approximately in 3 hours time.

Note: In order to keep a tab on the route map please click here. Also, be informed that total travel time may differ depending on the time of travel, mode of transport, route and the traffic.

Places to stay: You will find various budget hotels while holidaying at Digha. Some of the commonly preferred hotels here within the price range of INR 450-INR1300 are Hotel Purnima, Live Hotel, Amantran Hotel & Resort and Hotel Coral.



Distance: Around 140 Kms from Kolkata

Overview: You might have heard about the terracotta temples, but have you ever thought of witnessing the same from a close proximity? It sounds wondrous, isn’t it? Located in the Bankura district of West Bengal, Bishnupur is a small town known for its terracotta style temples, rich culture and artworks. People flock this heritage town way back from Kolkata for a relaxing weekend. Bishnupur is quite popular amongst female shopaholics who come here and take home some stunning collections of Baluchari sari. The residents of Bishnupur have a soft corner for vibrant paintings and classical music. People of Bishnupur mainly speak Bengali and Bishnupuriya language.


Temple with Terracotta style at Bishnupur

Key Attractions: Rasmancha, Jorebangla Temple, Lalji Temple, Madan Mohan Temple, Radha Shyam Temple, Dal madol, etc.

Best time to visit: Being one of the popular weekend destinations near Kolkata, Bishnupur can be visited all round the calendar. Summers are quite sweltering at Bishnupur. Winters on the other hand, are comparatively pleasing for excursion. If you want to witness the cultural side of Bishnupur, August and December are the peak time when Jhapan festival and Bishnupur Mela are celebrated here with great enthusiasms.

How to Go: Bishnupur is well-connected to the city of Kolkata. You can reach there by train or by road for a soothing weekend. Some of the trains to reach Bishnupur are Rajjyarani Tri weekly Express, Santragachi-Porbandar Kaviguru Express, Purulia Express and Rupashi Bangla Express. By train the travel time is nearly 3 hours 30 minutes to 4 hours. On the other hand, buses are also available from Shahid Minar Bus Terminus and Esplanade that will take you to your destination in 4-5 hours. You can also hire a cab from Kolkata that will take you from Dankuni and through Arambagh. Total journey through this route may be completed in 4 hours and 30 minutes time.

Note: In order to keep a tab on the route map please click here. Also, be informed that total travel time may differ depending on the time of travel, mode of transport, route and the traffic.

Places to stay: Being one of the favourite one day outing destinations near Kolkata, Bishnupur is frequently visited by many travellers all round the year. Hence, you will find various hotels and lodges in and around Bishnupur. The prices of these hotels may vary from INR 500-INR 1200 or more. For your convenience, some of the comfortable staying options here include Holiday Resort, Hotel Laxmi Park, Bishnupur Tourist Lodge and Udayan Lodge.

These are the ten short weekend destinations within 200Kms from Kolkata. However, the list doesn’t end here. There are many other appealing sites near Kolkata that can equally be pleasurable for your weekend. From time-to-time, we will be posting on some other popular weekend destinations near Kolkata. Till then explore the cited destinations for an invigorating weekend ahead.

Note: Since the post is about the popular weekend gateways near Kolkata, so the modes of commutations are outlined here excluding flights. However, Kolkata is well connected to many domestic and international destinations through Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose International Airport. Also, be informed that the hotel charges may vary from time-to-time, as the prices are mentioned in this post for reference purpose.

Have a wonderful weekend!!

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