Trip to Rohtang Pass

The Breathtaking Rohtang Pass: A Top Himalayan Destination

A trip to Rohtang Pass is an incredible adventure that tourists will treasure forever. Woven through the Himalayan Ranges of India, the Rohtang Pass connects Kullu Valley with Lahul valley and Spiti valley. Typically, the passage through Rohtang Pass will take between three to six hours. It is a drivable adventure that is not for the faint- hearted. The incredible mountain views are only obtained through gut twisting twists and turns on this rough road. Tourists will find that this treasured route is unlike any other in the world. Open only during the months from May through November, this mountain pass is often unpredictable and can catch people off guard with its rapidly changing weather that can lead to unexpected blizzards and snowstorms. The safest and easiest time period to travel the Rohtang Pass is during the months of August, September, and October.

Rohtang Pass

Famous in Rohtang Pass is the history of the native people of this land. Originally an ancient trade route, this pass has been identified as being most likely the oldest and the most frequently used pass in the surrounding region. The Rohtang Pass is also notable for the significant difference between the cultures that reside on each end of the pass. The beauty of Rohtang Pass is matched only by the danger that swirls around its twists and turns. As a result, tourists should use great care and practice respect as they pass through this route that has been deemed as one of the most dangerous and deadly roads in the world.

Near the Rohtang Pass, guests can find the Rohtang Tunnel which began being built in 2010 to create a safe route for military personnel to travel through the region year round. The Rohtang Tunnel will provide a fast 30 minutes travel time for individuals seeking a quick travel route through this area of rough terrain. However, difficulty in building this route has resulted in delays and has pushed its completion to 2017.
One of the incredible features enjoyed by tourists along the Rohtang Pass is the opportunity to go para-gliding near the end of the pass. Guests to the Rohtang Pass also enjoy the rich beauty of the landscape, waterfalls that are scattered throughout the pass, and the incredible eco-system and rich history of this place. Guests should be prepared for few amenities or restrooms along their journey and should plan accordingly to ensure that they can have a positive experience throughout their incredible journey along the Rohtang Pass.

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