Navratri in India

The Great Festival of Navratri

Festival of Navratri is one of the most vibrant and sacred celebrations in the entire country. It is celebrated in different style and vigor, depending on the part of India you are visiting. Navratri festival is celebrated for nine (9) nights and during these 9 days, worshipping and honoring Mother Goddess for all her goodness and manifestation is in full swing. It is celebrated mostly in late September to early October, a time when the weather is perfect for travelling.

navratri celebration

What’s the specialty of this festival, you may ask?

You will get an opportunity to indulge with the colorfully dressed Hindus performing and celebrating the festival of Navratri for 9 nights consecutively, with fasting during the daytime.

Here is a breakdown of how you will get to spend the 9 nights:

  • First to Third day of Navratri: Sowing of barley seeds takes place in honor of Durga maa, the Goddess of energy and power
  • Fourth to Sixth day of Navratri: Watching the seeds sprout and worshipping Lakshmi Maa, the Goddess of prosperity and peace.
  • Seventh to Eighth day of Navratri: Worshipping of Saraswati Maa starts and the purpose is for the Goddess to acquire immense spiritual knowledge. Icing is added on the 8th day by performing the spectacular holy fire (Yagna)
  • Ninth day of Navratri: Culmination of the festival of Navratri takes place in Mahanavami. Kanya Puja is performed by nine young girls who are representing the nine forms of Goddess Durga being worshiped.

Attraction to the Festival of Navratri attracts many tourists like you because of the deep spiritual significance as well as how it is celebrated.

In the Western part of India, this festival is full of dancing. Different types of traditional dances like the Gujurat, Garba and Dandiya Raas are witnessed. All the dancers are colorfully dressed holding small decorated sticks called dandiyas, and they keep dancing over and over again in circles.

Dandiya in Gujarat

In Mumbai the celebration takes a new modern twist because it is in the city. Dancers dressed in their traditional dance regalia to maintain the traditional flavor storm the clubs and stadiums. This brings in a modern disco dandiya kind of dance where a fusion of Hindi pop music and beats are enjoyed.

As you can see it’s a diverse festival full of Indian cuisine, dance and pomp. If you would like to enjoy the intense traditional rituals then Western India is the place to visit and if you like to celebrate it the modern way then Mumbai is your destination.
You now know where to go Festival of Navratri is the cream of all Indian festivals.

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