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The Ziro Valley Music Festival, 2017

Mark the calendar and vent to your music desire. The incredible music fiesta of Ziro is back again in Indian North-Eastern state of Arunachal Pradesh. This four-day outdoor music festival at Ziro is expected to unveil its tuneful appearance this September (probably from 22nd or 28th September). People who already know about the scenic splendour of Ziro Valley do come; pay a visit here and witness the inclination of the local inhabitants towards music. Ziro Valley is in the tentative list of UNESCO approved World Heritage Site, and the place is an abode to Apatani tribe, who are known for their generosity and great sense of music.

ziro valley natural beauty

The concept of this magnetic Ziro Valley Festival was musically incorporated in 2012 by guitarist Anup kutty, Menwhopause and Bobby Hano. Today, the event has gained an astounding degree of recognition across the sphere. Every year thousands of footfalls make their presence at this energetic event to express their ardour for music. Perched near Itanagar at an elevation of more than 5000 feet from sea level, the venue is perfectly amazing for this musical gala.

The Ziro Valley Music Festival in Arunachal Pradesh is far beyond just music. People travel here from all the way, make friends and spend nights in the camps amidst the breathtaking landscape of Arunachal Pradesh. The event unites both national and international visitors at the same platform through various regional, national and international acts. Besides, the best folk musicians from all the North Eastern states are also given a great opportunity to showcase their talents during the event.

Musicians at Ziro

It is reported that around 6,000 footfalls are expected to be a part of this electrifying music festival this year. Numbers of musicians are going to join this event from various destinations like Shillong, Mumbai, Gangtok, Rajasthan and many other states. One of the leading attractions this year is Jonny 8 Track from the UK. This is to inform that all international spectators who have already booked their tickets need to carry a Protected Area Permit to attend this event. On the other hand, all non-residents of Arunachal Pradesh will be required to carry an Inner Line Permit to watch this show in Arunachal Pradesh. So rush to Ziro, enjoy the music and take home some wonderful memories blending with music and natural exquisiteness of the valley.


Getting there:

Situated nearly 168Kms from the capital city of Itanagar, getting there at Ziro is not that exigent. Visitors from its neighbouring destinations can easily reach there by hiring private vehicles. For railway travellers, the nearest and well-connected railhead is Guwahati. In addition, one can also get into the train from North Lakhimpur via New Bongaigaon. From the railway station, one can easily hire a private car to reach Ziro.

For air travellers, the nearest airports are Lokpriya Gopinath Bordoloi International Airport, Guwahati and Raraiyah Airport, Jorhat. From Guwahati, the distance to reach Ziro is nearly 112Kms by road. Alternatively, one can also check for the helicopter services at the Lilabari Airport.

For road transpiration, several private vehicles are there that can be availed from the places like Tezpur, Guwahati, North Lakhimpur and Jorhat. One can also board at government run buses from Itanagar and reach Ziro conveniently. The entry and exit point of Ziro is Kimin and Likabali respectively. If you are planning to hire a car, it is recommended to hire any powerful vehicles like Gypsy or Innova. The reason being, road condition is quite uneven and steep.

Staying options

The Ziro Valley has galore of natural exquisiteness making the site a well-explored destination in North-East India. Compared to earlier days, options for accommodations at Ziro have improved to a large extent. Over the time, numbers of Homestays (run by NGO) and resorts are setup around the valley. In addition, Circuit House and small hotels are two other options that one can pick when in Ziro. The charges are also reasonable for availing a basic accommodation.

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