Things to do in Dwarka, Gujarat

Dwarka is 450 kms from Ahmedabad and is well connected by Road and Rail. The nearest Airport is at Rajkot which is 225 kms or Jamnagar which is 121 kms from Dwarka. Air India (1 nos. to & fro) & Jet Konnect operate (4 nos. to & fro) to Rajkot from Mumbai & Air India (1 nos. to and fro) operates to Jamnagar from Mumbai. Railway station is located almost 2 km from the main Temple.

There are many unique experiences that one should undertake while there.

Take a plunge into Gomti river, adjacent to Dwarkadhish Temple. Its really refreshing. Don’t let salty water bother you! You can take a fresh water bath at a nearby private bathing facility or its even better if your lodge is near Gomti river. Visit the Dwarkadhish Temple which is also known as Jagad Mandir.

You can enter the temple through river side which has 52 steps. Electronic items are not allowed inside temple. Join people if you find them chanting “Dwarkadhish ki Jai” “Nand ke anand bhayo”, “Jai kanhayya lal ki”.

You may take the help of official guides (having ID cards), who will explain the significance of structures and temples. You need not pay them anything.


Note the dress colour of the main deity. It will be white on friday, blue on saturday (7 colours for 7 days of a week). Look for the colour of the flag. It is changed 5 times a day.
Join the young brahman students reciting “Shri Vishnu Sahashsranama” in the morning. Don’t miss the beautiful Aarti.

Hire a boat to cross Gomti River (Rs.10/- per seat). If you are lucky, and its low-tide you can walk and cross river with knee deep water.

Pay Rs.25 at the temple counter and buy prasadam which is offered to God.
You can also buy decorative items made from marine shells.

There are not many places/restaurants to eat. Arti Restaurant near Dwarikadhish Temple serves good food. Sharanam near Bhadrakali chowk is good.  It is an AC restaurant with reasonable prices. One can also eat at Roadside Dhabhas/eat-outs.

Alcohol is prohibited in Dwarka. Do not expect any place to serve alcohol here. Drink hot milk at night at Shyam-Sunder Milk Parlor near Dwarikadhish Temple.

Many small, medium, budget lodges are available at walking distance from temple. One can also find 2-3 luxury hotels. Many Dharamshalas are available if you are travelling in a group. The dharamshalas may charge Rs. 25 – 50/- per person.
Hotel Dwarkesh is a budget hotel. You can book a room on telephone 2-3 days in advance. Hotel City Palace, Dwarka is 5 minutes walk from Dwarkadhish temple.

To get more information about the Temple, you may contact:
The Administrator, Shree Dwarkadhish Temple Dwarka: 361 335 Dist.: Jamnagar Gujarat- India; Phone:+91 – 2892 – 234090.
Timings: 9:00 a.m. to 1.00 p.m.; 3.00 p.m. to 6.10 p.m. on all the working days except Public Holidays.

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