Konark sun temple

Things to do in the beautiful and majestic city of Konark,Orissa.

1.Sun Temple 

Visit the  Sun Temple of Konark which is a  UNESCO World Heritage Site.
It was  built in 13th century in the honor of the sun-god Surya, and now it is in ruins.The entire temple was designed in the shape of a colossal chariot with 24 wheels about three meters high and pulled by seven horses, carrying the sun god, Surya, across the heavens.

Some facts of the temple:

The Temple compound measures 857 ft (261 m) by 540 ft (160 m) The alignment of the Sun Temple is on the east-west direction.
The entire temple was planned in such a way that it is fitted with twelve pairs of exquisitely decorated stone wheels.The horses were conceived in such a way that the Sun God (Surya) himself drives this chariot, his place being inside the garbhagriha,thus making it a architectural marvel.

2.Chandrabhaga Sea Beach:

Situated 3km east of the famous Sun temple of Konark and 30km from Puri, Chandrabhaga is rich in its marine resources. A light house, close by Chandrabhaga is an added histronic to the splendour of the place. A climb to its top is something you must do. A natural deer park is recent additions to the riches of Chandrabhaga.

3.Ramchandi Temple:

Situated 7km enroute to Konark on the marine road from Puri. Ramachandi is popularly beleived the presiding deity of Konark. From the architectural point of view, the temple of Ramachandi is not important but from the religious point of view, it is one of the famous Sakta pithas of Puri. The beach is often crowded by local students as a romantic escapade or families picknicking on the weekend. The main temple along with its Mukhasala had been built on one platform of 3′.2 (965 cm) high.

4.Kuruma :

Situated 8km the south-east of the sun temple of Konark is a popular Buddhist site. site was built between 9th – 10th centuries A.D. The monastery, now abandoned, contains an excavated statue of Buddha seated cross legged with right hand in Bhumisparsa mudra while the left hand placed over his left knee. The image also wears a beautiful crown and a beautifully carved necklace.


Situated 23km from Konark, the small village of Pipli has a very wide and distinctive selection of handicrafts. It is a small village. On the main road at Pipili there are many shops selling Applique work products,you can buy artifacts from here.


Situated 30km from Konark is a small village on the Puri-Astaranga road. Situated on the bank of river Prachi, this temple is famous for Goddess Mangala. The Kakatpur Mangala temple has a close relation with Lord Jagannath temple of puri during the Navakalebara (Renovation of the Deities) festival. The most popular festival of Goddess Mangala is ‘Jhamu Yatra’. It occurs on the first Tuesday of the Secred month Vaisakh (April 14 to May 15) every year.Make sure to time your vacation with along these times.

Konark sun temple

Konark sun temple

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