Things to do on Your Holiday in Majuli

Majuli is the largest river island in the world, located in the Brahmaputra River. The beautiful landscape with the holy river floating across its banks will have any tourist feeling a connection with heaven. The natural beauty of this place will leave any tourist with the irresistible urge of going back there time and again.



The river is home to hundreds of migratory birds and various types of flora and fauna. It is a very unique tourist destination and your experience, especially staying in the confines of the Satras and eating delicious fish off the river may be an unforgettable experience.

Visiting the Dakhinpat Satra which is a cultural institution of Assam is among one of the things to do in Majuli. It will give you an overview of the Vaishnat traditions of Assam. It is one of the few places which has preserved its traditions in its purest forms. Located on the enchanting river island, the Satra was developed in 1584 by Satradiikar Sri Vanamalidev. The place has numerous beautiful paintings and sculptures which indicate the artistic nature of the people of this place. There is also the Bhaona perfomance, which is a rural religious theatre taking its stories from the Ramayana and Puranas. It can be such a great experience for the tourists visiting Majuli.

A holiday in Majuli will not be complete without a visit to Kumhar Gaon, which is a village of potters who do not use the wheel. The residents are quite skilled at making symmetrical clay pots using their hands.



Garmur Satra, with its ancient and unique weapons preserved here, is another wonderful place that would fascinate any tourist. It is also host to the Raasleela festival which is a wonderful event due to its colorful nature and depiction of Lord Krishna’s life.

Apart from that, there are many food outlets in Majuli where tourists can taste local delicacies such as fish from the Brahmaputra River. There are outlets like Dutta restaurant, Hotel Monalich and Somo Khusboo restaurant among others. Majuli in many ways is an ideal tourist destination for that perfect holiday.

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